How often do SIMILAR ARTISTS get regenerated?

  • How often do SIMILAR ARTISTS get regenerated?

    I have a question--

    have any of you noticed, or do you know, how often a bands Similar Artists get regenerated? My band's are really distorted and inaccurate from being made when we only had a few users and I'm hoping they'll be redone soon. They don't stay forever, do they?


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  • Hi,

    I've been on here for 5 months and they have regenerated twice, last time October. Alan.

  • Oh o_O Can I influence the similar artists in some way?! I've added some clues on my music manager but not all seem to be listed...
    The first three months, the similar artists were chaotic. They compared my music to everything else that I do... Nowadays it's okay, but sometimes I wish that they could be more exact...

  • Is there any way to find out what pages class you as a similar artist? I know what there is on my page, but when I visit them, I'm nowhere to be found, and I was wondering what pages I appeared on...any ideas?

  • I didn't have a clue for the 1'st few months but then I joined a few groups and we all became similar artist even though we write completely different music! It'd be cool to be on all the major stations but I'm happy here now, so you probably won't be on the stations you would like at first!

  • I never thought about this, but it's a very good question.
    Gonna keep a look at the Paperhead similar artists (my band) from now on..

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