pretty pictures

  • pretty pictures

    in the threat you may hotlink images of people or things you find beautiful.

    The incredible Shar.
  • the gorgeous kim taehee from korea has a face that matches the scientific explanation of perfect beauty.

    to try the mask on yourself, go

    The incredible Shar.
  • Our Neuschwanstein castle in Germany is beyond beautiful. It's magical, really. Especially in autumn and winter when there's fog and snow.

    Ich bin meine eigene Subkultur

  • Lauryn Hill is beautiful.

  • Grace Slick

    Yifei Liu

    Eva Green

    Marisa Berenson (young, of course :-))

    My friend's cat

  • does anyone know her name?

    The incredible Shar.
  • Spring in California is beautiful :)

    Ich bin meine eigene Subkultur
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