What Artist got you into Electronica?

  • WOW! Now i see why you don't like Hardstyle and Jumpstyle, it has no melody like the rest of the stuff, it is very plain with hard beats, but the other stuff had rhythm, melody, and a flow, thanks for the links, and help:)

    Music is who u r on the inside:)
  • Not a problem, mate. Glad I could help.

  • What kind of Artist's do you like from Minimal stuff, or should i say, what Artist's got you into minimal?

    Music is who u r on the inside:)
  • Definitely Minilogue - Animals. A truly stunning album, which I discovered painfully late.

    After that (and these have been very recent ventures, for me), Ricardo Villalobos, Extrawelt - Schone Neue Extrawelt and Marc Romboy. My search is still ongoing.

  • Extrawelt is my fave so far, along with Tractile, Fusiphorm, Trentemoller, Gui Boratto, Alexander Kowalski, Ricardo Villalobos, Johannes Heil, Legowelt. I got alot of good minimal, it is one genre that is growing on me fast.

    Music is who u r on the inside:)
    • nanapo said...
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    • 6 Nov 2009, 14:52
    The first electronic music I heard was probably Tangerine Dream and then Aphex Twin but I don't think I got REALLY interested in electronic music until I heard Shpongle. Shpongle was just, so weird, that it lit something up in me, wanting to hear it all. I think Shpongle just hit the right spot for me, I had just recently gotten into experimental music like The Residents and Captain Beefheart and Shpongle just opened up a completely new dimension in experimental weirdness I guess.

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