Audioscrobbler Beta 2.1.18 not scrobbling

  • Audioscrobbler Beta 2.1.18 not scrobbling

    I'm having issues scrobbling tracks from iTunes:

    Whenever something's played from radio etc the counter goes further and actually shows the whole song, but every time I listen to something on iTunes ( the counter only goes as far as 5 seconds and never actually scrobbles the track.
    The old scrobbler seems to still be installed and when I've tried closing the Beta version (2.1.18), and have opened the old version, it has appeared to scrobble some of my tracks (although it never actually says that it has and the play count doesnt go up on my profile).

    I've tried reinstalling the iTunes plug ins and that hasn't helped.
    (The computer I'm using at the moment is a windows XP- for some reason I can't set up on my laptop).

    Btw- I had the same problem with the previous version (2.1.17)

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    Same thing

  • Hooray!
    This no longer appears to be a problem with the new 2.1.19 version :)

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