Sleepy drone music?

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    • tmadsen said...
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    • 30 May 2011, 22:07

    Baukhol - Fluktrom

    Thor Madsen
  • Robert Rich - Trances/Drones

  • Suggestions

    Hey all!
    So thought I would contribute to the question as well even though it's been a while since an answer appeared.
    For me the best music to fall alseep to is:
    William Basisnski - El Camino Real, Watermusic 2, and Vivian and Ondine and silent night
    Tim Hecker, Especially his album 'haunt me haunt me do it again'
    Hammock - maybe they will sing for us tomorrow
    Brian McBride
    Belong -colorless record

    Hope you like these!

  • gaysatanism
  • Ericson

    Just a two-song demo. Pretty lo-fi.

  • Soul Glimpse

  • Seconds Before Awakening, all free downloads btw has a forum?
    My ambient project:
  • AUN, jaja, and Stellardrone would be good for sleeping to...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Dec 2014, 08:35
    Check out Thomas Köner and his similar artists... some great minimal drone music!

  • For me, this radio is the best choice if you want to sleep. No commercials, free and you can listen drone ambient all the time.

  • Early stuff from Tangerine Dream is suitable for that. Antarcticafrom Vangelis might do the trick, but not really drony.

    Have you listened to my latest collection?
    Some EDM/Synthpop for those interested ;-)
    New album coming out soon!
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 Mar 2015, 15:48
    I only skimmed through this thread, but I'm inclined to agree with all the examples given.

    I would personally like to recommend "Music For Healing" by Stephen Rhodes because it annihilates the disturbance found in all other music and makes Liquid Mind sound harsh and loud by comparison.

  • Glen's Goo4:07The Dead TexanThe Dead TexanAmbient1009320 kBit/s01.07.2014 00:472004
    Blue Calx7:20Aphex TwinSelected Ambient Works Volume IIAmbient1007225 kBit/s (VBR)09.05.2013 13:361994
    Poa Alpina4:11BiosphereSubstrataElectronic1007320 kBit/s26.01.2014 03:491997
    Austin Texas Mental Hospital,5:48Stars of the LidThe Tired Sounds ofDrone1007192 kBit/s05.10.2013 22:582001
    Lizard Point4:33Brian EnoAmbient 4 On LandAmbient7320 kBit/s13.12.2013 01:241982
    Silene7:54BiosphereSubstrataElectronic805320 kBit/s26.01.2014 03:491997
    Tidal Wave5:35GrouperDragging a Dead Deer Up a HillFolk1005128 kBit/s14.12.2013 17:022008
    Rhubarb7:44Aphex TwinSelected Ambient Works Volume IIAmbient1007227 kBit/s (VBR)09.05.2013 13:361994
    She Loves Me That Way8:34GrouperA I A : Alien ObserverElectronic10014320 kBit/s14.12.2013 17:022011
    Piano Aquieu10:56Stars of the LidThe Tired Sounds ofDrone1008192 kBit/s05.10.2013 22:582001
    Consumed11:42PlastikmanConsumed1004256 kBit/s09.05.2013 13:371998
    Medusa3:19Jenny Hval & SusannaMeshes of VoiceIndie-Folk, Avant-Folk, Singer/Songwriter1004320 kBit/s25.08.2014 21:202014
    O Sun O Medusa2:19Jenny Hval & SusannaMeshes of VoiceIndie-Folk, Avant-Folk, Singer/Songwriter1008320 kBit/s25.08.2014 21:202014
    Sirens7:06Windy & CarlDepthsDrone, Ambient, Shoegaze1009320 kBit/s03.01.2014 19:531998
    A Chronicle Of Early Failures - Part 15:44The Dead TexanThe Dead Texanambient808320 kBit/s01.07.2014 00:472004
    FAC 213:08Stars of the LidThe Tired Sounds ofDrone1005192 kBit/s05.10.2013 22:582001
    Part 114:51Jóhann JóhannssonVirðulegu Forsetar3320 kBit/s25.08.2014 21:202004
    The Host of Seraphim6:20Dead Can DanceThe Serpent's EggEthnic1003320 kBit/s15.12.2013 16:321988
    Aquatica15:45Windy & CarlDepthsDrone, Ambient, Shoegaze1320 kBit/s03.01.2014 19:531998

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