Not scrobbling from Windows Media Player

  • Not scrobbling from Windows Media Player

    I've reinstalled the plugin and that didn't help. Any else have this or is it just me?

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  • Not Scrobbling From WMP

    Candyheart33 I'm having the same problem.It will count the first 6 seconds and then start all over again.

  • Ah really? Mine doesn't even register that there's anything playing.

  • @Candyheart33

    NO,it's not only just you ! Mine is the same fuckin' problem. WMP does not register that there 's anything playing.
    But I also experienced WMP recognizing some artists. Most time don't. BOBLOGIII,the Vibrators,Davila666,Gogol Bordello etc...
    Any help, any support?

  • Try again guys ... Now it works absolute perfectly ! THANKX Last.FM !!!!

    @candyheart ; i think i know the problem :
    Go to the WMP, open options, thenk click "background", a window on the right side is opening. Now just click the plug-in, start it new & you will see it'll work !
    I promise !
    mine was the same fkg sh#t !

  • Thank you Jayskull, that works! :D

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