Netnography - Could Use Your Help! :)

  • Netnography - Could Use Your Help! :)

    Music Survey

    I am a student from Dickinson College working on an internet ethnography for an American Studies course. I have used in the past but have created separate account for the purpose of this research project. I am additionally working with PopLuver, another student at the college.

    We want to determine whether people use to discover new music or to simply showcase musical taste/ project an online identity.

    For privacy purposes users who respond to our questions will remain anonymous—we will change your username if we write about your response.

    Additionally, if you would prefer that your responses not be connected to your username you can email me at

    Thank you for your time and cooperation. We greatly appreciate your responses.


    1. Why did you initially sign up for Last. Fm? Do you still use for this same purpose?
    2. Do you think charts accurately reflect your musical tastes? Why or why not?
    3. Do you get upset if you cannot scrobble a song? For example, if you are in the car listening to a CD instead of at your computer with the audioscrobbler software.
    4. Who do you share your profile with?
    5. Tell me about the first time a song really influenced you.
    6. was created in order to share music. Tell me about a time recommended a band you really love. If you don’t use to discover new music then how do you discover new artists/ bands?
    7. What are you top 5 bands/ artists. Why?
    8. Have you ever been embarrassed by a song that has scrobbled?


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