Suggestion: How about a 'compact' view?

  • Suggestion: How about a 'compact' view?

    I use it (2.2.20) to listen to the radio quite a bit, and I like having the window open on my desktop so I can see what's playing and see the album cover, but even when it is at it's smallest, it still takes up quite a bit of space. It would be nice if we could have a smaller, more compact, view (or window or player) for those of us that like to keep the window open.

    Otherwise, I like the app. An occasional crash/freeze, but that's to be expected with a 'beta' app.

  • +1 - I'd like this feature again.

  • +2

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  • I agree with a compact view!

    Or even having the artist name and song title in the menu bar on Mac OS X would be amazing! The app itself is fantastic for reading up on your current artist but at a quick glance this would be cool :)

  • Agreed!
    Definitely a good option (as much as I like being able to mouse over the icon on the task bar to see the song and the artist, or being alerted by a pop up at the start of a song)

  • Completely agree. Maybe with Mountain Lion it will include notifications.

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