Drinking glass

  • I prefer snifters and tulips for the majority of my beer, however I try to have the specific glasses for specific styles on hand as well. I have a kolsch glass, a goblet for belgians, working on getting a thistle for my scotch ales, pint glasses, english pint glasses, and taster glasses from beerfests.

    • NiaL_7 said...
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    • 2 Jul 2011, 01:56
    Nice, I have an assortment of glasses myself I've acquired from brewpubs and Belgian breweries, but I usually find I use a curved pint glass or the DFH signature glass 90% of the time.

  • Very nice, my go to glass is this one got a set as a wedding gift.

  • <--- for IPA's and such. Stone Brewing Co's tulip for the Russian Imperial Stouts and a Chimay goblet for the tasty tripels and quads. Now if I can only find that Rochefort goblet...

  • Good luck on the Rochefort hunt. I have some friends that have managed to track down the Fantome Ghost tulip.

    • Olgerv1 said...
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    • 20 Sep 2011, 13:51

    Tomemos con Moderacion

    Recordemos beber con moderacion yo por lo general solo me tomo una

  • I prefer drinking from bottles

    • daglees said...
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    • 8 Oct 2012, 11:55
    I like drinking lager in Pilsner beer mugs. I take my drinking sessions seriously.

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