• Canvas

    Anyone else make it to Canvas on Saturday? Anyone else get a bizarre indie-come-death metal-come-Ibiza '98 vibe about the sets?

    It's just not the same.

  • I think twitch's set was one of the best i ever ever seen, absolutly fantastic. Always love optimo but that mix was something else.

    • njs said...
    • User
    • 7 Apr 2006, 02:11
    Canvas was different. I don't want to say an evolved experience to Plastic People but it certainly was different.

    Plastic People was sweaty, pitch black, crammed bliss. The kind of people who hauled them out to Old Street didn't care about Toni and Guy hair cuts or what the fuck NME rated.

    Canvas has kinda lost this, but it is its own beast. Kind of a new dimension, it promises a lot and I reckon it may well just deliver - just don't expect the past.

    It is only just a matter of time until they have Adam Freeland play (well I hope)

  • I miss the lack of light.

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