Best album Arch enemy (with Angela)

  • Best album Arch enemy (with Angela)

    well guys,what do you think ?

    In my opinion:

    1-Anthems of rebellion
    2-Ryse of the tyrant
    3-wages of sin
    4-doomsday machine

  • my opinion:

    1. Anthems of Rebellion
    2. Wages of Sin
    3. Doomsday Machine


  • 1- Wages Of Sin
    2- Rise Of The Tyrant
    3- Anthems Of Rebellion
    4- Doomsday Machine

  • 1.Anthems Of rebellion
    2.Doomsday Mchine
    3.´Wages of Sin
    4.Rise of The tyrant

  • In my opinion:
    1.Doomsday Machine
    2.Rise Of Tyrant
    3.Wages Of Sin
    4.Anthems OF Rebellion

    Kiedy tysiące bomb wytrysną z nieba jak łzy,aby zniszczyć Twój dom,czy wtenczas staniesz obok mnie,by z moim swój złączyć głos(...)?
  • Angella Canto extraordinariamente bien el Anthems Of vuz desgadarradora es todo de ese disco...
    Musicalmente el mejor disco con Angella..para el Wages Of Sin..q es la transicion de la primera etapa con la segunda..Definitivamente extraordinario "
    En el Doomsday Angela canta algunas canciones muy bien..con voces guturales q dan miedo..
    y en el Rise Of The Tyrant...yo siento q intento hacer una voz mas garraspada ..como a lo dark tranquillity..

    Pedro Bernales
    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 12 Nov 2007, 13:34
    1. Rise of The Tyrant. I like the unusualness of her voice in it.
    2. Wages of Sin. Simply good trashy melodeath :)
    3. Doomsday. Pretty different, experimental and easy-to-listen.
    4. AoR. I find only 3 good songs on it: Dead Eyes, We Will Rise, and Marching on The Dead End Road(what is an instrumental =P )I consider it pretty simple and commercial, yet it has one of THE BEST artworks ever

  • 1.Doomsday Machine
    2.Rise Of the Tyrant
    3.Anthems Of Rebellion
    4.Wages Of Sin


  • 1. Rise of the Tyrant (simply put, what Angela-era AE should have always sounded like)
    2. Wages of Sin (Burning Bridges-lite with a different vocalist)
    3. Doomsday Machine (very accessible for extreme metal, but comes at a price: despite trying some different things, it also has a lot of groove metal/borderline nu-metal tendencies)
    4. Anthems of Rebellion (again, accessible for extreme metal, but it's a bit of a sell-out album (by that, I only mean it's more accessible), sounds too much like older In Flames to me)

    By the way, I like Johan a lot better than Angela. So sue me.

    vanishdoom says:
    When in doubt, just compare yourself to the stereotypical fans of Tool.
    • Konqer said...
    • User
    • 5 Dec 2007, 23:52
    1. Doomsday Machine
    2. Rise of the Tyrant
    3. Wages of Sin

    • k00nung said...
    • User
    • 6 Dec 2007, 13:49
    1. Wages of sin (one of the best albums ever. Best song: burning angel)
    2. Rise of the tyrant(best song: revolution begins)
    3. Doomsday Machine (best song: nemesis)
    4. Anthems of Rebellion (to experimental for my taste. best song: dead eyes see no future)

    • Miiks said...
    • User
    • 10 Jan 2008, 16:21
    1. Wages of Sin
    2. Doomsday Machine
    3. Rise of Tyrant
    4. Anthems of Rebellion

    • Miiks said...
    • User
    • 10 Jan 2008, 16:21
    1. Wages of Sin
    2. Doomsday Machine
    3. Rise of Tyrant
    4. Anthems of Rebellion

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 11 Jan 2008, 14:48
    1. Anthems of Rebellion
    2. Doomsday Machine
    3. Wages of Sin
    4. Rise of Tyrant

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 22 Jan 2008, 20:35
    Wages of sin with Burning Angel mmmm :)

  • 1 - Anthems ov Rebellion
    2 - Wages of Sin
    3 - Doomsday Machine/A Rise of the Tyrant

    • laddo22 said...
    • User
    • 7 Mar 2008, 14:14
    Wages of Sin
    Rise of the Tyrant
    Anthems of Rebellion
    Doomsday Machine

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  • 1 doomsday machine
    2 rise of the tyrant

  • 1.Wages of sin
    2.Rise of the tyrant
    3.Doomsday machine
    4.Anthems of rebellion

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  • Doomsday Machine and Rise of the Tyrant :D

  • 1. Doomsday Machine
    2. Rise Of the Tyrant
    3. Anthems Of Rebellion
    4. Wages Of Sin

    all albums i likeeee... ae rulz!..

  • The best albums

    1. Rise Of the Tyrant
    2. Wages Of Sin
    3. Anthems Of Rebellion
    4. Doomsday Machine

    Metal 4ever!
  • Ryse Of The Tyrant
    Anthems of Rebellion

  • I think her vocals are best on Rise Of The Tyrant, musically my favorite album here would be Doomsday Machine.

  • Rise of The Tyrant
    Wages of Sin
    Domsday Machine

    Pure Fucking Metal!!!
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