• What's Making Me Move

    26 Aug 2007, 19:08 by 7Millionaire7

    Hmm, this last week, I had certain tracks on heavy rotation, and there were a few I just loved to listen to a couple times.

    Shanice - Yesterday - This 90's R&B jam is what R&B nowadays needs to aim to be. Classic.

    Amel Larreiux - Congo - I don't know why I like this song so much, it's sort of repetitive, but I like the mellowness and smoothness to it.

    Keyshia Cole - Let It Go - It's amazing to me that at one point, I didn't like this song. My roommate hates it, but oh well, he listens to too much Fall Out Boy and Acceptance anyways.

    -Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever U Like
    -JoJo - Beautiful Girls
    -Chrisette Michele - If I Had My Way

    Shaniceamel larreiuxAmel LarrieuxKeyshia ColeNicole ScherzingerJoJoChrisette Michele
  • RoRo's Weekly Top 10 April 1 - 7

    9 Apr 2007, 02:10 by 7Millionaire7

    10. Beyonce - World Wide Woman

    9. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down

    8. Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole - Last Night

    7. Ciara - My Love

    6. Janet Jackson - I Get So Lonely

    5. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time

    Cyndi's a classic, duh. Plus, I had to watch Queer As Folk for a school project and she was on one of the episodes, reminded me how much I like this song.

    4. Ciara ft. 50 Cent - Can't Leave 'Em

    I'm sort of rediscovering "The Evolution", and I'm GEEKED that "My Love" is her next single.

    3. Crime Mob - Rock Yo Hips

    "On the daily, off the hizzle. Rock my hips and shake my skittle"

    2. Dreamgirls - Dreamgirls

    I think the funniest thing ever is watching someone twirl around pretending to be Deena.

    1. Madonna - Get Together

    I'm upset I didn't remember this song, but when I went to search for the video and saw that piece of shit again, it all came back to me.

    Get TogetherGet Together
    Rock Yo Hips
    Time After Time
    World Wide Woman
    Face Down
    My Love
    I Get So Lonely
    Last Night
    Can't Leave 'Em
  • RoRo's Weekly Top 10

    1 Apr 2007, 22:05 by 7Millionaire7

    Just some of my fav songs from the week, maybe a little commentary.

    10. Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole - Last Night

    9. Craig David - Fill Me In

    8. Mariah Carey ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Breakdown

    7. Madonna - Get Together

    6. Katherine McPhee - Over It

    5. Beyonce - Get Me Bodied

    Have you seen the video for this? That's why it's here.

    4. Christina Aguilera - Cruz

    Yeah, I'm still on Christina's clit. I just love the metaphor of this song.

    3. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time

    After learning the lyrics, I have a much greater appreciation for this song. Cyndi has a cool voice too.

    2. Dreamgirls Soundtrack - Dreamgirls

    I love this song. 'Nough said.

    1. Crime Mob - Rock Yo Hips

    Yeah, yeah, for some reason this shit was hot this week. Just remember, "I got 32 flavors of that bootylicious bubble gum, raspberry, grape, cherry, come and get this honey bun."