Good neofolk?

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    • 15 Aug 2007, 23:21

    Good neofolk?

    I love Tenhi, but I'm not sure which other artists in the genre are worth listening to. Please recommend me some.

  • I'd recommend you Nest and Of the Wand and the Moon - both of them seem really good to me. And, probably, you may try Empylver - it's not neofolk, but some interesting mix of neofolk, doom and even black elements :)

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    • 18 Aug 2007, 03:42
    Thanks, I'll check them out.

  • Check out Neun Welten

  • Temnojar

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    • 28 Aug 2007, 19:02
    Death in June, Current 93 and Sol Invictus are the pioneers as far as I know, and so this is probably the best direction to point you in... buuut their large discographies (especially true of DIJ and C93) are incredibly hard to sift through.

    Try these for starters:

    Current 93
    "Thunder Perfect Mind"
    "All the Pretty Little Horses"

    Death in June
    "But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?"
    "Rose Clouds of Holocaust"

    Sol Invictus
    "The Killing Tide"
    "In the Rain"

    Also highly recommended:
    October Falls (not pioneers -- just beautiful, that's all)

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    • 30 Aug 2007, 10:41
    I was going to flag for October Falls aswell, but I see it's already been mentioned. Anyhow, I can be the second to recommend it. Very beatiful indeed. And if you're looking for something in the vein of Tenhi (rather than godfathers like Death in June & co.) October Falls might hit the nail.

  • What about Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays by Empyium? Definitely worth a listen, if you haven't already. I too am new to the world of neofolk, and this discussion is helpful. I wish I had more recommendations, but I don't.

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    • 7 Oct 2007, 16:22
    I intend to give a listen to Forseti, Darkwood, Orplid and Scivias some time in the following weeks. I'll let you all know how that goes.

    I recently came across the massive 4CD compilation "Looking for Europe: The Neofolk Compendium", which had a lot of unreleased tracks by neofolk and neofolk-related (martial industrial, industrial, synthpop, 60's folk, etc.) artists on it. I had to skip a few of the tracks, but I discovered quite a few good artists on there. For all the neofolk/martial virgins, I thoroughly recommend it, though as a lot of these tracks are rarities and not their best tracks, don't expect the tracks to be the highlights of those artists.

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    • 4 Jan 2008, 12:53
    Forseti is great, as is Sturmpercht.

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    • 20 Jan 2008, 11:50
    @ Impreza22b -> all Empyrium songs are great. F.e.:
    - "Die Schwäne im Schilf"
    - "A Pastoral Theme" (!)
    - "The Shephard and the Maiden Ghost"
    - "Fortgang" (I love the moment from: 4:50)

    Beatiful one:
    Of the Wand the Moon - "Wintry Mantle"

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    • 5 Feb 2008, 11:32
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    • 10 Feb 2008, 12:07
    Sonne Hagal
    Moon Far Away

    And one of my personal favorite from greek
    Daemonia Nymphe

  • I would recommend Drudkh. Of course you can't forget Ulver in particular Kveldssanger.

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    • 16 Feb 2008, 21:20
    The last Album of woodland Choir is neofolk and very good.
    It's not illegal.

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    • 22 Feb 2008, 14:53
    HolyPornstar said:
    @ Impreza22b -> all Empyrium songs are great.

    I wish I could get into Empyrium's neofolk, but the vocals...

  • yeah nest is very good,and rome those the main aryist i know in neo-folk very interesting.i`am new to neo-folk. i will check these recomendations

  • Neo-folk is not a genre I'm an expert in, but I'd second Orplid. I'd also recommend Blood Axis, especially "Blót - Sacrifice in Sweden", and Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio.

    Hands of Ruin - Darkly atmospheric electronica
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    • 29 Mar 2008, 16:38
    Besides the already mentioned (Tenhi, Neun Welten, Nature and Organisation, Forseti, Agalloch, Of the Wand...):
    In Gowan Ring

    If you haven't already stumbled upon, check it out (doesn't really fit in this thread but you can find some dark/neofolk artists; mostly experimental and psych)

    Also, check this thread (sorry to send you outside of this group, it's for educational purposes, right? :D)

  • I wholeheartedly recommend Vàli's Forlatt.

  • Vàli is really wonderful music.
    I recently discovered Romowe Rikoito. They have a lot of songs on for free download. Also I can recommend Weh. You can download some of their music on their Website.

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    • 7 Aug 2008, 08:51
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    • 13 Oct 2008, 23:49
    You should certainly check out Carved in Stone

  • the "origin" album by Borknagar is also awsome , though they normaly make metal, also that the tristheim album by Hel.

    And the strike of the night will trash the skyline...
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