• A few comments about the new design and my thoughts on people complaining about said…

    14 Jul 2006, 23:31 by tooscaredtotry

    So initially, I thought, what the fuck is this.. (mostly because it was SOOO slow and images kept timing out.. etc).

    So I have thought about it a little longer.

    Some good things:

    3. shiny?
    2. neighbors&friends on ONE PAGE!!!
    1. ???

    My main complaints are:

    3. The design isn't really consistent.. weird layout for recent tracks.. the edges of the artist images on the user pages are up agains the border of the main content window.. the %username looks out of place.. as does the search box. Not sure when I'm going to get boxes on either side or just one side.. etc. Making the top a gradient was probably a bad mood. I don't mind the other title bars so much.

    2. Left aligned text? Do the developers only have access to screens that are 800*600? It's such a waste of space to have things wrapped so small. This is what css bounding boxes are for. (Speaking of which, to the right of this text entry window is a dialog box with text running outside its bounds.)

    1. You moved everything around. I understand this is going to happen wtih a new design.. but I can't find things! Maybe you should have added a guide like "where did all the features I use go?"

    So everyone complaing is pretty rude about the whole thing. I think this probably stems from the fact that is supposed to be a social music site, and users feel really disconnected from the staff. Staff doesn't really socilict our opinions on things.. (maybe a poll for things??) and if they do, it doesn't really feel like they listen. They have also become increasingly hostile/rude, but with the large number of users complaining constantly... I can understand.

    I suppose we'll all get used to it. I haven't really cared about the tracks updating.. they'll update eventually, but the site look is kinda hard on my eyes.

    So staff, can we get some polls so we can at least pretend like the staff understands the prevailing opinion of the users?
  • what do you listen to on the moon?

    13 Jun 2006, 05:19 by dukejansen

  • My SXSW tentative music schedule

    13 Mar 2006, 02:14 by ericg

    I can't wait to go to SXSW music next week. I wanted to attend the Interactive conference too, but I can always do that next year.

    Anyway, this is my schedule:

    Wednesday, I'm going to the Paste Magazine venue at Exodus to see:
    Richard Julian
    Collin Herring
    Amos Lee
    World Party
    The Plimsouls
    The Go! Team

    I'm particularly excited about Amos Lee and The Go! Team, but the rest should be good too.

    Echo & the Bunnymen and Town Lake @8PM
    Morrissey at 9:30 at convention center
    The Greencards at Momo's at 11PM
    Gomez at Stubb's at 12PM
    The Alarm at Elysium or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @Eternal at 1AM

    Old Crow Medicine Show at Town Lake at 5PM at Town Lake
    6PM Josh Ritter
    8PM The Amazing Pilots at Soho or The Brunettes at Red Eye Fly
    9PM Ramblin' Jack Elliot at Tambaleo
    10PM Over the Rhine at Antone's
    11PM Marah at Antone's
    12PM Tim O'Reagan from The Jayhawks (The 18th Floor at Capitol Place)
    1AM Either Brandi Carlile at Cedar street Courtyard or The Aeroplanes at Spiro's

    Josh Ritter, Ramblin' Jack, Tim O'Reagan and Over the Rhine in one day will be incredible.
    (Tres Chicas playing day party)
    Then, the following at Town Lake Shores in the afternoon:
    Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra
    Beausoleil Avec Michael Doucet
    Buckwheat Zydeco
    Dirty Dozen Brass Band
    Dressy Bessy at 7:30 Habana
    Rhett Miller 7:30 at Stubb's
    Followed by special guest. if special guest sucks, we'll go to Susanna Hoffs & Matthew Sweet at The Drink
    then back to stubb's to catch the end of Lyle Lovett, then The Pretenders
  • Unbearables EP Release

    12 Jan 2006, 05:08 by ian_unbearable

    My band, The Unbearables is having a release party for our new EP.
    See more info in this journal post:
    or on our website at

  • geezers are the new young people

    9 Jan 2006, 16:14 by tarbox

    i went to see I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness saturday. a pal of mine is dating one of 'em, and she rounded up a few of her friends to go see 'em.

    i'd never seen them before, never heard 'em. expected the best.

    well. hm. they weren't bad, exactly. not really bad at all, i guess. i guess maybe, they're really fucking great at what they do, actually.

    but they didn't do a thing for me. sounded like a bunch of rehashed eighties crap that i didn't really like the first time around. but the capacity crowd sure appeared to love 'em. i expect they may wind up a big deal.

    for myself, i sure couldn't be bothered to hate them. the music just kinda laid there. and her boyfriend is a nice guy, and i had a good time with her and the rest of our gang.

    mostly it was just another ho-hum night downtown, except that i was made accutely aware of just how fucking old i am. most shows, for some reason, this isn't such an issue.

    maybe it's cuz i'm normally not so bored and so i don't have enough attention to notice the rest of the audience. maybe it's cuz it was a free show so old folks like me were staying away from the hassle of the hordes who show up for free shows - emo's reached capacity & cut off admission pretty early in the evening. or maybe it's cuz people my age aren't interested in a rehash of music that bored us silly the first time around. probably some of all that and other stuff i haven't thought of.

    but whatever it was, i kept thinking that every time i noticed someone who was clearly older than the rest of the audience, i was usually easily ten years older than they were. this goes for the friend who took me down there and the gang we hang around with when i'm with her. i was probably the oldest person in the whole capacity-straining club.

    and naturally, for the gazillionth time Chris Rock's hilarious and infamous 'old guy in the club' routine started kicking around in my head. 'don't be the old guy in the club.' if you're unfamiliar with it, you can probably guess the gist.

    and for some reason, when it first occured to me this time, it kinda bugged me.

    last time i remembered it, it was only a couple of weeks ago, i was out seeing 'when cavemen roamed the earth' (actually, i don't think that's exactly their name, but i'm bad at names) at another club with a different group of friends - people more my age, fellow veterans of the scene back when.

    the band launched into a really good cover of Greatest Gift. this was a band i was loving anyway, and they did a great job with the song. and i got thinking about a particularly out-of-control night a buddy and me kinda scrounged around at the back's of drawers and sifted pocket lint to salvage the odd remnants of just enough psychoactive and stimulating substances to cobble together a sort of hail-mary cocktail. we walked downtown and saw Scratch Acid at the ritz with Killdozer. i think it was killdozer.

    what i remember best though was it was among the best scratch acid shows i'd ever seen. david yow was wearing skiboots with these great big fittings on the soles that made them uneven and wobbly and inherently unstable to standup in. plus david was always extraordinarily gifted at toppling over during shows anyway. the band was loud and the set was full of all the slyness and vitriol and smirks and bile and gutwrenching rock that was scratch acid at their best.

    and then i looked back at this cavemen walked the earth band. i realized it was entirely likely the oldest guy in the band was probably literally just out of diapers - three or four years old - the night i saw that show.

    i felt old then, too. but like a senior statesman kind of old. like a proud veteran.

    i looked around at the rest of the place and the kids all over being kids, and i observed to my friends that the observation that 50 is the new 30 is lame. the truth is, geezers are the new youth.

    i didn't feel that at the show this weekend. but i really didn't feel like the old guy at the club either. i had no desire to mack on a bunch of annoying looking 20-30 year olds. zero. none. nada. even the hot looking ones. honest. in fact, i had zero desire to even stay in the club at all, except to keep my friend company.

    and i guess at the end of it all, i came back to where i normally do. i'm old, but so far i just don't give a rat's ass about worrying if i'm chris rock's old guy in the club. i know i'm not, and if i don't go to the wrong shows... those i won't like anyway... i'll continue to be oblivious to anyone else who might think so.
  • a little thing that pisses me off about

    4 Oct 2005, 16:07 by tarbox

    only four people have listened to Marching Plague, according to the stats on the marching plague artist page.

    i don't know if this includes me or not.

    but there aren't any "top fans" links. this always happens with the unknown or obscure bands i like. just when being able to see who else is listening to them might be actually interesting for once -- chances that i might actually already know someone listening to marching plague is relatively high -- there aren't any links.

    why is this? please, the smaller the audience the more i want to know who my brothers and sisters are.
  • O crap. Biscuit of Big Boys found dead

    21 Aug 2005, 18:53 by tarbox

    picture of biscuit. ]

    i can't claim him as a personal friend, but he was always charming and creative and smart and wonderful. I'm really sad.

    Big Boys
  • Guy Forsyth CD Release Party

    21 Aug 2005, 00:32 by clawbakes

    Austin bluesman Guy Forsyth had a CD release party last night at Antones. Didn't go. Thought about it, but then I also saw he's doing a free in-store performance at Waterloo Records on Tuesday afternoon. Think I'll go to that instead.