Anti Emo Revolution in Mexico -Updated-

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    • 22 Mar 2008, 19:18

    Anti Emo Revolution in Mexico -Updated-

    Well, you may have read the thread in which there is mentioned the attack against emos here in Mexico,

    By now, the attacks against emos have happened in three cities here in Mexico, one of them was Mexico City, which is the capital, and the anti-emo community has summoned the people to attack emos in lot of cities in the country.

    Small aggressions had occurred in all the country, and Anti-Emo Communities are rising quickly

    An interesting fact of this, is that the Heavy Metal community is not the only one against emos, we can also find that, pop-listeners, skaters, punks, goths, and other people are against emos here in Mexico.

    But why metal/rock listeners are not the only ones against emos???
    The answer is simple, emo attitude here in Mexico is anti-youngster: they do not drink, they do not have sex, they do not have fun, they go to concerts just to cry, they go to parties just to sit in a corner and cry, and they feel victims of everything, it is really, a very stupid behavior.
    That’s why everybody hates them besides the music situation (stupid mix of goth and punk and other genres)

    But why there are a high number of emos here in my country?????
    As you may know, Mexico is a "developing country", but thats a fuckin lie, we are walking backwards, and the country is turning worse and worse, if somebody tells you that Mexico is walking to the progress its a fucking lier, i say this because i live in Mexico City, and i can honestly say that this city and all the country is getting worse.

    So what are the factors that contribute to the high number of emos???

    1.-Family: lot of Mexican families are disfunctional, and others are on that way, so this is a main reason for teenagers too feel depressed or sad, and here in Mexico, if you don't have the support of your family, you are fucked

    2.-Music: there are great music (rock and metal) bands here in Mexico, lot of them are from a wave here in Mexico called "the birth of mexican rock" or something like that, and most of them still active this days, but are ignored because nowadays is something called "the new wave of mexican rock", which is supported by the media, and 90% of the bands from that wave are totally crap. So guess what??? lot of that bands are emo
    Fortunately some of the old bands like Victimas Del Doctor Cerebro or Cuca are calling the new wave "crap", "shit", "unoriginal" and things like that, and make fun of emos in their shows, but this is not enough to stop this "emo-wave"

    3.-Media: as i mentioned, the media is giving their major support to that "new wave of mexican rock", so emo bands are gaining popularity rapidly.
    I must say that the main TV companies here in Mexico are full of crap artist, fake bands and stupid shows, and anti-cultural shows.
    After the emo attacks, the media gave all their support to emos, and now emos are the good ones, and the rest are the bad ones

    4.-Culture: Fact: Mexico is full of ignorant people, so ignorant teenagers think that emo fashion is the maximum, and emo music is the best...why? because of the ignorance

    All of this lead us to the last point
    5.-Government: setting apart the fact that they are fucking the country (and also the mexican population is fucking the country, believe it or not) they see a good advantage on emo kids, why?? because they want an ignorant population, they want people who are easy to manipulate if they see any sign of revolution against government on people/music/cultural group/media, it is immediately censored, and sometimes repressed, so, emo boys are the perfect target to turn them into stupid and ignorant adults, to be manipulated

    I think that these are the main reasons of the existence of high number of emos here in Mexico, so if this stupid fashion continues here, in future we will have stupid adults, easy target of manipulation by government, this would lead to a very fucked, ignorant, poor and manipulated country
    For fortune, the rest of young people is fighting against emos, I don't think that the violence is the best way of ending something, but, if there is no other way...

    thanks for reading, sorry about my english, comments are welcome

    This are the most recent news published by newspapers, or TV here in Mexico

    Government and media give all their support to emo kids in the main point of emo reunion here in Mexico City

    The Call to Fight against Emo has expanded from Mexico to South America

    Some people assure that Call to fight against Emos came from a government web site!! Called “” “poder joven” means “youngster power”
    (this is not a surprise, government wants to make this conflict bigger, so there can be a bigger repression against anti emo communities, and they can continue giving their entire support to emo kids)

    (this next one is fuckin funny)
    Lots of Emo kids reunited in two different cities, to walk along some streets and to reach government buildings, in order to claim for the peace and the tolerance, but.....when they reached the gouvernment buildings, these were closed because of the holydays, so nobody listened their claims. (hahaha stupid kids, what kind of retarded people make a protest on holy days so nobody could listen them???? Of course, EMOS, if they complain about the fact that the rest of the people call them stupid or idiots or retarded, it is because they are)

    Here is a video about the fight against emos, which occurred last week here in Mexico City

    i will translate it later =P

    If something new and interesting happen here in Mexico about Emos, be sure i will tell you

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  • I Agree...

    I think that all you said is true, but the most important is that we can let this happen! Police units and some other people helping those idiots while there are crimes and REAL problems to solve.

    But there is hope! All the people is gathering to kick'em, not only Goths and we the Metalheads. And the emos must learn the message! We are all united against them!

    Thank you people and Remember "Live Together or Die Like an emo, Alone!

    Volvamos a Empezar, La Historia se Escribira de Nuevo
  • Here in Italy I often see some emo-stylized girls and to be honest they are very cute. But the mexican male emos are f*king hilarious. You really have no other option but to get physical with them, cause they can't see the obvious by themselves.
    I only wonder what could be worse: arab emos?, african emos? This emo-thing spreads like a virus, suddenly everyone wants to manifest how sad and alienated they are by having the same crappy hairstyle and clothes.

  • therealremi, i'm italian too, and i don't think emo girls are cute because they're emo... they're cute because they're girls! it's kinda different... anyway male emos suck everywhere.

    Harry24, thanks for your analysis, really complete and interesting.
    Here in Italy emos are generally from good and pretty rich families, usually they're fashion boys/girls, who feel victims because their parents didn't bought them the last model of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and shit like these.
    Naturally there are also people (expecially girls) who became emos because the cute classmate is emo, so they have to be like him to conquer him... it's pathetic, i know, but it happens!

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    • 24 Mar 2008, 09:02
    I wanna see a 30 y/o emo.

    Blessed be a mind too small for doubt.
  • I've always been keen of helping emos to make their life truly suck.

    I mean, what's the fucking point of making problems where there aren't any??? Oh, I want my life to suck, listen to shitty music, have a stupid haircut. Why to be happy when you can be depressed? Like we all don't already have enough problems...

    So, the slogan that could come out of this - make problems to emos - one problem less to the world.

  • Great post, Harry24. It's a shame to live in a place full of emo shit x(

    Of all these yesterdays...
    • Edoy said...
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    • 26 Mar 2008, 06:57
    Totally agree... excelent post \m/ death to that scum!!!!!

    • Harry24 said...
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    • 26 Mar 2008, 06:59

    More News

    Parents of emo kids have come to support the emo fasion of their kids
    -It is the most stupid thing i have ever heard, it is a proof that, no only the young people is stupid and easy to manipulate, also their parents are stupid, that is why the country is fucked, because of manipulated people like them.
    if i'm a mother of one of this kids, i must worry about why my kid is part of a fashion where there is "cool" to be always sad and depressed, and have suicidal tendencies...instead of going to support that kind of crap, why do they do this??? 'cause is an easy way to escape from the real problem, they prefer to go out and scream stupid things, instead of talking with their kid and trying to solve the emotional problem (if there is so)
    At the end they are just like their kids, they hide from the real problem

    All for today =P

  • stupid sons = stupid parents... if i would be an emo my dad would have kicked my ass so bad that i had to change my position in 5 seconds, and then he would have explained me why being emo is so bad... parents have to help sons to grow up in a good way, so i think it's a must for them to block every stupid expression if it becomes too bad...

    if a dad or a mother accept an emo son, they're simply bad parents. there's no way out.

  • I am sure that the protection that emo are getting, is because most of them are from prosperous families. maybe the father of one of those scums has influences over the politics and media. also, it could be because in Mexico the media has a lot of more power than in other countries. that makes the media to pull their strings in order to protect their "customers"

  • here in mexico...

    now, the mass media care too much about fuckin' emos, things that did not happen before... I agree about the violence against shitty people, but everyday we can hear or see anything about emo in tv... i don´t like that..
    only i can write something like...
    emos, take your fuckin' ridiculous hair and introduce it in another emo's ass...
    direct action against emo in Mexico!!!

    Love for Ed Hardy

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    • Harry24 said...
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    • 28 Mar 2008, 18:42
    For those stupids who think that im supporting the violence organizations against people, i'm not!!!

    but i do want the emo fashion to end

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    • 28 Mar 2008, 21:16
    well, i see you are from the UK, obviously you don't know how is life here in Mexico, this might sound absurd, but here is a saying for life: "being honest = being stupid". so, even if you try to be always honest, or to do everything right, its impossible to survive, and at the end you must be dishonest or to do break the law anyway to go through life.
    Since i was a child my parents have always told me to be honest and to not break the law...but ten years ago, the country was not this bad, in ten years this country has gone down (more than it was). And when you grow up you learn that everybody breaks the law, and lot of them don't care about it.

    as i said before, i think that emo fashion here in Mexico must end...why?? not because of their way of dressing, or their music taste
    it must end because they are manipulable people, the government is manipulating them to be sheep, to never protest, to always agree and believe on what government says, so when they grow up, they will be manipulated adults
    you may say i'm exaggerating, but 30-40% of youngsters here in Mexico are emo

    this is the way we live here...government is here tu fuck population, anyway

  • FlowMyTears escribió:
    It says you're 18, but you're acting like a bully on the playground who punches a kid because he has glasses. Or maybe because his parents are divorced. Or even because he's black?? Stop being such a bigot and grow up. If you don't like the way they dress, act, or enjoy music, then just turn a blind eye.

    there is a big difference between hating someone because he is from another ethnicity and hating emos. emos can stop or hide being emo. but your ethnicity cant be hidden. don't mix racism with this topic

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    • Harry24 said...
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    • 29 Mar 2008, 21:04
    you don't understand what I'm writing in this thread because your don't live in Mexico, and even most of Mexicans are blinded by government and media, and neither understand whats going on here,
    I have enough arguments to discus with you, but it seems you will never understand the way of living of my country, and the way media and government take advantage of this kids, and many other things, and the ignorance of the people, as i have always said, one of the main reasons of the existence of emo kids here is the ignorance and the poverty (in every way) of the country, so if you cant understand that, im not going to bother in explaining you something more.

    i will explain you the post which apearantly make contradiction, the one about the protest...i will call it a protest when they protest against the government

    and you talk like an emo supporter, what are you doing here????

    if any one else has a question, be sure you can ask me :D

    • Harry24 said...
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    • 7 Apr 2008, 16:52


    It seems that today everything is in "calm", last big attack was about 2 weeks ago in a city on the north of the country, it was in a shopping mall where emos like to reunite to cry xD haha, a big group of anti emo guys arrived to the place, and tried to hit emos, obviously emos ran away, i saw the video on TV, it was crazy, imagine a big mall, filled with youngsters running everywhere, the place security people couldn't stop the riot, so they called the police, when they arrived all youngsters ran out of the place to the streets, they caused traffic chaos, nobody was hurt.
    One interesting note, is that in the middle of all the chaos, while police tried to stop it, one of them "lost" his gun, and never reappeared, so this is gettin dangerous, for both groups.

    And now it is evident that media exaggerated the emo news to cover other things, to cover the problem about the oil, and to cover the raises on the public transport fees in some places, now that emos are not much on the news pwople realize about the real problems of the country

    Meanwhile there is rising other kind of group who cut emos hair, they have skills with scissors, and do it quickly.

    What emos have reached now with all this, is to be more rejected by society, not only youngsters hate them, now adults think that emo its a stupid behavior, and even a mayor of a little town is saying that emos make the street look ugly, as a heading in some news...Mexico Hate Emos

    all for now, see you

  • Re: News

    Harry24 ha detto:

    Meanwhile there is rising other kind of group who cut emos hair, they have skills with scissors, and do it quickly.

    ahahahah, they're great!!! cut those motherfucking hair!!!!

  • There are many emo boys\girls im my country, they are almost everywhere listening to their shitty russian emocore, and I hate them, but... I think we don`t need to hit these stupid kids. Not only because they are kids. Emo is a fashion, it will be gone soon and something new(and maybe more dumb) will take it`s place. They are already lost this fight, physically and mentally. Of course, we can(and even must) earn lulz from all it, but there were some accidents of murdering of emoboys in Russia, and despite to my cynical mind, I don`t want to young people die. So I think to cut their hair is the best course af action.

    • Justd1e said...
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    • 11 Apr 2008, 16:12
    Gee and i thought that a emperor of catkind would unleash the holy flames of purification on them heretics :/

    Blessed be a mind too small for doubt.
  • Justd1e пишет:
    Gee and i thought that a emperor of catkind would unleash the holy flames of purification on them heretics :/

    How dare you mock the Emperor of Catkind, mortal? So, well, cynic mode on: do whatever you want, but don`t compromise metalheads.

    • Harry24 said...
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    • 11 Apr 2008, 19:06
    VoidEater but there were some accidents of murdering of emoboys in Russia,
    Really? o.O???

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