Putting faith in its place

  • Putting faith in its place

    Let's get a little bit of discussion going here...I'll leave it up to the next poster to start us off.

  • That was an interesting watch. Thanks for sharing.

    Even though it was pretty cynical in places, it was very well done.

    I liked this part:
    “Divine Being X exists in an inaccessible realm of reality”
    “Logic CAN’T show that possible beings actually exist, without evidence”
    “failed to understand what’s required to establish such an existence claim”
    That is the main problem. If you try to convince someone that their belief is not "the truth", they will refuse to accept it. Because their way of thinking is just flawed in that respect.

    “It’s not even clear what a being with ‘no conceivable physical characteristics’ is supposed to mean.”
    That's basically the reason why different religions exist. Because no one can agree on what that means.

    I actually think it's much "easier" to accept the fact that maybe it cannot work and think of different ways to make sense of the world, instead of sticking to one belief system. But that's not the point. At least not for religion. It's kind of funny. They can't explain the world, even though religion supposedly explains the world, while in fact people just leave it up to a being with ‘no conceivable physical characteristics’.

    “One divine universe-creator currently monitors and judges every human life.”
    Religion is very geocentric. And that is just the real problem. It is highly contradictory. Because the Bible, for example, only talks about this one tiny planet. It is the basis of the belief system. So, basically... only this world seems to exist. And God is sitting right next to the Earth and watching us live. I don't know how this is supposed to work.

    I dreaded sunny days so I'll meet you at the cemetery gates...

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