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  • Sh pronounce like in german sch... Poshol... And the accent is on last "O"... "Na" and "Huy" we write separately, but say it together )))) (yes, maybe it is hard to understand) And accent is on "A"...
    POSHO'L NA'HUY )))))))))))))))) ( ' ) is a place where you should raise your voice....
    Oh my, i'm realy lost in this shit.... )))))))))))

  • *stares blankly at the screen*.. ummm

    poo sch ooooooooo l *is confused*

  • Well, you shouldn't pull "O"... Maybe POSHOL is a bit difficult to you... OK try to say IDI NAHUY... Cause IDI is simmilar to POSHOL and means "go" (you go)... gggggggg.....

  • i give up... damn it all to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm lost in translation. :P

  • Hello people. I'm Melissa, from Pennsylvania, and if it pisses people off, ten to one I'll isten to it.

  • that was a poopy movie :P

    oh and hello random new person *waves*

  • I dont know what "poopy" means... :P
    I think it was very melodramatic...

    Hello Mel... So you will listen Emo??? 8))))))

  • HAha, smartasses...No emo, god, no emo. It burns my ears! And as for the Mel thing, dont do it, call me anything else. Anything. Oh, yeah, hello!

  • wow, can i call you superman :O

  • Sure. Whatever floats your boat. :P


  • I'm calling Mellisa, Bob.

  • OMG, superman or bob? I dont know which one I prefer. Well, just between us, Bob is my secret identity. Shhh....;P

  • soo...
    Bob Kent, works in a large officey thing and has a sexy long haired metalhead as her secretary. he provides her with FLYING v's to get around on (yes, real flying ones) so she can save people under the name:

    SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! *theme tune*

  • Re:

    Hu-hu... ))))))))) Great idea -cowgirl- )))))) My compliments....
    I will call you Mellissa "Dont-call-me-Mel".... :P
    Oh my... That was a killing weekend...............

  • you killed people!?!?!?!
    oh gosh i think thats rather mean

  • it's ok, I tried my best to save them.

  • Superman!!!! You've ruined my plans again!!! Waaaaaaaaagh!!!!!!
    Another time, another place I'll penetrate your super ass!!!!!

    OK... Actually this weekend tryed to kill me...

  • Never!! I am all powerful!
    The weekend tried ta kill ya?

  • Hmmmm... We will see... ;)))))

    Yes! Thats why it was killing!!!!!!! )))))) And oceans of beer and VODKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi everyone... n00b here. =)

  • Welcome to the kickass anti emo group!

  • Hi, you can call me Superman if you so desire.......

    • lancast said...
    • User
    • 19 Apr 2006, 16:20
    u-hu, joł guys. another group, that ive joined, and has more males than females. oh, just my luck. maybe im a boy and i dont know about it yet :p

    whoa, majority is from germany? well, thats close to poland :>

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