Shoegazing, Lo-fi, Garage & Neo-Psyche

  • Shoegazing, Lo-fi, Garage & Neo-Psyche


    here you can post logo about:

    -> Shoegazing
    -> Lo-fi
    -> Garage
    -> Neo-Psychedelia

    thx for your help!

  • cool logos, cold division. my mirror should have all of those within a week once i get it running again.

  • thx!

    sorry but it's better without jpg artifacts…

  • indeed, thanks!

  • cold division - you should be a moderator for this thread! i can always count on you for nice looking logos and the proper size!

  • Hi!
    Okay why not, I accept the function…

    Is it possible to remplace the current The Black Angels's logo? because It's not the official logo… this is the right one:

  • (The one you put forth looked a bit scrunched)
    Have a Nice Life

    Daniel Johnston

  • Yeah, yours is much better…

    But I think you should post it in the new forum, this one is no longer used.

    There ->

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