Build with Leopard Fixes

    • mxcl said...
    • Alumni
    • 29 Oct 2007, 19:31

    Build with Leopard Fixes

    The crash that seems to occur the first time you run the old client is a mystery and doesn't seem to happen if you run it again. However please tell me if it continues to crash!

    Anyway the above build has a number of fixes, like font weirdness and two icons in the dock. Please use. I'll try to push it out later this week.


    • egordin said...
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    • 29 Oct 2007, 20:43

    Cannot Hide Dock Icon

    Thank you for this new build! Although the icon in the dock no longer reports that the application is not responding, I still cannot hide the dock icon no matter what i do.

    Was this addressed in this build?

    • mxcl said...
    • Alumni
    • 29 Oct 2007, 21:30
    No I haven't fixed that yet, and I don't quite yet understand what's causing it. Will fix!

    • egordin said...
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    • 29 Oct 2007, 21:46
    Thank you for the quick reply! AFAIK, it could be the same problem that Quicksilver had - before upgrading to B52, version B51 would not hide the dock icon and that was the only thing they changed. I'm not sure what they changed, but hopefully that helps.

    • fpw said...
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    • 29 Oct 2007, 22:41
    Cheers for speedy work. This version seems to be fine; no hangs on shutdown, single icon. All good. Yay!

    PS. Leopard is lovely!

  • Seems the LastFMHelper is having some issues in this shows as "Not Responding" via Activity Monitor.

    Running beta on Mac OS X 10.5. If there is any information I can give please let me know.

    • egordin said...
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    • 30 Oct 2007, 01:01
    SkunkieVector said:
    Seems the LastFMHelper is having some issues in this shows as "Not Responding" via Activity Monitor.

    Running beta on Mac OS X 10.5. If there is any information I can give please let me know.

    I can confirm this behavior on 10.5.

  • So can I. Runnung

    • mxcl said...
    • Alumni
    • 30 Oct 2007, 10:39
    Yeah it did that in Tiger too, well everytime I looked. It isn't actually not responding, OSX just thinks that for some confusing reason.

  • Alrighty, thanks mxcl. :)

  • In addition to the seemingly ongoing issues I posted here, one other thing I've noticed that seems to be specific to and Leopard (though haven't tried it on Tiger) is that now if I run the client and then try to log out/reboot/shut down my computer, the Finder does not close down when FileVault compacting begins - so, when I hit shut down, the finder remains up, and the FileVault "recovering disk space" window appears on top of it. This did not happen before I installed and I haven't installed anything else in the meantime. Just thought I'd throw that into the mix...

  • I also noiticed the software unfocus X11 windows every 2 seconds. This version didn't fixed this (I was hoping it should do).


    I'm not shure if its a problem with software or X11, because in Tiger I didn't notice any problems.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 31 Oct 2007, 18:41
    I hadn't noticed any problems with the old version running on Leopard (not even the crash you mention), but I'll try this new version and report any oddities.

  • Yeah, I noticed the X11 behavior last night but I hadn't associated it with - it's really annoying though, I hope you guys can fix it!

  • Is this bug being fixed in this new version?

  • "Couldn't parse XSPF"

    I get the following error when I try to listen to a station using this beta build:

    The playlist could not be read. Error:

    Couldn't parse XSPF.
    Error: unexpected end of file
    Line: 1

  • So far so good on my end. I'll comment again if anything changes.

  • I am also having trouble with scrobbling my listend tracks from my iPod. In tiger is always went fine.

    My is the latest beta and i have een 80gig iPod classic running the latest firmware.

    • mhusson said...
    • User
    • 2 Nov 2007, 19:26
    I am also getting the LastFMHelper process not responding in the activity monitor as well as the dock icon staying in the dock when I turn it off in preferences and restart

    I am on OS X Leopard (10.5).

  • I'm running the regular version ( on Leopard and have no problems whatsoever, except for the dock icon not hiding. Scrobbling works just fine.

  • Working now

    After I upgraded to Leopard, the app froze horribly upon startup and had to be forcibly quit. This version starts up OK, however, and seems to be working fine so far. Excellent work.

    Not on topic I know, but whilst I'm making a comment: please can you provide an option to remove this app from the Menu Bar. This application should be fully controllable from the Dock icon and doesn't need to be taking up valuable space in my Menu Bar.


  • problems fixed

    The beta client seems to work on leopard - no problems occured.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Nov 2007, 23:11
    dock icon issues:

    1. "show app. in dock" doesn't set icon to stick in dock
    2. if i change enable or unenable option, then firewall asks me to unblock app again. i've set the firewall to request permission for each program.

    hope this helps.

    "tiger build" resulted in weird icon behavior (2 icons in dock) and freezes.

    also: is it possible to set up auto notify of thread updates?

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 3 Nov 2007, 23:19

    minimizing window

    when program opens after it detects itunes load-up, then i can't minimize window.

    doesn't happen if i open itunes and separately.

  • So far, no problems with build (beta) in Leopard. Everything working.

    Guilherme P. de Freitas
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