• Summer Anime Season 2015

    15 Aug 2015, 00:52 by ware4me

    Don’t know if you have the same feeling, but 2015 has surprised us with some interesting series so far. Now, as the Summer Anime Season 2015 arrives, it comes loaded with a lot of novelties.

    But this particular year, a new anime has drawn a lot of attention, and it comes from the past. After so many years, Akira Toriyama, the author of Dragon Ball and DBZ has joined to start a new series. Forget about Dragon Ball GT, Toriyama never liked it and he didn’t participate in the series.

    In Dragon Ball Super, after Son Goku fought Majin Buu the earth has had some issues and peace is always at stake. The main characters will return, the main question is for how long?

    Let’s continue in the depths of darkness, where the deity of fate chose six heroes to save the world. In Rokka no Yuusha, Adoretto has proclaimed as the strongest person on Earth. But once he arrives to meet the other heroes he finds out they are seven and not six. Now, there is confusion and someone seems to be an enemy, and Adoretto is the first suspect.

    But if you want suspicious characters, take a peek at Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, where harpies have become and undeniable truth for the whole world. Now, centaurs, catgirls, and all manners of fabulous creatures roam the planet. But they are not scary, right? Thanks to the Cultural Exchange Between Species Act, they are now part of our society, or at least they are trying. A human teenager named Kurusu Kimihito will become a “volunteer” and live with a snake-like lamia named Miia.

    In the meantime, Hachimitsu Academy, known for its strict academic standards, is making a giant change this year. For the first time in school history, they will allow boys to be admitted. In Prison School, Fujino Kiyoshi and only other four boys will enter Hachimitsu Academy. It will be hell, there are a thousand girls and nobody talks to them.

    But it is summer, and craziness seems to be everywhere. In Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai, basically, the world can’t take a joke, especially if it is a dirty one. Tanukichi Okuma enrolls in the country’s leading elite public morals school. Blackmailed to join the Anti-Societal Organization, Tanukichi ends up taking part in obscene acts of terrorism against the talented student council president Anna.

    Meanwhile, in another crazy realm, in Charlotte, Yuu Otosaka uses his power without others knowing, and lives a fairly normal, average school life. That’s before Nao Tomori appears. Due to his meeting with her, the fate of special power-users will be exposed.

    But darkness comes in so many flavors, in GANGSTA, Nic and Worick take care of the jobs no one else will handle. Until the day a cop they know requests their help in taking down a new gang on the territory of a top Mafia family. It seems like business as usual, but reality might be more than expected.

    And what about the future, where will mankind will be? In Classroom Crisis, with aims to reach out into the stars, humans have colonized all the planets of the solar system. In a Japanese Martian prefecture. Iris Shirasaki and Mizuki Sera will try to succeed and develop their talents.

    And the past? Or what seems to be an ancient time, in Akagami no Shirayukihime, Shirayuki works as a medicine woman but she has red hair, rare and appreciated in her country. Suddenly she is proposed and chased by the prince of the land, making her run away. She will meet Zen, the prince of a neighbouring country, and she will serve at his side as his court doctor.

    But anime is all about emotions, in Jitsu wa Watashi wa, Asahi Kuromine has a big crush on a girl named Youko Shiragami. Unfortunately, Shiragami is a vampire. Asahi simply cannot lie, but he will struggle to keep Shiragami’s secret at all cost.

    As usual, more series will return with new adventures, prepare for: Durarara!!x2 Ten, Hetalia: The World Twinkle, Miss Monochrome The Animation (2015), To Love-Ru: Trouble – Darkness 2nd, GATCHAMAN CROWDS insight, WORKING!!!, Non Non Biyori Repeat, Teekyuu 5, Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Second Series, Junjou Romantica 3 or Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Zwei Herz!

    In terms of OVA and movies, summer time is always filled with them. Shinmai Maou no Testament OAD, Sousei no Aquarion Evol, Isuca OAD or City Hunter (2015) will have specials. And Gekijouban Haikyuu!!, Little Witch Academia: Mahou Shikake no Parade, Bakemono no Ko, Pokemon the Movie XY: Ring no Choumajin Hoopa, and BORUTO -NARUTO THE MOVIE- will try to conquer theaters during the season.

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  • Azureflux - Pocket Boy

    11 Aug 2015, 15:21 by psenough

    enrmp378 - Azureflux - Pocket Boy

    8bit/16bit album by Portuguese project Azureflux. Including a few remix works for ogui, Dragão Inkomodo, Bit Shifter and Irisu Syndrome. Artwork by iloveui.

    download link
  • Spring Anime Season 2015

    3 Apr 2015, 21:00 by ware4me

    The Spring Anime Season 2015 is here, fast enough for me to say, I have a lot to watch and time has become scarce lately. Won’t deny this season is intriguing in so many ways, there seems to be a lot of interesting series to follow, specially new anime.

    With certain amount of urgency, we have the winter ending and giving entry to the new season we have Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works and Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (2015). Both with advanced screenings, and already scheduled for the first couple weeks in April.

    Remember Nagato Yuki? She is the shy president of the literature club, has never been very sure of herself around other people. But around Kyon, the only boy in the tiny, three-person club, Yuki finds herself faltering even more than usual. In Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu, Kyon, and her precious club, believe Yuki must find her confidence and let her true personality shine!

    In Hibike! Euphoniumm it is spring time and Oumae Kumiko, now in high school, goes to check out the brass band club with her classmates, Katou Hazuki and Kawashima Sapphire. There, Kumiko happens to run into her former classmate, Kousaka Reina. She still remembers the incident with Reina during the brass band contest in middle school… I think she will join the band, right?

    Meanwhile, in an ecchi and very sick world… Mochizuki General Hospital boasts some of the best nurses in town. But after-hours spent fighting different sort of diseases they need a break, or not? In Triage X, under the leadership of the hospital chairman, they form a group of mercenary assassins, the target, the “cancers” of society. Beware!

    But justice comes in different shapes, and Yukihira Souma only has a thing in his mind, become a full time chef at his father’s restaurant. In Shokugeki no Souma, Yukihira can’t wait, and as soon as he finishes high school, he plans to spend his time surprising his dad with his skills. Unfortunately for him, he is not part of the plan. Yukihira’s father closes the place and moves to Europe. Now, he has a new challenge ahead.

    But if you need a challenge, in Re-Kan!, Amami Hibiki can see ghosts and other supernatural phenomena all around her. On a daily basis, she has to deal with life, and life after death.

    In a different world, Bell Cranel is eager for adventure, excitement, illusions of honor, and hopes of romance with a pretty girl. In Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka, Bell will find the little Goddess Hestia, she is also lonely and willing to find followers to achieve her dreams. What can go wrong?

    In Kyoukai no Rinne, we get back to Rumiko Takahashi’s world, where Sakura Mamiya has grown up with a special hability, extrasensory perception that allows her to see ghosts. But she is not pleased at all, she prefers to get rid of it at once and for all. Somehow, she ends up in the same class as a shinigami, a guide for spirits. Rinne Rokudo is very special, and sometimes seems to be cheap, but still very grateful when he receives something. The truth is… nah… watch the series, I think it will be awesome!

    Now, if I tell you there is an anime with rock music, idols and mimiko girls? Jossie and the Pussy Cats? Well, no… But it is Show By Rock!! where Cyan, our nekomimi lolita, is scouted by Maple Arisugawa, the president of a music agency. Cyan will be part of the Plasmagica band, where she meet a rabiit, a dog and an alien sheep. Who knows if they end up in a private zoo…

    In a tougher scenario, a breach between Earth and the netherworlds has opened up over the city of New York, trapping New Yorkers and creatures from other dimensions in an impenetrable bubble. After many years, in Kekkai Sense, someone is threatening to sever the bubble, and a group of stylish super humans is working to keep it from happening.

    But it is spring after all, right? The love is in the air, and birds sing everywhere… well almost. Anyway… love is indeed in the air as you meet with Gouda Takeo, a giant guy with a giant heart. Unfortunately, girls are unable to see him because of his good looking friend Sunakawa. Takeo simply stands tall and accepts his fate, but one day, everything will change as he meets a girl named Yamato.

    As you can see, there are some interesting plots around, enough for you to enjoy the season. And don’t forget there are also new series for well-known anime, so, kids from the 90s… no I didn’t forget you, Digimon is back with Digimon Adventure Tri. Please don’t go crazy!

    Also, there is Danna ga Nani o Itteiruka Wakaranai Ken 2 Sureme, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid, PriPara, High School DxD Born, Baby Steps, Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Revolutions, Hello!! Kin`iro Mosai, Teekyuu, Houkago no Pleiades, Gintama’ or Nisekoi:

    Finally, in terms of OVA, ODA or anime films, probably Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F is set to take it all, but don’t dismiss Eiga Crayon Shin-chan: Ora no Hikkoshi Monogatari – Saboten Dai Shuugeki or Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai.

    I’m done! Have fun and be happy!

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  • TRAX Spring 2014

    20 Feb 2015, 01:42 by ware4me

    It’s been quite a ride, a lot has happened, and finally got priorities settled. Or at least that’s what I think.

    Anyway, after a whole year without any music, here is the Spring 2014 Special. In a different mood from older episodes, this time we take an easy approach and enjoy soft tunes.

    Isshuukan Friends. gave us a reason to believe, in friendship and in life as a whole. After all, who hasn’t been lost, feeling there is no one out there willing to be just your friend? Natsumi Kon performs the OP single, and leaves us wanting more music from her.

    After that, we find Ai Kayano, a Japanese seiyuu and singer from Tokyo. In No Game No Life, everything comes to the line and survival is the only hope for humankind. Maybe that’s why the ED theme is “Oración” or prayer.

    Later, and many times in this episode, Akuma No Riddle brings a different kind of friendship into place, where professional killers are sent to destroy each other in order to find their target.

    Hisako Kanemoto, also known as Juri Aikawa, is a Japanese seiyuu from Okayama Prefecture, and performs the second ED theme for the series.

    Also, from the Soul Eater Not series, you will listen to the Dancing Dolls, a Japanese female vocal and dance group. It consists of five childhood friends from Osaka, Hono (Honoka Kadomoto), Mii (Misaki Nakajima), Misaki (Misaki Sakurada), and twins Asuka (Asuka Nagayama) and Kyoka.

    From Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, we brought LiSA and ELISA as they perform the OP and ED theme for the series. LiSA’s fifth single “Rising Hope” was released on May 7, 2014. And ELISA’s 11th single “Millenario” was releaded on April 30, 2014.

    In the last part of this special, you’ll find YELL, a group composed of Ibuki Kido, Ai Kayano, Kana Asumi, Kana Hanazawa, Youko Hikasa and Ayaka Suwa, performing “Kanojo ga Flag wo Tateru Wake”.

    After all that has happened, it’s good to be back… enjoy!

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  • Winter Anime Season 2015

    17 Dec 2014, 00:57 by ware4me

    The Winter Anime Season 2015 appears to be short compared to other years, it is still unknown if the industry as a whole is shrinking, or it is simply just another season. Certainly, the past season was big and had a lot to show, maybe too much.

    Maybe it is me or good ideas are scarce these days, but once again, coming back from the past, an anime with known characters tries to steal the attention as the new season begins. Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Exodus is set two years after the events shown in the latest anime film.

    And just as 2014 wraps up, Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD returns with many more adventures and mysteries to solve. The comedy is simple, but it still has enough to keep us happy.

    In Absolute Duo, after losing a loved one, seeking for revenge, Tooru Kokonoe enrolls at Kouryou Academy so as to gain a “Blaze,” a weapon that reflects his soul. He was expecting a weapon, instead, he gets a shield. Now revenge seems futile.

    Meanwhile, in Rolling Girls, after the Great Tokyo War, each prefecture in Japan split up into independent nations. Now, each nation is ruled by a prophet called “Mosa” and an army called “Mob”. As they begin to compete to take over other countries, four “Mob” girls Nozomi, Yukina, Ai, and Chiaya, are ordered to travel around Japan to mediate multiple battles between nations.

    In order to pay his rent, Shinichirou decides to look for a job and his teacher suggests that he work for someone doing housekeeping; however, the person who hired him was Sakuya, head of the Shimazu family, who exorcise and eliminate unwanted creatures. In Isuca, Shinichirou accidentally will release a creature and get involved in its capture along Sakuya!

    From the Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- moe-character card battle game comes an anime adaptation, visually for fans it might be a nice series to follow, the same seiyuu from the game will be part of the anime cast. The story line is not clear, but Fubuki will be the main character.

    But if you talk about expectations, in Shinmai Maou no Testament, Basara Tojo has been really strong since he was young, and his father is none other than the Strongest Hero in the village. But one day Basara goes beserk and uses and incredibly amount of power, as a result he is locked down. When his father comes home he decides to free his son, to do that he is banished from the village. After knowing that a lot of devils are after Mio’s potential power he decided to protect Mio and Maria not as a hero, but as their brother.

    For the regular nerd, or otaku, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata will enlighten your days with the life of Tomoyo Aki, a regular guy with no luck, right? At his part time job he meets Megumi Kato and his life changes dramatically. Suddenly, his life is a torrent of relationships and he will be between too many girls to keep sanity.

    As usual, some new series are available, you’ll be able to watch Tokyo Ghoul A, Durarara!!x2 Shou, Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls, ALDNOAH.ZERO and DOG DAYS“.

    In terms of anime films, the season seems filled with well-known series like Psycho-Pass, Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio or Kyoukai no Kanata.

    I’m sure you have enough to start a thrilling 2015.
    Happy New Year!

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  • Azureflux - Piko Piko Stereo

    23 Oct 2014, 20:54 by psenough

    enrmp360 - Azureflux - Piko Piko Stereo

    8bit album by Portuguese project Azureflux. Artwork by iloveu.

    download link
  • Fall Anime Season 2014

    20 Sep 2014, 19:18 by ware4me

    The Fall Anime Season 2014 is big in terms of new series and specials, it’s been a while since we had so many. Hopefully, it will be a great one to end 2014, a year with many ups and downs and with some great series to remember.

    One of the most expected series comes from the past, once again, in Fate/Stay Night (2014), Shirou will have to face his destiny. As an orphan, he was lucky to be saved and adopted by a good man, but now he is also gone and Shirou will have to battle a war like no other. Together, master and servant, mighty heroes from the past, will fight against each other for the possession of the Holy Grail.

    Meanwhile, in Akatsuki no Yona where a different time and space prevails, Yona, the only princess of a grand kingdom, is about to turn 16 years old, and her life is about to change when her beloved cousin Suwon murders her father to claim the throne. She is forced to leave the castle with her body guard Son Halu and runs into his hometown to begin her new life.

    After betrayal, war seems imminent, or at least that’s the reality in Madan no Ou to Vanadis where Eleonora Viltaria, one of the seven Vanadis of Zhcted, causes fear to her enemies with a powerful weapon she received from a dragon. One day, a young archer called Tigre defies Eleonora and she gives him a taste of her weapon. She spares his life and makes him serve her from that moment on.

    But life isn’t about war, love is in the air… or not? In Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken, a Kaoru is a hard worker and she is passionate about her job. In the other hand is Hajime, the husband, who is nothing else but a hardcore otaku who wants to live the ideal life, just as you and me. Can they get along?

    A place that really needs hard workers is in Amagi Brilliant Park, where the worst amusement park in Japan is about to close, it is mission impossible until Seiya is dragged in by a girl named Izusu. And magic begins to flow in the air… literally.

    But if you really want to see magic, in Trinity Seven, wait for the Black Sun over the town where Kasuga lives. One day, a magician appears before him and the Black Sun causes a breakdown phenomenon that destroys the town. Because of this, his normal life was artificially reconstructed by a Grimoire that his childhood friend had left.

    In Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, young hearts will fall for Kyouya, he is good looking and elegant, but behind his sweet exterior, he’s actually a malicious sadist. And he will have no compassion of Erika, who dared to approach him. Romance? Guess it won’t happen as expected.

    And at this point, how about another renewed series? In Ai Tenchi Muyo! where the world is in trouble because good old Washu is stirring up trouble again. In order to save the world from crisis, Tenchi goes undercover as a teacher in an all girls’ school. However, many problems arise, you know Tenchi and the main characters in the classic series.

    In terms of OVA, ODA, specials and movies, rejoice! You have plenty of material to cover this next months: Strike Witches, D-Frag, Nisekoi, a brand new Futari Ecchi, Seitokai Yakuindomo *, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder, Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama, IS: Infinite Stratos 2, Yuru Yuri, among others.

    In theaters, Gekijouban Shingeki no Kyojin, Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199: Hoshi-Meguru Hakobune and The Last: Naruto the Movie will end the year with a lot of action.

    What are you waiting? Schedule your time wisely, we’ll see you as 2015 unveils full of promises to fulfill.

    Have a great season!

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  • Azureflux - Mean Machine

    17 Aug 2014, 14:39 by psenough

    enrmp354 - Azureflux - Mean Machine

    Portuguese project Azureflux delivers us some mean sounding 8bit tracks on this debut EP of his. Artwork by iloveui.

    download link
  • Summer Anime Season 2014

    2 Jul 2014, 17:04 by ware4me

    Literally, the heat is on! The year has come to that time of the year you want to hang out outside and avoid the weather. Still, the fresh evenings invite you to enjoy the Summer Anime Season 2014… right?

    The new season brings an old time classic back to life, it’s been so many years, and old time fans are thrilled to see Sailor Moon in a new series.

    In Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal, Tsukino Usagi is a little clumsy and a crybaby. One day she meets Luna, a black cat with a magical secret, with her help, Tsukino transforms into the pretty guardian, Sailor Moon. Now, as a chosen guardian of justice, she will have to protect a princess, and to find her fellow Guardians and the Legendary Silver Crystal.

    Meanwhile in Jinsei, Yuuki Akamatsu, who is in the Kyuumon Gakuen Second News Club, is asked to become the counselor of the club immediately after joining. Currently, three girls give advice to issues sent in by the students, but they always have different opinions and cannot get their views to agree.

    But life isn’t as easy as it seems, and in Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?, Koutarou Satomi will learn it the hard way. Due to his financial status, he is forced to move into a cursed apartment, the ghost might look like a nice girl, but she wants him out.

    In a different town, Nanako Usami and Yukari Kohinata have a huge task in front of them as stars of Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yattemita. Where Nanako’s uncle request them to become a locodol, or local idol. Both will learn that fame doesn’t come easy and that it may cost more than expected.

    In the parallel world of Rail Wars, Naohito Takayama is an ordinary high school boy who dreams of a comfortable future working for the top-rated Japanese National Railways. But as a trainee in the security force, he will be surrounded by strange peers, somehow, they will get along and live their dream together.

    But dreams can also become a nightmare, and in Tokyo Ghoul, the big city is haunted by mysterious ghouls who are devouring humans. People are terrified, and an ordinary college student named Ken Kaneki whose fate will change overnight.

    And if you need a disturbing scenario, in Akame ga Kill! Tatsumi is a fighter who wants to make money and help his village. But after being robbed, he is taken in by a noble aristocratic girl named Aria. Her place is attacked and Tatsumi tries to defend her, but he find out she has kidnapped and tortured several villagers, Tatsumi kills Aria and becomes a murderer.

    But not everything is lost in our world, love is still one of the main forces behind all our actions. And in Ao Haru Ride, or series such as Love Stage!! Glasslip and Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49, you’ll find several expressions of deep and true love.

    Also, you’ll get new episodes for known series like Kuroshitsuji Circus Hen, Sword Art Online II, Sengoku Basara: Judge End, Space Dandy 2, Persona 4 The Golden Animation or Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Zwei!

    Finally, if you want more, you can check out the Hanamonogatari special, or the non-stopping adventures of Pokémon in their summer movie.

    But a couple movies want to conquer the summertime, both in CG animation. First, Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary where the well know Saori Kido will struggle with her growing powers and will be saved by Seiya and protected by a group of Saints.

    And how about another endless and touching story in Stand by Me: Doraemon. Which seems to mark the conclusion of the Doraemon saga. Still not confirmed, but tears all over the Internet might mean something.

    As you can see, there are good series to follow and amazing things to learn this summer, enjoy it!

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    13 Apr 2014, 22:01 by garynotrashcoug

    Not sure if you've noticed this yet, but there are a lot embedded music videos from Youtube which load on this site, but when you press play you get the following error message:

    This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it from display on this website.

    Now, you can still follow the link to Youtube and watch them there, but it kind of defeats the purpose of having them embedded on this website if you can't play (and scrobble) them directly. If you find any of these videos during your journey across the vast landscape of, kindly consider flagging them, so we can weed them out and reduce future frustration. Just look for the little flag icon and "Flag Video" link on the lower right. Thanks guys!