• Free Download to Groove on/Basement Tapes

    6 Aug 2010, 23:46 by BetteDillinger

    From the Alien’s mouth:

    “Unless you respect your history, you cannot understand your destiny…this is based on the classic song “There Stands the Glass”, a Honky Tonk number covered by Willie Nelson, Wes Clark and Loretta Lynn. Being a William Mountain from Detroit, I grew up hearing the old timers listen to this music. It inspired me to do a Bette Dillinger version. I hope you all enjoy it. Of course, it is so radically different than the original I think I would call this an homage, and I encourage others to look up the Honky Tonk version.”
  • Naked Masks first album out

    24 Apr 2010, 14:58 by Gibarjan

    Naked Masks first album is out: it was released on 10 April 2010 @ Traffic club, Rome, where they played live before the live show of the german band Madre del Vizio. This is also the first release for the newborn label Sputnik.

    Tracks previews are listenable from their Myspace profile page and also on (Naked Masks).

    Info, orders, booking:

    Naked Masks website
    Naked Masks youtube page (liveshows)
    Album page on Discogs
    Sputnik website

  • The Mescaline Babies (ITALIAN DEATHROCK)

    21 Jun 2010, 13:52 by NBR00026

  • Listen to the Album for Free, Win Stuff, Never Get Spammed!

    17 Nov 2009, 19:24 by BetteDillinger

    Hey everyone, on November 23rd I will be releasing the album "Assassin's Hand". Sure, you will be ordered that Lady Gaga album.....or buying some other corporate crap, eh? Ha, I knew you were not Mind Kontrolled!

    Anyway, if you become my buddy on Reverbnation (or fan as they like to antiquatedly term it), you can listen for free to five of of the ten tracks of the album,
    be on the short list for a free download, and get some cool stuff. On the 23rd the design of the page will reflect the theme of the album, control, chaos and hope.....all tied with a pretty spider web.

    So try it out......and check out on the 23, become a listener at for the free stuff and keep on with your bad indie self! Thank you in advance for rejecting corporate excrement.

    The album, if thou deign to purchase it, is composed of the following tracks:
    1) Black Widow
    2) Father and Gun
    3) Death Wish
    4) Private Eddie
    5) Clockwork
    6) Journey
    7) Carousel Woman Blues
    8) Andy Warhol Died Alone
    9) Sugar Skull
    10) Exit Plan

    Power to the people,

    Bette Dillinger
  • 20 Questions about your Top 50 Artists

    1 Nov 2009, 14:13 by CruizinEB

    1.How did you get into no.29?
    There a hardstyle duo... found them on an hardstyle compilation

    2. What's the first song you ever heard by no.22?
    The launch

    3. Whats your favorite lyric by no.33?
    The Police - Cant Stand Losing

    4. How did you get into no.49?
    is a song that was played at every one of my school dances lol

    5. How many albums by no.13 do you own?
    Fleetwood Mac - The Dance

    6. What is your favorite song by no.50?
    The Beholder & Balistic - Hard Bass Extreme

    7. Is there a song by no.39 that makes you sad?
    from The Prodigy ? no

    8. What is your favorite song by no.15?
    Scooter - Nessaja

    9. What is your favorite song by no.5?
    Icehouse - Icehouse

    10. Is there a song by no.6 that makes you happy?
    Moby no....

    11. What is the worst song by no.40?
    Cat Stevens - Sad Lisa

    12. What is your favorite song by no.10?
    Australian Crawl - Boys Light Up

    13. What is a good memory you have involving no.30?
    Pat Benatar - when i was a kid

    14. What is your favorite song by no.38?
    The KGB's – Infinity (Dj Phil Ty Rmx)

    15. Is there a song by no.19 that makes you happy?
    The Disco Boys, no....

    16. Is there a song by that makes you sad?
    AC/DC, no

    17. What is the first song you ever heard by 23?
    Eminem - stan

    18. What's your favorite lyric by no.11?
    Jean-Michel Jarre - oxygene Part 2

    19. best song of no.1?
    Gary Numan - Every Day i Die

    20. Is there a song by no.14 that makes you happy?
    Patti Smith - Privlige (Set Me Free)
  • Assassin's Hand: The Album

    28 Oct 2009, 18:37 by BetteDillinger

    From: Diluvian Records
    Re: “Assassin’s Hand”/Bette Dillinger
    Future Release Date: November 23, 2009

    Diluvian Records is proud to announce the forthcoming release of the album “Assassin’s Hand” by Bette Dillinger. Also on this date the Official Bette Dillinger website,, will reflect this new direction Ms Dillinger has taken. It also contains “freebees”, communications, and opportunities to win copies of the album.

    In the words of Ms Dillinger: “”Assassin’s Hand” comes from a phrase in “Oedipus Rex”. I was instantly in love with the phrase because it just jumped out at me as I was finishing up this album, which I was working very diligently on, but feeling increasingly anxious about releasing it because of personal issues. The work is both about nightmares and consequences. This seems to be the year of death of some very famous people, and this cultural nausea is reflected in this entire album. However, it is neither “goth” nor “gloomy and sparse” which I felt were approaches that needed to be challenged by me. I still adhere to the principles of Brecht.”

    “My first emphasis is on the ability of the song to reach the listener. The production has improved, if I may say so myself. I am really happy about that! The various subjects addressed are love, death, wealth, poverty, control (this is always a theme), Stanley Kubrick, Oedipus, Greek myth, Mother Kali, and of course certain individuals that are named in the songs themselves. This is a record of death and transformation, with the emphasis on transformation.”

    Uploaded for your pleasure are two tracks from the album, “Black Widow,” and “Private Eddie”…they can be found on last fm, and Reverbnation. On 11/23/09 you can find the album at your favorite distribution site (itunes, etc). The website is the lair of my obsessions. It will change to fit the theme on 11/23/09.

    This album will be available 11/23/09. I expect I will not be competing with Taylor Swift fans ;) I think only an adult mind would appreciate it, and it is meant for mature psyches.

    Happy Haunting,

    Bette Dillinger
  • And Santa Muerte laughs

    23 Sep 2009, 20:36 by BetteDillinger

    My blog address:

    “Life is a cabaret, all the world’s a stage — and everything is beautiful at the ballet!” Mr. Jacobs said backstage.

    This is a quote from a famous fashion designer, oh my brothers and sisters, about his new Spring/Summer fashions for 2010. I happened upon it as I was reading the NYT, and knew of course the man wants to feed his ego and sell some clothes. I appreciate that, but maybe these remarks were made after a trip to the bathroom with some models? I have serious doubts these were meant ironically.

    But I will leave his words to be dissected by someone else. What will be coming from me will be the total opposite. I expect to get a few emails along the lines of "but, like you are jealous of this designer, he makes more money than you." If this was in your thought process at all when you read my dissent, take your life elsewhere and live it.

    Life has never been a carbaret for those who are truly aware, or those who have not been sheltered their entire life from the slings and arrows of the economy (that latest pop tart, et al) and that was the intent of the song. There are people who must clean that stage after the whole world has lived a millenium on it, and I am from stock that had to do that work. So bollocks to "escapism is what the small people need from we the artists". Promoted 15 second fools deny the power of realism in a day and age that needs maturity above everything else. Above everything else. Above everything else.

    The album will be out soon from Diluvian, and the website ( will soon be changing rapidly to accomodate fact that I have been doing alot of target practice and will be releasing an album.....and there will be a lot of kewl freebies on that site.
  • What kind of magic is this?

    22 Aug 2009, 18:21 by hawken1

    " ‘What kind of magic is this?’ are the words that squeeze themselves, popping out in a Minnie Mouse squeak (and we mean that in a good way), from the quite breathtaking pipes of Stockholm’s Sara Hedin, or Kin if you’ve got a soundcloud dropbox. Which we have. Have we mentioned it?

    What kind of magic indeed. With a growling thrum of backing tracking, think Depeche Mode booted out the back of a transit on a cold, dark winter’s night, think Lykke Li taken by the darkside, think Kyle with Winehouse’s problems, think Emilliana Torrini on 45, Bjork dating Goldie… oh, hang on…"

    read more here:

    listen on
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit

    12 Aug 2009, 22:21 by BetteDillinger

    Well, the boys at Apskaft are doing a great compilation album, and my song is "Smells Like Teen Spirit". This sounds nothing like the original version, though of course as the maker of it I am biased when I say I really put alot of love into this. This marks the beginning of........a new phase, I should say, and a new album will be out shortly. Maybe you might like to check out the poem on my "artist description" to see what you will find, my darlings!

    PS I am not in ANY WAY associated with the Dillinger Escape Plan. Good God.

    Hugs and Mugshots,
    Bette Dillinger

    2 Apr 2009, 03:49 by ATTNSYSTM

    Mon 23 Mar – ATTENTION SYSTEM, The Prids, Entertainment
    Live Review: Attention System/Entertainment/The Prids @ The Drunken Unicorn, March 23
    By Stephanie Roman

    Attention System have been playing together less than one year, but have already perfected a dynamic live show, gained plenty of radio airplay, and were featured in a nationally televised commercial. Advising anyone to quit their day job in these times may not be sound advice, but these gentlemen should be ready to do just that. The five members have united from the ashes of formerly renown local bands including Creve Coeur, Slow Motion Crash and Siberia My Sweet. The band’s prior experience playing together is apparent and has allowed them to jump ahead of the curve and into their tight sound and confident stage presence.
    This evening’s performance included a relatively new light and laser show on stage, with song selections from their first EP, as well as new material that is not yet released. Musically, the band could be compared with The Faint (back when they were fresh on the scene and working like the rent was due), but definitely have their own signature sound that blends synth-pop, driving guitar and bass, and electronic dance beats.
    Outstanding tracks “Alibi (For A Paranoid Existence)” and “Siren’s City” are crowd favorites, and literally take your breath away with the professional panache that has been mastered by the band. “Siren’s City” in particular would fit right in at a rock-themed fashion show featuring heavy-lidded waifs stomping down the runway. The band is currently unsigned, but they are sure to make the right label’s collective purse very heavy, very soon. Catch Attention System next month at Lenny’s on April 24.

    Read Full Review @ Atlanta Music Guide: