Films about the Balkans

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    • 22 Jun 2008, 14:00

    Films about the Balkans

    I think in this thread we could share our film recommendations. There must be some good films about the Balkans! E.Kusturica and "Ko to tamo peva" are truly well-known, but what about less popular, older ones?

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    • 30 Jun 2008, 12:44

    Films about the Balkans

    Hey zhaltvyksle,

    Check out Skupljaci Perja

    Available on torrent trackers with english translation!

    I'm looking for Chia E Tazi Pesen for a long time any ideas???


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    • 4 Sep 2008, 09:29

    Found Chia E Tazi Pesen

    Nice movie, a bit rough but ok... Worth to watch!

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    • 14 Sep 2008, 01:14
    Check out "Before the Rain". The soundtrack is actually produced by the most profound neofolk/darkwave acts of Makedonija, Anastasija.

    Abysmal sensuality + hypnosis

    the coursing ___ through vestigial arteries
  • All Emir Kusturica films for sure (my favorites Black Cat, White Cat and Underground)! Also Gadjo Dilo - the soundtrack is available for streaming here.

  • Before the Rain

    i like them.. Anastasija its wow... ....the Sound is fantastic and the Film too...
    .....great ))

  • i recommend Guca! (: nice movie, great music <3

  • Also check: "Lepa sela lepo gore" (Pretty Village, Pretty Flame) and "Bure baruta" (The Powder Keg)

  • "Bure baruta" is... brutal ^^

  • We're Not Angels

    Try "Mi nismo andjeli" (We're Not Angels)

  • I'd like to watch this one:

  • devojche, "Vreme razdelno" is really one of the greates movies I've ever seen. I don't know whether there are serbian subtitles but if you find any, you should watch it!

  • "Mrtav Ladan" (frozen stiff in english) is one of the best serbian films, a great comedy!

  • Balkan Traffic

    Are now the new film Balkan Traffic ?? ..
    a saw the film in the cinema, yeah its okej its a smiley story, but the film is a german film and the story is a Balkan situation ))) .. .

  • weisst ihr wo kann ich den soundtrack von balkan traffic finden?

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    • 18 Mar 2009, 15:18
    was?! :-D

  • only 4-5 movies could be counted?

  • Karaula

  • Танго аргентино

    confusion will be my epitaph...
  • all the Tony Gatlif's films, just amazing..

  • Does anyone know if Manchevski's "Before the Rain" was ever issued on dvd???
    I saw it once by chance in some German culture channel and was deeply impressed. I also love the soundtrack, but I could only find old tape copies of the movie and I don't have a VHS player.
    Greetings, K.

    Ut vita in sanguine
    mors in cinere manet.
  • i recently watched zona zamfirova, romance/comedy film about the city of nis in the late 1800s

    IMDB link

  • Chia e tazi pesen? (Whose is this song?)

    This is actually a documentary and it rocks! I think it's around 50 minutes long or more, anyway check it here in short version, it's the best movie about Balkan (song) I have ever watched..


  • Before The Rain is one of my faves too and Emir Kusturica's films are great (my faves are Le Temps De Gitanes,Life Is A Miracle,Arizona Dream and Underground,their soundtracks are really good too ) :)) also Zona Zamfirova is ok !
    i have watched 'Cija je ovo pesma?' before but i saw it in here and watched again,it is a really nice documentary for understanding balkan culture =)

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