Other Leagues under the FIRA umbrella

  • Other Leagues under the FIRA umbrella

    The umbrella group:
    - FIRA: FIRA - The Federal International Rock Association

    Active Leagues

    - Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg: The BeNeLux Rock League
    - Germany: Die 1. deutsche Rock-Liga
    - Ireland + Northern Ireland: Irish Rock League
    - Ex-Yugoslavia (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Kosovo & Bosnia and Herzegovina): Ex-Yu Countries Rock League
    - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia: Baltic Rock League
    - Israel: Israeli Rock League
    - France: The French Rock Artists League
    - Canada: The Canadian Rock League
    - Denmark: Denmarks Rock League
    - Norway: Norse Rock and Metal League
    - England-Scotland-Wales: The British Rock Artists League

    Active sub-leagues

    - Germany standard rock: Die 1. deutsche Standard-Rock-Liga
    - Germany punk-rock:Die 1. deutsche Punk-Rock-Liga
    - Germany metal: Die 1. deutsche Metal-Liga

    Inactive Leagues

    - Argentina: Liga de Rock de Argentina
    - Australia/New Zealand: The Australian and N.Z. Rock Artists League
    - Austria-Switzerland-Liechtenstein: Die 1.Alpen-Rock-Liga
    - Ex-Yugoslavia: Ex-Yu Rock Liga (replaced with Ex-Yu Countries Rock League)
    - Denmark: The - Danish Rock Artists League (replaced with Denmarks Rock League)
    - Iceland: The Icelandic Rock Artist League (replaced with the Icelandic Rock League)
    - Japan: The Japanese Rock Artists League
    - Norway: The Norwegian Rock Artist League (replaced with the Norwegian Rock & Metal League)
    - Spain: The Hispanic Rock League
    - Sweden: The Swedish Rock Artist League
    - Ukraine: The Ukrainian Metal Artist League
    - USA: The American Rock League
    - Brazil: Liga Brasileira de Rock & Metal (LBRM)
    - Czech Republic: Česká Rocková Liga
    - Italy: The Italian Rock & Metal League (replaced with the The Italian Artist League)
    - The Netherlands: The Dutch Rock Artist League (Replaced with The BeNeLux Rock League)
    - Poland: Polska Liga Rockowa
    - Portugal: The Portuguese Rock & Metal Artists League
    - Turkey: Turkish Rock Artist League
    - Norway: Norwegian Rock and Metal League
    - Iceland: Icelandic Rock League
    - Italy: The Italian Artist League
    - Greece: The Greek Artist League

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