• Auto Scrobbling

    26 Jan 2007, 16:44 by thebigreason

    Because there is no such thing as automobile scrobbling, my charts don't account for rock anomalies like the Robot Hive/Exodus CD that has accompanied my commute for the past year.

    Certain styles of music get me through different parts of the day. I like classic honky tonk at work. I like industrial noise core during all nighters. I like indie rock at dinner time.

    While music is generally playing throughout all parts of my day, not all parts of my day are spent near a scobbling iTunes machine. For the record, my favorite place to listen to music is in my truck. This is where I listen to my favorite music, which is not reflected here.
  • Jeff Toll Can Eat A Ball Sack

    17 Jan 2007, 22:58 by thebigreason

    He doesn't care what you are listening to.