TA - DAAAAA ! ! !

    • mirkich said...
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    • 13 Jan 2008, 19:27

    TA - DAAAAA ! ! !

    First, all the best in 2008 ! Let it be happy, sexy and noisy year ! ! !

    Second, sometimes patience and stubbornness really pays off. And then it feels good, real good. Which means Analena is finally getting back on stage ! We booked few shows in March/April and it feels so great to know we will be rocking the stage and our hearts out again soon. Even more because we will celebrate our come-back with our dear friends from Interstellar family and Lvmen. Make sure you don't miss it.


    22.3. @ Mostovna / Nova Gorica (SLO)
    Analena, Curse Of Instinct, Human Host Body, Gonna Fall Hard

    28.3. @ Kapu / Linz (A)
    "Interstellar festival"
    Analena, Braaz/Tumido-BigBand, Bob Corn,Roeder

    29.3. @ PMK / Innsbruck (A)
    "Interstellar festival"
    Analena 100 Minutes Per Hour, Metalycee, Bug DJ-Line

    2.4. @ Mochvara / Zagreb
    Analena, Lvmen

    5.4. @ Menza pri Koritu / Ljubljana (SLO)
    Analena, Lvmen

  • *dances* :D

    • ed_hall said...
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    • 1 Apr 2008, 07:47
    both shows on the interstellar festival was so amzingly good! they are back, and this is a really good feeling see them on stage again! cokolino-core forever

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