I've been gone!

  • I've been gone!

    IF you haven't already noticed, I've been absent for a bit.

    I had a big move, and lots of other life changing stuff go on. It's been good, but weird.

    The internet was the least of my worries.

    But I'm back! Hope you haven't all gone away.

    much love to you all. Hope things have been going well.

    • astopy said...
    • User
    • 18 Oct 2008, 10:44
    Welcome back! Just in time for the release of Cardinology :) How've you been?

  • I've been well! Just busy... good stuff though.

    I'm stoked for the new album, although I'd have to say that I'm not liking 'fix it'.

    I have lots of hope, though.

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