• eMusic Techno

    4 May 2007, 23:16 by skerzo

    I've been finding so much great techno on eMusic recently that I had to come here and gush about it.

    In just one paragraph my enthusiasm for sitting here and typing has in fact waned so much that its gonna be more of a list of links to said great stuff rather than any kind of literary masterpiece but maybe... just maybe it might help ye oh tech-hungry-yet-lost and daunted eMusic subscriber....?

    The pick is mostly from labels and artists that were obscure to me as my finger has well and truly been off the pulse for a number of years but a bit of net research dug up the facts that alot of these 'headz' are pretty respected... so here we go....

    Oh, and one more thing - picking up a '12' in mp3 format is such a bland experience in comparison to flicking through the racks of vinyl at your local patronising, know-it-all, too cool for thou record emporium..... but waaay cheaper! And waaaay less of an intimidating, patronising experience!

    First up
    Minilogue and the Elephant Parade EP on Wagon Repair.
    Wagon Repair one of those obscure (to me) but well respected labels thats just popped up on eMusic and seems to carry alot of great stuff. This 12 consists of deep, rubbery, tweaked out anolgueity on the A side and on the B - lush, deep Basic Channel-esque spaciousness with a bit of Detroit for good measure. Well recommended.

    Next, on Get Physical its Lopazz - 'Share my Rhythm'. All 3 tracks are great but the real winner for me here is the Isolee remix. I can't get enough of this right now - I'm shit at describing music, I'm just here to tell you whats good for you - just go listen to the samples!

    Also on Get Physical is Jona - Evidence EP. I've yet to go much deeper with Get physicals back catalogue than Booka Shade and DJ T so these 2 purchases are a pretty promising start. The first track on the Jona is nice enough but hasn't lodged itself in my musical cortex like the second track - 'Smart Cats vs Dumb Dogs' - full of the spacious echoed out synth stabs and wobbly bassline that does so delight.

    No techno journal would be complete without the man Kenny Larkin and as chance would have it this week eMusic added a bunch of reissued 12s, samplers for the actual albums on the Rushhour label. I must admit ot having missed out on the classics first time around so these additions are very welcome - Picked up Azimuth and Metaphor EPs and have been loving every soul tinged, Detroit distilled noise on them.

    Also on the Rushhour label is Comtron's 'Follow the Money' which I haven't picked up (yet) but the very Dutch sounding analogue electro samples sound like it'll be well worth it.

    This next track gets me raving in my suburban office chair everytime I play it - Paul Kalkbrenner - Gia 200 (Modeselektor Remix), part of the few Bpitch Control bits that debuted on Emusic this week. This is one driving, fat, skankin freight of a tune thats starting to give me 'nodders neck'. The Modeselektor album was album of the week on Boomkat so I'm hoping eMusic gets that in sometime soon...

    Last up for now is Sami Koivikko - PÄÄjÄÄsÄ on Spectral Sound. Well.... aw my typing hand is getting tired and I'm getting bored - yeah - this was really great too!