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Created on: 14 Jul 2005
We stand strong against the plague that is slowly dying or is mostly dead.

The Anti-numetal manifesto: (By Fnts)

1. Nu-"metal"* is not metal.
We are sick and tired about calling it metal. Why? Because it simply doesn't sound like metal. A genre started out by Black Sabbath and continued in late 70's and/or 80's by such great acts like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Slayer, Megadeth, Bathory and so on. Meanwhile many different metal subgenres started developing and the process continues. For example, late 80's brought us death metal and 2nd wave of black metal, and later in second half of 90's symphonic metal, gothic metal and folk metal saw the daylight.

Metal is a guitar based music, so the guitar must be exposed and lead in the major part of a metal piece. Unlike nu-"metal", metal guitarists/musicians show their skill by composing long, ass kicking riffs as well as guitar harmonies. Metal is also characterized by occurence of typical heavy metal groove, which is usually achieved by fast staccato rhythms and guitar disortion. Those rhythms are often improved, resulting in a big variety of them, and emphasised by many sounds, smoothly played by skilled guitarists, bassists and drummers. While in nu-"metal", it's often hard to spot any tempo change, not to mention time signature changes.
Metal vocals are more or less skilled (ranging from grindcore growls to classically trained vocals, through resonant rock and power metal voices), but always have a purpose to create a desired atmosphere (depends on a metal subgenre).

2. Nu-"metal" is not an art.
It is an artificial genre created and promoted by media. It is a ridiculous and pathetic fusion of rap, groove metal (with a serious over-abuse of the "groove" element), and grunge/post-hardcore. All this, plus being played with some of the worst musicianship possible. Why was this genre created? Simple, for the MONEY. Some people out there just tell you how good this music is for you and do everything to keep you away from real art. They use the good name of metal to promote nu-"metal". This insults us!
"A mix of rap and metal? Wow, that must be so cool!". Wrong. Too many kids are listening to that Korn or Slipknot crap. People need to broaden their tastes and stop listening to the corporate churned bullshit nu-"metal" on the radio these days!

3. Nu-"metal" is for kids.
Well, it doesn't mean you're one, if you are over 17 and still listen to nu-"metal". Similarily, a father who watches sometimes cartoons with his little son, isn't a kid.
But the above statement is a natural result of above 2 points. If we compare the musical evolution to the human species evolution, nu-"metal" level = ape level.

4. Nu-"metal" is a dance music.
(or at least a music, that easily turns a person into motion). When you listen to music while being still (at home, in a car, even in a club while sitting at a table and talking with friends), we suggest you to develop your taste and try more skillful and sophisticated music. Humans are really able to create something much more advanced than nu-"metal"...
We don't claim, that it's wrong to dance/move while listening to some music, we also do it on metal concerts. The point is, that you need to know better and listen more to a specialized music genre to feel it better. And you need to feel the music to be able to move to it.

*You can substitute "nu-"metal"" with "mallcore", "bullshit metal" or any other word, that concerns false metal.

1) Charts being predominantly heavy metal or hard rock, tho classical/baroque is also welcome (36/ 50 or 75% or more of top 50 being the minimum)
2) At least 1,000 tracks played
3) No major nu-metal acts in the top 50 and disqualification is instant if there is.
4) Communication open (IE allowing members to send shouts/PMs to rejected members, etc)

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