• The Glitch Mob and money make my Parklife worthwhile

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  • Wilco at the State Theatre w/ setlist

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  • THE RULES OF THE METAL GODS (transcribed by Thrush)

    28 Feb 2010, 08:03 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    One night I was at my computer listening to an original pressing of Black Sabbath's first album while discussing witchcraft and Occultism on myspace with a few of my friends (who happen to be in KVLT and TR00 black metal bands that only released 50 copies of their one and only recording, and only 10 out of 50 of those albums sold, the recording was recorded on a faulty tape cassette player from 1984) a guy named Gary Gus confronted me and told me that he has come down from Metal Heaven to tell me that I am the Tr00est metal head on Earth and has a reward for me. He would read out the rules of the metal gods, which to be honest was incredibly fucking BORING! what a shit cunt! Firstly he tells me I am the Tr00est KVLT Metull guy on planet Earth now he is lecturing me.

    so according to Gary Gus AKA The Mettul God you must follow these rules, its a 3 strikes and your out thing, break 3 of them and you will NEVER reach metal heaven and but worst of all be a completely failed P0000000SER!!!!11111

    1 Ignore people who dont like Metal they aren't worth your time.

    2 you're not aloud to think its okay for Thrash and Grind bands to forget their punk influence.

    3 No Deathcore, Nu Metal or Metalcore if you listen to it you are sinning! The metal gods HATE sinning!!

    4 We all love the band Death!!!(except for a few fags who wont be going to Metal Heaven) but name dropping them to seem cool makes you a poser, and stop saying they are "DA GREATIST DETH METUL BAND EVA11111!!!!!!!" because their DM bands that are also just as great.

    5 Death>Morbid Angel>Possessed don't agree? well fuck you then! THE METAL GODS WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER!

    6 Black Sabbath or get the fuck out!

    7 Doom Metal is awesome if you think its slow! and boring you have the the smartness are cleverness that good ol' drugged fucked Ozzy has in his old age.

    8 666 refers to Iron Maiden not Satan, AND no im not 555 and your not 666 you fucking maggoty ass poser!

    9 No Dyed Black Emo Haircuts and no 40 + piercings! sorry if you have those then you cannot be in our KVLT and TR00 Metal Club.

    10 No Cannibal Corpse's album Kill is NOT their best album! ITS NOT EVEN A FUCKING DEATH METAL ALBUM!!!!! If you want to hear Cannibal Corpse playing Death Metal listen to anything else they did, but if you want them playing awesome Death Metal listen to the first 4 with Chris Barnes, but not Six Feet Under!!!!

    11 Korn did NOT bring back metal in the 90's!

    12 If you own Cryptopy's: The Unspoken King, Entombed: Vampire Blues, and any thing that In Flames did in the 2000's YOU WILL BE BANISHED FROM METAL HEAVEN!!!!!

    13 the more shows you go to the more metal points you get, and when you harm or injure a scene poser you hit the metal jack pot! ;)


    15 Its Okay if your a Black Metal band to steal your lyrics from books on Satanism, Occultism and Witch Craft and its also okay if you are a Goregrind band and steal your lyrics from Medical Journals

    There was another 2 pages but they somehow disappeared when I went to Norway, It got stolen by some assholes who ran out of Joint rolling papers, FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!

    If there are any mistakes its the Metal god's fault so blame them NOT me!
  • My Top10 artists 5-12 february 2010

    12 Feb 2010, 14:47 by mozes_kriebel

    I felt like writing down another top10 weekly chart so here we go:)

    1. Diabolical Masquerade (72 plays)
    I know this avant-garde black metal band for quite some time now, and it just never bores me. Even worse, it seems to get better every day. The diversity in all there albums is amazing.´Nightwork´ is there favourite album for me. Not only is it musically speaking very interesting, its even kind of funny when in the opening track (´Rider on the Bonez´) the music suddenly stops and you here some strange noises like someone walking up an old staircase. Then you hear a woman ask ´George, is that you.. George?´, then some silence and then a super weirdo voice rasping something back out of nothing, and then the metal goes on haha. Just amazing:D. This band got so much listens this week because i found myself another album of theirs which i did not know yet (Death´s Design) which contains 61 tracks (from a few seconds to a few minutes). Not sure how i feel about this album as a whole yet after 1 try, but there are certainly very interesting pieces in there.

    2. Imperium Dekadenz (72 plays)
    I only recently found out about this guys. Atmospheric black metal from Germany, and it is amazing. There Album Procella Vadens is a truly BM masterpiece. It has everything, from accoustic pieces to nice black metal passages. For people looking for extreme black metal this is probably not the right album, but I can recommend this to any one who likes atmospheric/softer black metal. I just downloaded ´´ Dammerung Der Szenarien´ as well but can´t really tell how I feel about this one after just 1 listen, but it is certainly an interesting album too.

    3. Nightrage (24 plays)
    I read an old topic where somebody recommended me this band and I realised I had not really tried this one since, so I gave it another go this week. I gave the album ´A New Disease Is Born´ two listens. It is pretty good melodic death, but nothing special to me. The vocal is not bad but not really my thing, and musically speaking as a whole it is pretty good although something about the songs does simply not feel right to me. Its okay but there is certainly better melodic death metal out there in my opinion.

    4. Ahab (22 plays)
    Ahab is really funny to me. In general, I´m not a Doom fan (with some exceptions) . I usually think doom is pretty boring most of the time and I like music with more intensity, melody and mostly speed. Lets not even think about Funeral doom... and yet... I believe their album ´Call Of The Wretched Sea´ is amazing. It is extremely slow music most of the time and yet there is something about this album that makes me want to hear it every time again. The atmposphere is superb in this album, i believe that is the key to why i like it so much (and the fact that every song is totally different but still somehow seems at the right place combined with the other songs)

    5. Agrypnie (20 plays)
    Agrypnie is a pretty unknown avant garde black metalband. Avantgarde and Black is a golden combination to me and I haven´t found albums of this genre that I dont like yet. Agrypnie´s ´Exit´ is nothing different, and altough there are better avantgarde BM bands and the vocal is not superb, the album overall is certainly worth listening.

    6. Lord Belial (18 plays)
    Lord Belial really has become one of my favourite bands lateley. I just found out (yesterday) that I did not have the album ´Enter The Moonlight Gate´ yet, which seems to be (according to shoutboxes at least) one of their or maybe their best album. I own already 3 other albums of them and everyone is very very good, so i´m sure this band can only rise in future in my overall charts, as it should.

    7. Corpus Christii (13 plays)
    Corpus Christii is probably after Funeral Mist and Deathspell Omega my favourite when it cames to raw black metal. Strange enough it is not very high in my overall charts, probably because I only have one album of them (´Rising´). And when I feel like listening to black metal I somehow mostly go for Deathspell Omega or Funeral Mist. Still this is an album I should really listen to more as it is simply amazing. Its also time i´m going to look around if this band has any more albums that are worth trying out.

    8. Franz Liszt (11 plays)
    Something else than metal, hell yes. As I am a piano player myself (since i was 5 year old) I´ve always had a thing for good pianomusic. Not that i like every classic piano music (not at all) but overall the harder to play the better. This is probably why i started listening to the ´transcendental Etudes´ composed by Liszt. These pieces are known to be one of the hardest pieces ever written for solo piano. This gave this music some attraction and I started checking them out at youtube (the Berezovsky version). Soon I found out that this music is not only extremely hard to play, its also very very complex and interesting. What is the most fascinating thing about this pieces is that they get better every single time you listen to them. I believe that is why I like metal so much, because of the complexity which makes it happen sometimes that you have to listen to albums more before you really understand them and start to appriciate them. Although I can tell after 1 listen wheter it has the potential to sound very good to me, it happens that artists need more listens before I really start to like them. I think thats the good thing about metal, and somehow this classical music works the same way. I´d have that much rather than some easy popstuff that sounds okay the first time you listen to it but gets bored before you even gave it 10 listens. Nothing wrong with pop and all those other music genres, but that will always be music to listen to just ocasionally, while more complex music keeps things interesting.

    9. Isis (9 plays)
    Isis is totally different from the other music I listen to, but there is something about their ´Oceanic´ Album that i keep listening to it.:)

    9. Dies Irae (9 plays)
    Dies Irae is probably one of the best bands I´ve found out lateley. I always found it kind of hard to find Death metal (not melodic) that I really really liked apart from Carcass, Bloodbath and Bolt Thrower. There is so much okay stuff out there but not really much exceptionel. Well this band certainly IS special. There ´Sculpture of Stone´ album is amazing, and I really look forward to exploring this band further.

    9. Naglfar (9 plays)
    Naglfar is one of my favourite melodic black metalbands. I own there albums ´Sheol´ and ´Pariah´ for quite some time now, and downloaded some other albums yesterday when I realised they had even more to offer. Going to listen these for me new albums soon, and certainly looking forward to it.

    I am always trying to explore new music, so if anyone reads this journal and has any artists or albums to recommend me, please let me know:D

  • Top 10 Black Metal Albums

    30 Jan 2010, 11:41 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    Bathory: Under The Sign Of The Black Mark
    Mercyful Fate: Melissa
    Venom: Black Metal
    Dissection: Storm Of The Lights Bane
    Celtic Frost: To The Mega Therion
    Grand Belials Key: Mocking The Philanthropist
    Venom: Welcome To Hell
    Burzum: S/T
    Mayhem: De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
    Marduk: Fuck Me Jesus(demo)
  • Top 10 Thrash Metal Albums

    30 Jan 2010, 11:33 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    Demolition Hammer: Epidemic Of Violence
    Exodus: Bonded By Blood
    Sodom: Agent Orange
    Rigor Mortis: S/T
    Slayer: Reign In Blood
    Megadeth: Rust In Peace
    S.O.D: Speak English Or Die
    Artillery: By Inheritance
    Incubus(Louisiana): Beyond The Unknown
    Megadeth: Peace Sells But Who's Buying?
  • Top 10 Death Metal Albums

    30 Jan 2010, 11:18 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    Demilich: Nespithe
    Gorguts: Considered Dead
    Death: Leprosy
    Suffocation: Effigy Of The Forgotten
    Cryptopsy: None So Vile
    Dismember: like An Ever Flowing Stream
    Sinister: Cross The Styx
    Asphyx: Last One On Earth
    Pestilence: Malleus Maleficarum
    Obituary: Slowly We Rot
  • Top 10 Grindcore albums

    30 Jan 2010, 11:05 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    Repulsion: Horrified
    Last Days Of Humanity: Putrefaction In Progress
    Napalm Death: Scum
    Insert Warfare: World Extermination
    Brutal Truth: Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
    Napalm Death: For Ensalvement to Obileration
    Carcass: Reek Of Putrefaction
    Cripple Bastards: your Lies in check
    Terrorizer: World Downfall
    Phobia: Return to Desolation
  • Top 10 Doom Metal albums

    30 Jan 2010, 10:59 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    Katatonia: Brave Murder Day
    dISEMBOWELMENT: Transcendence into the Peripheral
    Satarnus: Paradise Belongs To You
    Winter: Into Darkness
    Anathema: The Silent Enigma
    Candlemass: Night fall
    Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    Saint Vitus: Born Too Late
    Thergothen: Stream From The Heavens
    Electric Wizard: Dopethrone