Larva Pupa Tank Coffin VS Carbon Beauty

  • Larva Pupa Tank Coffin VS Carbon Beauty

    This is a battle of the 2 Hideous And Perfect Remix CDs.

    LPTC is "Sleep Now" oriented, has 4 new songs (3 of them are instrumental), artwork is pretty good. Angelspit made remixes are excellent as always. But the only song I really, reeeally like is twenty6hundred. 8/10

    Carbon Beauty is "Ditch The Rest" oriented - one of my H&P fav songs!! Artwork is perfect! I've heard all of the songs on Angelspit facebook BandPage and all of them are amazing!! "Like It? Lick It!" is <3 <3 9.5/10 --> just because it's a remix CD ^^

    "I'm not a death-trip vacation, vacant station"
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    • 15 Apr 2011, 23:07
    I have to say I don't like either, I was very disappointed, the remixes are boring on both cd's and the only track I like of their new material is "Twenty6Hundred". Their new songs as a 5 piece, like "Toxic Girl" just aren't catchy and I appreciate they are trying a new direction with the band but I'm just not as into them now! I absolutely love everything upto Hideous & Perfect! Really hate saying that I don't like the new stuff, I wish I did! Sorry! (The artwork is nice as always though!)

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