• Okay, hubs loaned our PS3 to a friend while we go on vacation and he got Mass Effect in return. I'm playing a Vanguard in that now. Seems pretty cool so far but I've just started basically.

  • GTA IV and Battlefield; Bad Company. I was actullay done with GTA months ago, but have found new love after I decided I was gonna find all the random people :) Battlefield I just bought..

  • Finished Crono Trigger, then got a hankering to play Final Fantasy XII again. Will probably just play it for a while, then get to a good stopping point. If I can go for a few days with my arthritis behaving, I really want to try to play Okami.

  • I finished Mass Effect and started a new character to play through again but I'm going to give it a rest for now. I would like to unlock a couple things to add to my Vanguard/Shock Trooper for the sequel but it's too soon to play again after such a great experience. I just loved playing her! Here's an endgame screenshot of her:

    What an excellent game!

    Now I'm back to playing WoW, leveling a new gnome warlock for hubs. He wants to play on a server where his friends are and until recently was playing there on another friend's account. That friend had a bunch of level 70s and lots of gold and hubs was quite happy. Said friend's account got hacked though and so now hubs has no level 70 characters to play and he hates the thought of levelling another himself (we have horde 70s on Eonar where we used to play with yet another friend but some other friends made ally characters on Shadowsong unbeknownst to us and so you can see the dilemma).

    So... I had the wild idea to level hubs to 70 myself! He thought it was a neat idea so that's what I'm doing these days. I had to tell him though that I am not a chinese gold farmer! Nihao! ;D

  • LOL! Well, just playing until I got to a stopping point stretched out into a 105 hour session. ;-) Beat Final Fantasy XII this morning, accomplished probably 3/4ths of the sidequests.

    Now I will start Okami for PS2.

  • Okami started out great, but gets so tedious and unfun I gave up about 40 hours in.

    Now playing Suikoden IV. Not as good as Suikoden V so far, and the boat controls are a pain, but still very good.

  • spacefish said:
    I finished Mass Effect and started a new character to play through again but I'm going to give it a rest for now.

    Yep, good game. I played it on a friend's account (no Activation, EA, no Activation or you don't get my cash) and finished it twice: slow, sidequests ahoy with a male half/half magician and fast keep-to-the-basics with a blonde female combat soldier. 30 and 10 hours each, just before I started my new job =)
    It's too bad that sidequests are all mostly the same and all facilities and caves in the Universe share the same design. It could have been so much better.

    JLSigman said:
    LOL! Well, just playing until I got to a stopping point stretched out into a 105 hour session. ;-) Beat Final Fantasy XII this morning, accomplished probably 3/4ths of the sidequests.

    A good stopping point, that is =) I've still got to get serious with that game, or will never end it, eventhough I like it quite a lot. But I'll have to wait until I'm a bit less busy.

    Playing right now: Bangai-O Spirits and Flashback (Long Live REminiscence) on the DS; Max Payne 2 and Cave Story (I'm stuck!!) in the PC during work breaks. I'll have to finish some of them before STALKER: Clear Sky is released at last here. Damned delays are killing me, but giving me time to clear my catalog.

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  • I'll be starting Warhammer Online tomorrow (can't wait!) but for now I'm playing Spore. I don't play past the Tribal level yet though since I'm too uncoordinated for RTS. :P

  • Having got my new Laptop, CoH/CoV has now taken over all else once more. Looking forward to the new superhero MMO's next year.

  • Finished Max Payne 2! Good game, indeed.
    And I started Outcast yesterday. Again. Is it possible to get tired of such a game? And Stalker: Clear Sky is out today. I hope. Pray. Beg.

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  • I've returned to Front Mission and The World Ends With You. The second is a resistance test for me: I can hardly digest the characters, but the combat mechanics and badge collecting are fun... I guess I'll endure it for a bit before taking a break, again.

    Good thing Front Mission still kicks ass =)

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  • GTA IV and Dead Rising. I'm waiting for Guitar Hero IV and Saints Row 2.

  • The Specialists half life mod, American McGee's Alice, and Wold of Goo.

    I make some kickin gabber. I am Shyft.

    I make some outlandish metal. I am Red Ankh.

    I make some schizophrenic avant-garde. I am Philopsycho Lawlawlawl.
  • well I havent played anything for a while, but now I got really into Star Trek Elite Force 2 (aye maybe thats because I love ST NG, Voyager and now I watch Enterprise every day :)

  • Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel

    This game is great! I tried to play Sacred a short while ago but just wasn't into the dated graphics (it was old by the time I installed it). Since I got sick, hubs bought S2 and now I can say I am happily never bored while I sit here at home. Normally, I probably would have been trying to bump through WAR but S2 will keep me happy (and addicted!) for weeks. Anyone who loves in depth RPGs with a great story and truly interesting and customizable characters will love S2. My pick of the year (so far) and I've just started it! :D

  • Once more, The world ends with you is stalled. I am not playing much currently, but from time to time I launch Persona 2: Innocent Sin and love it.

    For those who don't know what that is, it's the first part of the two-chapters Persona 2 PSX games and was followed by Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, one of my favourite RPG games. Innocent Sin was never released outside of Japan, but thanks to Gemini and Tom a translation patch is available from their project page.
    Of course, it requires a modded PSX or an emulator, plus an ISO from the original Japanese game.

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  • I'm back to WoW now with Wrath of the Lich King. Unfortunately, I don't have a high enough level character on my server to make a Death Knight yet so I'm back to playing my 37 hunter. That's okay, because the changes they made to hunters in general for this release are good and I'm having lots of fun (this is my third hunter). I opted to level one of hubs toons pre-LK so he's happily playing his own DK and I think he's having a blast, having given up WAR except for the rare time when guildies want to raid.

    I don't care what they say. WoW is a great MMO and will probably be my fave for a long time. :)

  • Left4Dead and GTA IV (both on PC)

  • huh? Nobodys playing anything anymore?!

    well for me, I gave up World of Warcraft (or call it a very long MMORPG holiday) after few years, yet now I have a little bit nostalgic mood so now Im playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (finished it few times some years ago), the only clickfest game I really enjoyed. I also play my favourite adventure Goblins 3 from my childhood years.

  • I lost an hour two days ago playing Ecco Jr. (third part of Ecco the dolphin) from start to end while two friends laughed at me (and the game). The game was so easy, boring, repetitive and pointless that I cannot believe people were charged 60€ (in 1990s currency) for something even a boy could finish in the first play through and that there was actually a development team behind this absolute lack of ideas.
    One of the worst commercial games I've ever touched.

    I am also one screen away from facing Lavos again (Chrono Trigger), but I can't seem to find the time to save the world.

    And I will start playing Omikron again, in memory of spacefish.

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    NBA 2k9

  • I'm still playing Diablo II (as Paladin) and I've finished few days ago a very original and catchy indie game Zeno Clash and I think it has more potential than many commercial games, the bad thing is, that because small developer team, the game is only 4 hours +- long.

  • wow: LC 10x

    overlord II

    GH FretsOnFire

    The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king

    Stronghold Crusader

  • GTA IV

  • I was playing World of Warcraft again for couple of months, but gave it a break three weeks ago, I don't play much these days, but I've started Mass Effect and Fallout 2 (out of nostalgy).

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