Favorite Americana album

  • Favorite Americana album

    Please name your favorite, only one, the best of the best. I want some inspiration. Thanks :)

  • No Depression (former fan mag, current blog site) put out a sampler about 5 years back. Still a nice set list:
    1. Johnny Cash
    2. Allison Moorer
    3. Whiskeytown
    4. Alejandro Escovedo
    5. Dough Sahm
    6. Buddy Miller
    7. Robbie Fulks & Kelly Willis
    8. Neko Case
    9. Lucinda Williams
    10. Kasey Chambers
    11. Emmylou Harris
    12. The Hole Dozen (Never, ever heard of 'em again)
    13. Carter Family

    On Amazon.com

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Apr 2010, 23:25
    I would have to say that the most inspired Americana album of late is Romantica's America...who would have guessed that an Irishman would bring back the legitimacy of a dying and stale genre! Great stuff...

  • dying and stale genre
    Your Irishman must be singing Pop music, because there's nothing stale or dying about Americana.

    Turn me loose, set me free, somewhere in the middle of Montana
    Big City
  • +1 jcshepard

    If I had to pick just one, I would have to say Mermaid Avenue by Billy Bragg and Wilco.

  • With just one pick it would be Tom Russell's The Man From God Knows Where.

  • Americana........Artists....Album

    Ry Cooder, several albums, Slobberbone, SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS, Joe Ely, Wayne Hancock. OK, favorite album.... Lipstick, Lies & Gasoline, but he's a Canadian, eh?? Still AWESOME music.

  • Canada is on the American continent, so no problem, eh?

    Turn me loose, set me free, somewhere in the middle of Montana
    Big City
  • jcshepard

    no problem with me........good music is good music, no matter where it comes from ! ! How about COMMANDER CODY ? Now there is some good music. I know the topic is one, but I can't pick just one. so many are good on so many different levels.

  • Americana Album

    Whiskeytown's Pneumonia!

  • Uncle Tupelo - March 16-20, 1992

    I realize it's not bold picking Uncle Tupelo but there's something about that album.....

    "The generation that would change the world is still looking for it's car keys."
    • Kiwi82 said...
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    • 17 Sep 2010, 09:44

    Best americana album

    Hard to pick only one album, these are among my favourites:

    Drive By-Truckers - The Dirty South (and everything else except their first two records)
    Slobberbone - Barrel Chested
    Steve Earle - Guitar Town
    Whiskeytown - Faithless Street
    Los Lobos - Kiko

  • I heard the Guitar Town single on the radio the other day. Other than being surprised, it made me sort of melancholy. Just think where Steve Earle could have taken mainstream music if he hadn't self imploded back then?

    Then again, Steve Earle wouldn't be Steve Earle if he hadn't been the sort to implode, I suppose.

    Turn me loose, set me free, somewhere in the middle of Montana
    Big City
  • Just heard a brilliant album! Why not check it out

    Alejandro Escovedo "Street Songs of Love"

    This is definately a favourite!

  • my #1 of 2010 was Mat D - Plank Road Drag

  • damn, this is a hard one...


    Tom Waits - "Mule Variations"?

    I don't know, I would probably say something different tomorrow.

  • Answer would change weekly if not daily, but for a little off-the-beaten-path musical mastery, check out Real Time by Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott.

  • And reaching back a little farther, I have to give a nod to John Hartford, since playing with him on the Julia Belle Swain back in the 80's cemented my love for this genre, how about Steam Powered Aereo Plane?

  • My recommendation: The Jealous Kind, by Chris Knight.

  • My current favorite is "Dirt On The Angel" by Danny Barnes

  • Richmond Fontaine

    All the Richmond Fontaine-albums!

  • what can i say? better: WHAT ELSE?

    car wheels on a gravel road - lucinda williams


  • Must be the Hot Club of Cowtown - Ghost Train

    Ghost Train

  • Americana

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