Is someone of you guys listening to emo bands without knowing that the band is emo?

  • It really depends on the band. I really agree with Weezer, especially Pinkerton, which is like, what, the first emo album ever? It's a great album and it's one of those examples where the first is not only great, it's untouchable in its genre, and all albums that succeeded it are generally vastly inferior.

    Now, I do like MCR (namely The Black Parade for its heavy classic rock influence) because they're one of those bands I found years and years ago when I first got into rock, same with Green Day. In fact, American Idiot pretty much changed the way I looked at rock as a whole and turned me onto more epic sounding music (based on their 10 minute songs on the album) which I think in part gave me a taste for a lot of the symphonic metal that I listen to today.

    Emos themselves I can't stand, but in rare circumstances, the music itself isn't too bad.

    Stop and check out my friends' band, Alpha Decay, Tampa Bay's foremost prog metal band.
    • Ulturas said...
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    • 3 Jan 2011, 02:05
    Agree with BlackAngel912, but given that there are bands that keep the "emo" trend popular like BMTH for example I kinda classify them as a fashion band, they aren't actually good but it keeps the emo kids from bitching and /wristing. Deathcore bands seem to be what some emos like as someone said before but yea I'd say the majority are into Metalcore, I listen to a few Metalcore bands myself but I wouldn't really classify it as emo music. There's no real category emos really fall under tbh but there are bands that keep shitty trends alive unfortunately.

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