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Created on: 26 Oct 2007
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  • Nafoute

    Just had a look at their "Hello Coney Island, Goodbye" DVD Pretty much sober than 20 years ago but still great I'd love to see them live again

    15 Jul 2009 Reply
  • makv

    For those folk who aren't aware ... Holy Joy are active again at the moment, gigging and even recording. There is a Yahoo group that will keep you up to date if you are interested. Go to There are also some new videos up on youtube of recent gigs in the US.

    29 Jun 2008 Reply
  • mindgarden

    Get thee to forthwith and listen to 'Cold Blow the Wind'! [Swoon]

    8 May 2008 Reply
  • mindgarden

    I am sure I am not alone in finding the re-recorded version of ‘Real Beauty Passed Through’ the most sublimely melancholic thing that they have produced in many years…..

    17 Dec 2007 Reply
  • misterwilton

    good, good ..

    18 Nov 2007 Reply
  • timmelia

    It is on the agenda and Johny and I did discuss it a while back to get the early stuff remastered to cd.

    18 Nov 2007 Reply
  • misterwilton

    i resisted the temptation ...

    10 Nov 2007 Reply
  • misterwilton

    still tempted by that polish cassette. UK based people - anyone who would have the capability of getting it transferred to mp3 and cd?

    9 Nov 2007 Reply
  • misterwilton

    The five tracks I haven't got are Rosemary Smith / First Hour Of Day / Prams Piers Bitter Tears / Consumption / Maybe One Day. Looking forward too to version of Real Beauty and a copy of Its Lovebite City minus anglegrinder, frying eggs, recording of pegleg pirate on wooden floor etc etc etc

    5 Nov 2007 Reply
  • timmelia

    wow..manic magic for £50..a new record!! what 5 tracks are you talking about tim?

    4 Nov 2007 Reply
  • misterwilton

    I've just ordered the new compilation from CHerry Red. Thanks to Tim! It's a surprising selection and there are five tracks I haven't got in any other form - are they from the cassette albums, Tim or Highwayfive? And Lovebite City, which I have recorded from a very distressed forty five ... really looking forward to it.

    4 Nov 2007 Reply
  • misterwilton

    Out of interest I clicked on the last fm 'buy from amazon uk' link while listening to Bride from Manic. Follow this link for expensive laugh:

    3 Nov 2007 Reply
  • timmelia

    Theres been a guy over from the states called Mike Pearlstein whos been filming and recording a lot of the stuff. Exactly what were going to do with it were not sure yet,but there should be some of it posted on myspace like i have with the live version of where it hurts. An immediate answer to hearing the guys live would be getting along to the London dates in December and start Christmas with

    2 Nov 2007 Reply
  • TheFakir

    Bring on the Best of album. Amybody got any of the the last few gigs as a file. Missed all of them and would love to hear the guys live...

    2 Nov 2007 Reply
  • misterwilton

    There is something very wrong about a world in which a group for Genesis has 511 members and a group for Band of Holy Joy has only 8. Perhaps we should kill ourselves.

    31 Oct 2007 Reply
  • misterwilton

    i can email some/sendspace some if you send me email address

    30 Oct 2007 Reply
  • highwayfive

    Hi all my Holy Joy is on vinyl and that very early demo tape thing. Anyone able to point me in the direction of some MP3's?

    28 Oct 2007 Reply
  • humuhumu

    excellent - a group for the BoHJ! A very fine idea.

    26 Oct 2007 Reply
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