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Created on: 22 Nov 2006
For all you who is aginst Nacists, Racists and Facists..
Fuck Hitlerlovers.

NO hate in music!

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  • Steher72

    I wish all of you a great and happy easter :-)

    30 Mar 2013 Reply
  • Waagbistritz69

    Brazilian WP band (I know, WTF), Vote this pic up

    26 Mar 2010 Reply
  • Henkir

    "No hate in music!" followed by "Fuck Hitlerlovers" and "kill all the nazi scum" being shouted out. Oh, how I love the intellect of the antifa - it never ceases to amuse me.

    13 Aug 2009 Reply
  • skamparas

    kill all the nazi scum

    31 Jul 2009 Reply
  • Saranella


    28 Jun 2009 Reply
  • Hoxerijo

    The Brazilian fascist party being "anti-racist" it's one of fascist's idiocy uncanny peaks. I wonder how somebody still don't get that nazism is the only very low level ideology who a moron can manage. When they hear about culture, they move their hand to the gun, and few nazists know who was the SS saying that. :-)) Nazism is lacking of culture, that's why pathologic cretins and very weak intellectuals (who shouldn't find space among REAL intellectuals, but rather go to clean toilets) find it very apt. Is a morony "ideology" for morons. Idiots believe in "race", and "identity" :-D, as being idiot they need somebody fetchin' them an identity: they don't have a personality, must borrow from a third party. Nazism is an half ignorant repeating bombastic obsolete terms from the narrow right wing fake-intellectual vocabulary, and a bunch of full ignorants that shave their heads and believe it all, both working to fuck the total ignorants (so we know who's the idiot here).

    25 Apr 2009 Reply
  • aliila007

    Peace love flowers... et vive la liberté, les étrangers et la beauté!!!

    10 Mar 2009 Reply
  • arsemaster

    idiots, you are not better than nazis. the name is different but you are as stupid as every nazy. problaby worse.

    11 Jan 2009 Reply
  • Henkir

    Also, what the hell is a "Nacist" and "Nazzi"?

    19 Dec 2008 Reply
  • Henkir

    The Brazilian fascist party's slogan was "union of all races and all people", and they were anti-racist. People should really learn what a "fascist" is, before claiming to hate them.

    18 Dec 2008 Reply
  • primo4c

    fuck nazisss

    18 Nov 2008 Reply
  • The-Unraveling

    against fashism

    28 Jun 2008 Reply
  • Jagermeister14

    fuck this fuck that fuck fuck...yes yes

    10 May 2008 Reply
  • eJQ

    viva antiFA.

    3 May 2008 Reply
  • Cianoiz

    Nazy Punk FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!! :D

    6 Oct 2007 Reply