League Cup Final 2007

  • League Cup Final 2007

    well after seeing the game, arsenal's youngsters did no disgrace to themselves at all. In the long run this may become a blessing in disguise, something maybe walcott, fabregas, denilson and co. can use to motivate them in future. fair enough chelsea won. but the thing that annoyed me most was the linesman, i mean drogba's goal was marginal, lets just say it was more offside than it was on. then he makes a total idiot of himself by advising the ref in sending toure and adebeyor off. to make matters worse he then gets in adebeyors face, if adebeyor did that to the linesman, gaurenteed ban and made an example of in the tabliods. i think that if players get punished for poor discipline then refs and linesmen should get exactly the same treatment. but nevermind i can see theo, cesc, hoyte and the likes coming back strong, i mean chelsea's youth squad is nowhere near as good as ours. on another note though i do hope john terry makes a full recovery from that horrific accidental incident earlier in the game.

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    • 26 Feb 2007, 08:39
    no blame on diaby 4 that kick, was a good performance but soooo wanted some silverware

  • What I saw is hope!!!


  • I throughly enjoyed watching the carling cup thought the youngsters did great, yes it would have nice to have beaten Chelsea, but hey Arsenal are a great team to watch and I love the Arsenal's style and Mr Wenger's management

    Scars ..... I adore them
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  • congrats to diaby as well for putting terry's head into orbit

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