Has anyone else gone back to 1.4.x after trying 2.0.x?

    • Luddite said...
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    • 7 Sep 2009, 21:28
    Debian testing just moved to Amarok 2.1.1. What a mess. I'm busy fighting apt-pinning to get lovely 1.4 back.

  • I tried 2 for a bit but switched back too

    I heard the in-list editing for ID3 tags was making a come back soon in 2.x. That will help, but still won't give me everything i want from 1.4

  • Hey, Amarok 1.4 got so good only after it got the number 4 of min revision! Amarok is only on the 0 and 1! Just wait, and it will be even better than the 1.4... Besides, I like Amarok 2 (even if he have some problems of not playing some files oO)

  • I've used Amarok 1.4 up to now. I've just tried v2.1.2 and must admit that this is much better than 2.0. It still has some small problems, but for me Amarok 2.1.2 is quite good, looks well... I hope I'll say "amarok2 is the best" soon... Waiting for it!

  • 2nd try

    finally, i started another try with amarok 2.1.1 on my 64bit kubuntu.
    the lack of ability to find my last.fm tags saved in the comment mp3-tag is not important any more. just use picard with last.fm plugin now. hope there will be a web-remote or something in near future...

  • Completely unimpressed with the interface and features in the 2.x branch. All I see are reasons to keep using 1.4.x or switch to exaile. Which is a shame, I've been using amarok for years.

  • YES

    I gave 2 a good and honest try, but 1.4 with MySQL is just *perfect* for me. My wife uses 2 on her box and loves it.

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  • As an unofficial tester, I installed the development / test version of an upcoming Linux release for the version of Linux I use. I managed to hold out another three months before being forced to downgrade to Amarok 2 because a required system file NEEDED to be updated, wiping certain KDE3 Amarok files so it no longer could or would ever work. again (there is a big argument about the KDE4 team wiping KDE3 files without users given a choice, which stops tonnes of applications not ported to KDE4 from ever working again).

    In that time, all that has happened is that the Amarok devs fixed the bug of importing the playlist / files from Amarok1 to Amarok2, and stopped users from being forced to use MySQL as the only database version for the music files. For a typical user using MySQL is overkill IMO.

    Amarok2 did not import any settings like equaliser levels, which take ages to get right in the first place, so would need to be done all over again. There is no graphical representation of the audio playing using the graphical equaliser etc. representation that Amarok1 had.

    The interface continues to use the babyish MS-Windows type of design, and continues to be bafflingly impractical to use. Idiot large buttons for play / stop etc. which dominate the player window, and can't be resized.

    I imported my collection from Amarok1 to Amarok2, and it immediately "discarded" every single FLAC file I had, so my music collection shrunk drastically.

    I have since moved over to Banshee, it imported and played everything I had in Amarok1, and kept the statistics that I had built up in Amarok1. Banshee is not perfect, (no lyrics section for example), but it's the closest thing to Amarok1 that a KDE4 user is going to have for now (if ever).

    Amarok1 should have been straight ported to KDE4, instead, but just like other projects, the devs changed the whole look and removed massive amounts of functionality - the things that got Amarok so popular in the first place. It is a MASSIVE own goal by the Amarok team that the did not do a straight port to KDE4.

    Alas Amarok, I knew you well.

  • Gordjelin said:
    Hey, Amarok 1.4 got so good only after it got the number 4 of min revision! Amarok is only on the 0 and 1! Just wait, and it will be even better than the 1.4... Besides, I like Amarok 2 (even if he have some problems of not playing some files oO)

    If the Amarok team straight ported Amarok 1.4 from KDE3 o KDE4, then they would have an instant hit, but they didn't, so it isn't.

    • dschr said...
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    • 8 Oct 2009, 15:54

    How ignorant can someone be?

    mymusicmania said:
    If the Amarok team straight ported Amarok 1.4 from KDE3 o KDE4, then they would have an instant hit, but they didn't, so it isn't.

    Now this really becomes annoying.
    As stated a thousand times in the forums and on the project's side, there were a lot of reasons to skip the 1.4 codebase.
    But if you still want to stay ignorant, feel free to port 1.4 to KDE4.
    And most (all?) of the points you list in your poss are solved/changed.
    Using MySQL embedded is no overkill at all.
    This is no full blown server.
    If you would be a serious tester, you would share your experiences on the official forum, not here in third-party forum.


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  • i switched back to 1.4

  • dschr: I share my thoughts on Amarok here, the testing side and my reporting of bugs etc. is completely separate from my use of this website. This thread is about people's views, and what I posted are my views.

    As for a port, I am looking into another more useful application to port to KDE4. Banshee suits me fine for now for music playing in Linux, not going to re-invent it.

  • Still using 1.4

    I am running Kubuntu 9.10 and I an STILL using Amarok 1.4. It still recognizes ALL of my music files and the 2.2 version doesn't.

    • fly5 said...
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    • 13 Oct 2009, 21:18
    I have switched back to 1.4 long time ago and apt-pinned the version to not update. I need the features and usability it offers, it just works the way I like!

    Still keep hoping to like new Amarok 2, I just can't yet. Still I try regularly amarok-nightly if it could fit my needs, using the packages from project neon.

    Shame that ppa versions don't come up with the moodbar - I love it. So I did the change using the old packages, to get both amarok and moodbar.

    This is how I did it:
    First I installed old intrepid versions (using Jaunty) of the packages amarok, amarok-common, amarok-engine-xine and moodbar.

    I did that by temporarily changing the sources.list, but be careful with that! I don't take any responsibility if you mess up your system.

    To keep the 1.4 version not updating I added to the /etc/apt/preferences following:
    Package: amarok
    Pin: version 1.4.*
    Pin-Priority: 1001

    Package: amarok-common
    Pin: version 1.4.*
    Pin-Priority: 1001

    Package: amarok-engine-xine
    Pin: version 1.4.*
    Pin-Priority: 1001

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  • I would if I could.... it's a shame really. Amarok was my favorite music player until amarok2 came along... now I use Exaile instead.

  • Rhythmbox

    Since I really wanted integration with Magnatune and Jamendo, I switched to rhythmbox I was shunning before.

    I am a Gnome user and IMHO AmaroK 2 isn't yet worth the price of loading the QT libraries and other KDE stuff.

    It's a pity, but it seems that AmaroK 2 and KDE 4 are full of regressions from previous versions.

  • I've just switched to 1.4 in a Debian box. Since 2.x is in Sid, I've been using it, but there are so many stability issues and so many (apparently unneeded) features lost. I really hope that I will like A2 in the (hopefully near) future, but for now I prefer the old good 1.4.

    • bolenti said...
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    • 24 Oct 2009, 10:37
    IMHO, the 2.2 version is at par with the 1.4 series, so give it it's chance.

    • skywake said...
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    • 2 Nov 2009, 03:09
    I really like 2.2 and I have finally jumped ship from 1.4 for this version. But there are two things that still annoy me a bit

    firstly in the dynamic playlist there is an option to select only tracks played before a certain date but there isn't an option to select tracks "not played in the last n weeks/months". My workaround has been to manually change the date but its a bit "clumsy"

    The other thing that is a little bit annoying is the way that it doesn't clean up duplicates in the playlist like 1.4 did. If there is an "automatically remove duplicates" checkbox somewhere that I have missed maybe it should be a bit more obvious.

    oh, and what happened to the list of "favourite albums" thing when no track is playing? I quite liked it and I am sure I am not alone.

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  • amarok 1.4 ...

    I tried 2.0 and got back to 1.4, later i tried 2.2 ... and got back (again) to 1.4.

    I missed MusicBrainz, AmarokFS ... and in 2.2 i didn't found a way to get rid off my network share !

  • A2 in Koala/Netbook Remix reflashed my feelings towards Amarok.
    I hardly made it work passing magic over Phonon and therearound settings. Not obvious, not out-of-the-box, hard to diagnose trouble.
    Went to Interpid Ibex with old good A1.
    Looking for a pretty simple way to keep A1 with me.
    I think if there is a way to join some team that will go on with development and releases of Amarok 1. Any ideas?

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    • ryerke said...
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    • 22 Nov 2009, 15:31
    I sure wanted to go back to 1.4 at first. The slackware's KDE 4 didn't make it possible so I hung in there. I think with the current state of development in AmaroK the features, bug-fixes, and enhancements have been added so quickly that it won't be long before AmaroK 2 will surpass 1.4. Even now we have full LastFM and other Internet support, moodbar and portable device management that were lacking only weeks ago. If the team will get podcast transfers working with generic devices we will have a complete product. It shouldn't be long now. I have been using the SVN from AmaroK so the version I have is usually not more than a week old. I think 2.2.1 is very close to 1.4 in usability and much better in performance.

  • ryerke said well. So be it.

    HP branded ATI+AMD dual core machine.
    • vayerx said...
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    • 27 Nov 2009, 18:08
    I sure wanted to go back to 1.4... and I'm using 1.4 =)
    Gentoo's KDE 4 didn't make it possible so... I don't like KDE 4 either =)
    I prefer to choose software by myself and I won't use amarok 2.X (and KDE 4) until it doesn't satisfy me.

  • Had little choice

    As much as I prefer the interface of amarok 2 over that of version 1.4, (not to mention that the mac ports of kde4 apps don't require me to run X), the fact that even the most recent version I've tried chokes and dies a terrible death every time it encounters a .flac file.

    Until my .flacs work properly, I'll be sticking with 1.4.

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