Next Apskaft Record

  • Next Apskaft Record

    This is a discussion about new record; traditional discussion about new ideas, with a list of purposes and never ending projects :-D is here

    Essentially they were:

    - Apskaft Presents, vol 4 (ie. a compilation with no particular theme or method)
    - Rolling Stones top 100 project: vol. 2
    - another cover project
    - a concept album
    - songs for a certain time of a year (eg. Christmas, Easter, New Year, or summer, autumn, winter, spring)
    - another soundtrack, eg. Murnau's Nosferatu.
    - interpretations of pre-war American folk (or just folk) songs.


    Said that, we can decide to follow one of those purpose or inventing another new, we'll se here.

    Looking at that list, I would like to do a concept record based on a story, may be cinderella / little red hiding hood or a serial killer biography :D.
    I would also like to do a cover album such the dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd.

  • I also, I would like to make a record of national anthems covers.

    • Malabi said...
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    • 29 Jul 2012, 00:57
    I'm mostly interested in making a concept album (the fairytale-idea seems very fun), seasonal songs and a soundtrack for Nosferatu. Although I'm up for everything in that list. :)

    (Also, on a kind of related note; I think we should have two ongoing projects at a time (if it isn't too much work for you Hox), since if we're only doing one and someone isn't interested in that project they have to wait for months for another opportunity. This way there are more alternatives and less waiting.)

  • I agree with your ponderings.

    In detail, we made a few mess in the past with dropbox, (we were experimenting new ways to cooperate, so it was unavoidable); but putting everything in order (everyone using ONE same general folder, splitted in proper subfolders) to me should be only a little more work to do.

    If everybody agree, I would delete any past folder except one.

    I'd use "Storage", and delete "musique concrete" and "Apskaft Storage" (the latter totally unused by months so I could delete it immediately).

    Then re-invite to it all apskafter who used different folder. Into that, we create a sub folder for any record, so everyone just open that folder and put tracks in the right site. Easy.
    Whoever doesn't like to use online disks, or in the case of records where other people don't have to hear other songs (Like Chinese Whispers), there's our Apskaft mail address aspkaftdropbox [at]

  • I especially like the folk songs and the fairy tales ideas. Dropbox does need tidying up but, apart from that, seems to work ok.

    I also would like to suggest making poems into songs such as words from Allen Ginsburg or Keats, Longfellow, Walt Whitman, Dylan Thomas, Arthur Rimbaud, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Kahil Gibran and other famous poets. Loved poems as a concept album.

  • Go ahead, Hox, it would be good to delete old stuff from the Dropbox folder.

    I added Peter-David's idea about a poem-based album to the list and edited the part about concept album a bit.

    I will take part in any project if possible, but I suppose my favourites would be the folk songs thing and the one about national anthems.

  • Order in Dropbox folder

    This is new root in our dropbox space

    I'll make a folder for every new record into Apskaft Projects and everybody will put stuff there. No complex / recursive folders.

    I'd connect people directly to Apskaft Projects (old "Apskaft Storage"), so they find directly project in progress folders. Keep things in order should be quite natural this way.

  • Fairytale record have 3 votes, 2 if made on a poem, 2 for national anthems.

    We could do all of the 3, but let's wait for other opinions

  • Is fairytale record the same as the folk song thing? I don't think it is...?

  • I forgot,

    3 votes for fairytale (me, malabi and speculativism), 2 for a poem (simiarbeit and speculativism), 2 for national anthems (me and simiarbeit), 2 for folk (simiarbeit and speculativism).

  • a concept album of some kind would be cool. i like the poem and folk songs idea too.

    • n1k4r0 said...
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    • 3 Aug 2012, 08:44
    I'm just arrived in this group and don't know if I can vote or not but I would like to do the fairytale theme.
    also would be nice to take an opera's libretto and recreate the music maintaining the words even if it would be very hard to have it singed I suppose

  • Method is people come here and say what they would do. At the end, by counting heads we know what's the record (or records) that makes more sense (read: have more people willing to be involved). Sometimes it happens we finish with keeping an idea that came out around 5th page of discussion.

    As every record at least needed one month, if we do one after the other we risk that someone waits months and months before doing a suitable project. So malabi was right, this time if there are two or three records of great interest (note it's august so more than half people are on the beach) we do them all together.

  • Until now...

    (Hox, malabi, Speculativism, n1k4r0)

    3 - POEM
    (Simiarbeit, Speculativism, NJBlessing)

    3 - FOLK SONGS
    (Simiarbeit, Speculativism, NJBlessing)

    (Hox, Speculativism)

    (Hox, NJBlessing)



    We also have to suggest what fairytale, poem and opera soundtrack.

    Edited by Hoxerijo on 4 Aug 2012, 09:37
  • i would vote for dark side as well.

  • NJBlessing said:
    i would vote for dark side as well.

    OK, added!

  • I think too much people are on their holidays :D we're only 6 people talking about next project. My suspect is this discussion will take off after 15 august, or september.

  • You could also send a message to all members. That might wake someone up.

  • Good idea, I try that

    • Betmax said...
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    • 9 Aug 2012, 02:03
    Hi, everyone. Well, I'm a new member here, yet I'd like to take part in something, probably in a "fairy-tale" thing. I guess, we can do some lesser know fairy tale, not just Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood, you know. I have one on my mind, but it's kinda more philosophical than a fairy-tale story. And you probably don't know it, but once we make our minds what to do, I'd be glad to share.

    • Betmax said...
    • User
    • 9 Aug 2012, 03:36
    Of'course, I'll support any other concept project!

  • Ok, I assume you prefer fairy tale project, better if based on a less trite story than the supermainstream waltdisneyful fairy tales, but cast a vote for any project (they are all concept albums). I just wonder if your idea is more into "poem" than "fairytale", because I think you have in mind something like Narcissus and Goldmund, right? OK, also Hesse's book is widely known (less than cinderella, btw), but just to try to catch the genre.

    Yesterday evening Charles_Heres (of Archaeopteryx Ultraavantgarda) wrote me they are happy to partecipate in ANY project we'll do :D. Lovely.

    Fast update:

    (Hox, malabi, Speculativism, n1k4r0, Betmax, Charles_Heres, Jomahoz)

    6 - POEM
    (Simiarbeit, Speculativism, NJBlessing, Betmax, Charles_Heres, Jomahoz)

    5 - FOLK SONGS
    (Simiarbeit, Speculativism, NJBlessing, Charles_Heres, Jomahoz)

    (Hox, NJBlessing, Betmax, Charles_Heres)

    (Hox, Speculativism, Charles_Heres)

    (n1k4r0, Charles_Heres)

    Edited by Hoxerijo on 9 Aug 2012, 13:23
    • Betmax said...
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    • 9 Aug 2012, 10:44
    Ok, to make everything clear I'm for: Fairytale, Poem, Dark Side Of The Moon

  • That's why I make those boring summaries, better verify.
    I corrected last update!

    • Jomahoz said...
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    • 9 Aug 2012, 13:09
    These all sound like great projects. My vote goes for Folksongs, Poems and Fairytales.

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