Favorite Scene

  • Favorite Scene

    Which scene in the movie is your absolute favorite?

    Mine is 100% the Tiny Dancer bus scene... That is so powerful and emotional. Crowe is a genius.

    • hayLena said...
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    • 26 Apr 2008, 21:16

    wonderful ^^

  • "ask me again" and "Tiny dancer" scenes!

    || Sara ||

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  • favourite scene

    Of course I love the bus scene:) But I also like, when Penny says "What kind of beer?" and the plane scene.

  • the bus scene...
    tyne dancer is all...

    Been dazed and confused for so long, it's not true.
  • Too sweet? I am the enemy

  • Tiny Dancer of course but Elaine talking to Russel and all those "your mum freaked out" scenes are legend and of course "I am a Golden God"

  • I'm agree with willie89 with the scene "what kind of beer?".

    Also when Elaine told Anita that knows she has been kissing Darril. And... don't forget...

    "One day you'll be cool"

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 19 Jul 2009, 02:33
    The bus-scene is awesome, loved the flight-scene too.

    "I'm gay!"


    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 Sep 2009, 18:27
    Maybe "I'm Golden God" xd

  • Tiny Dancer, and maybe "I'm gay!" too.

  • "I'm gay" xD

    Hakuna Matata xD
  • the bus scene is really dramatic and tiny dancer is a great song

    William Miller: i have to go home
    Penny Lane: you are home

    and these dialogs are funny :)

    Penny Lane: How old are you?
    William Miller: Eighteen.
    Penny Lane: Me too! How old are we really?
    William Miller: Seventeen.
    Penny Lane: Me too!
    William Miller: Actually, I'm sixteen.
    Penny Lane: Me too. Isn't it funny? The truth just sounds different.
    William Miller: I'm fifteen.

    Elaine Miller: i forgive you
    Anita Miller: i didn't apologize

  • oh god.. it's so hard for me to pick just one.. every scene is special and awesome
    1) the bus scene
    2) the scene where william and penny first came to the riot house and walk through a hallway, and william notices a couple playing guitar and singing "small time blues"
    3) penny lane dancing in an empty auditorium
    4) "what kind of beer"

    Milk and cookies
    • Bokitus said...
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    • 7 Mar 2010, 14:43
    The bus and plane scene. Like that scenes!
    And oh, the auditorium scene too.

    • bekari said...
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    • 29 Apr 2010, 17:34
    "What kind of beer?" and Penny Lane dancing alone in the auditorium.

    • keyokey said...
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    • 25 Aug 2010, 20:59
    I left something for you under the bed
    flipping thru records, needle going down on the vinyl light a candle, and the music starts.

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