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  • I broke my left kneecap yesterday (fell on the ground in a supermarket by too high blood pressure) do I'm not exactly at 100%, for instance I can't stay sitting on a chair for more than 30 minutes, so can't do long computer session for at least a week or 2.

    Today is deadline for this project, I can do the release but please tell me if you feel the record is somewhat ok.

  • I am still working on my track. I am also in the middle of moving. I would say it would be a few days before I could finish. I do apologize for the hold up. I understand if you guys need to go ahead and release the album. Let me know.

    Hoxerijo, so sorry you broke your knee cap friend.

  • Ouch!

    I often fall down in the street because of having a poor sense of balance (another reason why I don't drink alcohol) but I've never broken a bone falling over yet. I did have a fractured knee once but that was the result of being knocked off my bicycle by a car. I recommend lots of a herb called comfrey, also known in folklore as "Knitbone". When my knee was fractured I ate lots of comfrey mixed with calcium enriched soya milk and multivitamins mixed into bowls of cornflakes each day. The doctor and the X-ray guy were amazed at how quickly it healed and I was walking again in half the time they expected!

    Get well soon Hox.

    The album can wait. Your health is more important!

    • Lurholm said...
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    • 2 Dec 2011, 10:53
    I agree with Speculativism - never mind the deadline, get well first! The album isn't going anywhere, neither is the second issue of Apskafter.

    Shine those shoes, Bill!
  • Get well soon, Hox. :3

    Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ, for He is good! :D
  • Thanks mates, I hope next monday I could leave my bed for a little more time!

  • I'm back! Let's see if we can release this record.

    - I found 15 tracks in Musique Concrete dropbox folder.
    - No graphics for album cover.

    So the logical questions are 1) Still tracks to add or we've got all? 2) Need a record cover?

  • I'd like an image like this

  • I made (briefly) a cover.

  • Hahah, great! Did you make the lego head yourself or did you find it somewhere in the net?

  • I found it HERE, don't have lego bricks or I could do myself (I loved lego).

  • Is this done yet? So I can get writing underway for the magazine?

  • I think so. If everybody agree, I'd close the record and upload it.
    When you're done with the review tell me so we see how to paginate it.

    • Lurholm said...
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    • 13 Dec 2011, 16:28
    Yeah, upload it! :-)

    Shine those shoes, Bill!
  • What about the order in tracklist? Random? Alphabetical?

  • I was thinking either keep all A's separate from the B's, or alternate them.

  • Sounds like you all have moved on. I hope some artists were able to use some of my sample. I am still cleaning, painting and studying for exams in my new house. Wish I could've finished my track. Sorry.


  • I also pondered on splitting record by side A / side B (for respective teams). Too bad Last.FM doesn' support a logical subdivision, just listing tracks one after the other.

    I could name tracks, for instance "[Team A] songtitle".

    So we'll have:
    01 - Travis Johnson - [Team A] Vuzöolut
    02 - The Anchorities - [Team A] Third Mesa Circa 1200
    08 - The Acousmatics - [Team B] Dinosaur Excavation Worksong


    This way people understand what's from Team A or Team B.

    I'll keep the order of our listing, which I quote here:
    Team A:
    Travis_Johnson (1)
    JakobVirgil (The anchorites: 1)
    NJBlessing (Nick Blessing: 1)
    fingermouse_irl (billcarson: 1)
    Hold_The_Gun (1)

    Team B:
    SimiArbeit (1)
    jdzmumbles (Ditzky: 2)
    Speculativism (2)
    Lurholm (The Acousmatics: 1)
    teelahead (Res Band: 1)

  • silverlage said:
    Sounds like you all have moved on. I hope some artists were able to use some of my sample. I am still cleaning, painting and studying for exams in my new house. Wish I could've finished my track. Sorry.


    We can add it at the end of records after the release, we already did it.

  • I uploaded Musique Concrete, but there's an issue with Mysterious Underground Engineby The Acousmatics. I tried to save it in different formats, also converted in wav and then back in mp3, but still says it's wrong coded (not at 44.100).

    The record is here:


  • Ok. I will let you know when it is ready

  • This was an excellent project idea and the result is a lovely bunch of weirdnesses. Good cover image too! Proves you really can find just about anything on the web these days.

  • Absolutely! After veryfing I didn't have legos even in the darker corner of my nook I just spent 1 minute on google to find a lego monkey head! Of course one still have to feed ideas, but finding material to put 'em in practice is no more a pain in the ass.


    Fixed that issue with Mysterious Underground Engine by The Acousmatics, now we miss only Silverlage track.

  • Awesome record, BTW.

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