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    What up peeps :o)

    Just joined this group today and wanted to ask for some web sources to find hip hop events happenin' in the bay area - mostly san francisco. anybody know of any up-to-date sites I can check out to get this info?

    Much love,

    lil' dukes up!
    • 1eiht7 said...
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    • 22 Aug 2006, 07:46
    checkout MySpace, because there are many bay area rappers like Numskull, Celly Cel or Spice 1 on it and in their bulletins they often post about their concerts. So just go there and look for every single bay area rapper you like.

    • mike1b said...
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    • 13 May 2007, 05:04
    Wutt upp joined this group,hello ya'll's

  • i'm not even from the bay myself but i think stashonline is one good source for bay area hip hop events (see "what's crackin" on the right column of the site):

    it also has some new tracks, videos, pics and stuff

  • Aye juz stopped by 2 say:

    "i want da money....money & da carz.....carz & da clothez.....da hoez....i supose , I juz wanna b i juz wanna b sucessful"<<<<drake'z "sucessful">>>>my theme song

  • 408sharkie... :)

    Just wanna say Hi to all my bay babes... :)

  • 510 bay area

    New to this just wanted to say hello...and is there anything big goin on in tha bay rite now!! any new artists i should be listin to? let me know ight

  • bayontop.com theres a good site with great updates about bay rap

  • ElsonNDB said:
    bayontop.com theres a good site with great updates about bay rap

    I used to visit that site. Pretty much perfect for west coast fans.

    Also new to this group and Bay Area mobb music always gives the best atmosphere when I'm hearing it cause I always picture myself being in San Francisco when hearing it. And that's my city of dreams.

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