• Burma Reissues!

    Mission of Burma reissues came out last week, with tons of bonus tracks and DVDs of live footage. Does anyone have any of them yet? If so, how are they?

  • I got it. I was a bit worried that the digital remastering might have affected some of the "power" of Vs. but, if anything it's been improved (if that's possible.) Those slashing guitars on Learn How and Mica sound even more cutting.

    That said, the vast majority of the "bonus" tracks have already been issued on previous compilations/albums in one for or another, so there isnt that much new stuff on here. But the live DVD's are simply brilliant, and in my opinion, worth the money anyway.

    Personally, I think that people who want to get into Burma should have a look at it because it's the best collection of their work to ever come out. People who already have a big Burma collection might be a bit disapointed if they're expecting something new.

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