• As summer approaches, I want mobile!

    22 Apr 2007, 10:57 by bitecontrol

    Have you heard of the ambitious Slacker player project? It will be released later this year and promises to be a mobile platform similar to The portable player hits stores later this year (US only?).

    On the plus side, it can stream muic through satellite while caching music for playback without connection. I imagine this may cost a little, but if it is as relatively cheap as, this should be of no consequence.

    What I would really like to know, will the portable player be intuitive to use, does it sound decent (read : as good as my PC's soundcard) when hooked to my amplifier AND can I 'intelligently' connect it to my computer at the same time? Will it have a strong community, does it have smart features as neighbour/recommended radio, can it do fun stuff with playlists by exchanging data formats so developers can make cool widgets and we can hook it to every blog or website in the world (including Does it do what my favourite webapp for music of all time does?

    Is it, in short, competitive?

    Then again, why not open your player up for third parties? Otherwise I just don't see the added value except for portability. I would wait for another player to come along and do so.

    Any thoughts on that appreciated.
  • Music revolution at hand, no really, rrreeeevvvoooooolllttt

    10 Jan 2007, 23:12 by bitecontrol

    Forget your current media player, ditch your current browser, dispose of any preconceptions you may have of how you explore music.

    While I was looking for a plugin for playing FLAC files, I found something with remarkably similar features (looks) as my former current player iTunes.

    But it is so much more. This must be the first step into the world of web enabled music exploration. Combine your local music files in a playlist with music found on the web, or... play MP3's found on the web as if it was native on your desktop.

    As you're reading this on, it is only fair to say that upon installation it kindly asks if I want to use audioscrobbling.

    This is most likely going to be my favourite browser and music player in the near future.


    NP: FLAC files from the Tekkon Kinkreet soundtrack by Plaid through Songbird. On another note, this soundtrack is pretty amazing too.

    I have to explore this for a bit, but it seems a crime to keep it to myself. My first impression is that it is getting more fun to start a playlist here. I can also imagine entirely new possibilities of creating playlists, considering that it's all web-enabled.

    It is in development stages at time of writing, and if it is what I think it can be, I'll be much happier with my music library than I am now.

    Someone tested this browser/player already? I'd love to hear what you think of it.
  • Weekly bite: Till kingdom come

    6 Jun 2006, 21:28 by bitecontrol

    Years ago listening to My Kingdom I was inspired to hunt down the haunting voice and unearthly tonal acquisition performed by vocalist Mary Hopkins. It took at least five years before realizing that I must've heard it before as I discovered it watching sci-fi cult classic Blade Runner. I then realized that every sceptical vein in me had wrongfully banished Vangelis as a potential artist I would consider liking.

    Thus approximately 20 years after this feature film I 'discovered' the soundtrack to this movie. A disturbing piece in a strangely isolated distant future only starts to describe the mood and setting of this compositional piece. And for some reason, after the Blade Runner sountrack I became an even more fanatic zealot for the Future Sound Of London (of that period), which sequential connection I still don't fully comprehend. I don't really care either. The only thing it proves is that, well, such can happen.

  • Weekly bite: Secede

    6 Jun 2006, 20:43 by bitecontrol

    The Netherlands are processing a significant number of influential artists, with Secede being one of the skilled potentials in the pool of talent.

    Tryshasla is a sterile piece calmly exploring luminous sounds with soft, crispy beats and an environmental feel to it. Could've kept out the piano track, which is no real addition to piano composition in general, but it doens't harm the album either. is taking this album further from his previous full-length album: Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic, which is also worth a session, except for the upbeat track, which seems trivial in comparison.

    If there was any comment it should be to keep on track. I encourage any artist to explore ulterior moods and styles, but it is best to keep to your strongpoints as it will get by far the longest lasting judgment.

    And don't get me wrong, both albums are a recommended listen. Secede live anyone?

  • Triple Distilled

    2 Jun 2006, 18:16 by bitecontrol

    Every now and then I am consumed with a single record. A captivating experience which holds my interest for at least three times in less then a month's time. This is an expanding list documenting these rare personal favourites in reverse chronoligical order.

    Latest added

    John Zorn :: Six Litanies For Heliogabalus
    Tags : | | |
    Style : | |


    Funckarma :: Refurbished One
    Tags : | | | | | |
    Style : | |
    Release info : n5MD : MD130

    Aphex Twin :: 26 Mixes for Cash
    Tags : | | |
    Style : Techne, techno, electronic, eclectic
    Release info : Warp : CD102

    Amon Tobin :: Out From Out Where
    Tags : | |
    Style :
    Release info : Ninja Tune : ZenCD78

    Plaid :: Rest Proof Clockwork
    Tags : |
    Style :
    Release info : Warp : CD63

    Speedy J :: Public Energy No. 1
    Tags : | | | |
    Style : | |
    Release info : Novamute : NoMu54CD

    Underworld :: Second Toughest in the Infants
    Tags : | | | |
    Style : | | | | |
    Release info : Junior Recordings : JBO1002002
  • Weekly Bite: Metamatics

    23 May 2006, 18:02 by bitecontrol

    Seemingly effortless Metamatics practitiones subtle craftmanship on their albums. I just got their album 3 Jak and Dive in and had the chance to listen carefully. I like the music, and some of the tracks are excellent, especially the closing tracks on the album, but as an album it lacks balance and finesse.

    To my judgment some sounds could´ve used some additional programming, some tracks shouldn´t have made it past selection. Still, it´s a captivating enough listen to please for a multitude of times. It doesn´t explain the 76 listens in my top ratings though, that´s just a circumstancial erroneous event.

  • Bitnoir weekly bite: Amon Tobin

    11 May 2006, 18:30 by bitecontrol

    My first journal´s on the longrunning superartist in my list of distinctively kool. Yet I was kind of amazed to see Amon Tobin listed as I haven't heard anything fresh, nor have I been to a gig recently. Anyway, the man deserves credit for all his beautiful music. I confess I even bought a game just to see what, how and why he´d bothered to compose it´s soundtrack.

    I think it´s exactly this soundtrack Chaos Theory that´s played, which is by far the least achieved attempt for a music album in it´s own right compared to all the other classically groundbreaking albums he´s done, even as Cujo. As part of a interactive soundtrack scoring a haunting thriller spygame, I guess it´s an accomplishment nevertheless. Especially for gamers who aren´t familiar with his work. I prefer Out From Out Where or Supermodified anyday.

    His music inspired me to come up with the tag although I could easily come up with some others or write electrics, I thought it'd be associative as I'm kind of interested with what other people would find this tag.

    Till next one.
  • Scorn

    20 Dec 2005, 14:49 by Nil_Sacer

    Jaren terug gebeten door . Het begon met Pure van Godflesh. De zinderende kilte ervan trok me aan. Gevoelens zijn immers moeilijk, meer iets voor de dames, niet? Zo dachten we toen nog. Anyway, altijd het werk van Mick Harris en JK Broadrick blijven volgen. Scorn is een van de de exploten, dat begon industrial, maar evolueerde over naar . Wie graag laagjes hoort en (sub-)bassen, is hier aan het goede adres.

    Meer info over Godflesh en nevenprojecten vind je op,