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Created on: 17 Jun 2009
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"I love America and want it to continue. Many great people live here. However, it has become corrupted. This happened because civilization is its own worst enemy. When people get together, they start thinking of ways to use the group to keep threats away. This quickly becomes its own form of consensual reality. Eventually, this replaces reality, and honest mention of reality is seen as a threat.

We are now in this stage. The ideas behind 1789 — whether socialism, liberalism, or anarchy — are part of a continuum of thought. The germ of this thought is that we can use the group to ensure that none of us has to adapt to reality. Instead of us fitting in to the natural world, we can dominate it and project our own order on it, or make it adapt to us.

The flaw in this plan is that reality is not a tangible thing, but the interaction of forces that create repeated patterns. To my mind, the highest human accomplishment is to leave our origins and monkeys behind, and to sacrifice our own personal drama and desires to do what is not only sensible but creates beauty. Where civilization has negative goals, like avoiding risks, I propose positive goals, things we want to reach out and achieve because they’re cool. covers the clash between reality and social thinking. Our goal is to re-introduce reality without the reckless emotions, fears, personal status jockeying, and other monkey-derived behaviors that make reality seem less important than appearance. That placing of how we perceive actions above their consequences is the origin of our downfall. With realistic thinking, we can reverse this course and become a truly great civilization."

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