Wanna float through space? --- Listen to this!

  • Wanna float through space? --- Listen to this!

    So you're a budding audial cosmonaut, eh?

    Your first trip into space must be a trip around the solar system with The KLF - Space. There's no convincing me that there is any better way to spend 40 minutes of your life.

    This thread is to suggest tunes that bring you into the heavens for an incredible space journey.

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    • 20 Aug 2006, 16:58
    Yeah... right. The KLF - Chill Out is also a great way of spending 45 minutes... :)
    And... let me think... I suppose, i could suggest more of these in a meanwhile... :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 Aug 2006, 07:33
    ...and highly recommend Carbon Based Lifeforms - all tracks without exceptions...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 Nov 2006, 17:09
    First, check out the track 'The Dwelling Place' from the album 'Well of Souls', a collaboration between Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana. Secondly, try getting a copy of Between Interval's album 'Secret Observatory'. It's unquestionably the best spaceambient album ever composed.

  • Hello there you ambient music fans, I actually have many recommendations of good psychelic ambient bands. Some of them are electronic and some of them are just instrumental, some of them are very dark, some of them are heavenly. Ambient music is a very wide music field and is all about creating ambiences; just let your mind be free!!

    Cocteau Twins (Heavenly Ethereal)
    COIL (Dark Ambient)
    The Residents (Dada music, highly paranoical)
    Cranes (very good goth-like ambient, with rock influences)
    Stereolab (an ambient must mixes jazzy sounds with moog synthethizers I recommend the Dots and Loops album)
    The Future Sound of London (Pure psychedelia electronica)
    Here are some recommended albums

    Music To Play In The Dark Vol II
    Moon Safari
    Duck Stab
    Dots and Loops
    Dead Cities
    Particles & Waves

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 10 Jan 2007, 07:19
    Thanx for great recommendations...

  • you're welcome!!! .D

  • If I feel like floating off into space I usually go with Biosphere every time. Though a good recommendation would be Atmospherics by James Bernard.

    If you really want to be in space though and minimal is your thing I suppose you can't beat the Firmament albums by Main.

    I have to say it surprises me to see Cranes labelled as ambient, but then I suppose you can't put everything into little boxes and everyone has their own ideas about what is what :P

    Take it easy ambient fans :)

  • Man, thanks to you I found out about Biosphere. What an amazing experience that is. What other stuff do you recommend that's similiar? I can't seem to find Atmospherics to give it a test run, unfortunately.

    About the ambient/not-ambient thing: some of Radiohead I would classify as ambient, oddly enough.. so maybe that mentality is the reason Cranes is there for despeckaled? :D


  • Here's a nice one...

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    • 1 Sep 2009, 20:30

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