Tagging classical music in LastFM

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    • 26 Jun 2007, 12:56

    Tagging classical music in LastFM

    I used to tag the classical music composers in LastFM considering a widely accepted system of dividing the history of classical music composition into stylistic periods.

    History of classical music
    Medieval (476 – 1400)
    Renaissance (1400 – 1600)
    Baroque (1600 – 1760)
    Classical (1730 – 1820)
    Romantic (1815 – 1910)
    20th century classical (1900 – 2000)
    Contemporary classical (1975 – present)

    But there is a problem with the Classical and the Romantic periods. In LastFM, most of the people use the tag "Classical" for any kind of classical music, and the "Romantic" tag is used for many other styles of music which are not considered in anyway "classical music".
    Recently I've changed the "romantic" tag by the "romantic classical" tag. But I do'nt know what to do with the "classical" tag.

  • I've seen some things tagged "classical classical," which sounds kind of silly but seems to get the job done. There are a lot of gray areas in these classification systems ;-)

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    • 12 Mar 2008, 17:34
    How about?
    Classical era
    Romantic era
    20th century classical

    Those genres are rather defined by the style of the music than the time they were composed in. The solution you bring up is a good one, suggesting short periods (1815-1820) that are included in two adjadent eras, but I think we should leave out the years because their exactness is frequently debated (most scholars define the end of the baroque era with Bach's death in 1750, for an example).

    Also I suggest that we use a Post-Romantic tag, for music from around 1890-1914, that is composed in the romantic idiom but has evolved too far from Schumann and Beethoven to count as romantic, but does nevertheless not fit in with the extremely experimental, and often brutal, progressive music of the post-WWI world. R. Strauss, early Bartók, Poulenc, Sibelius & Debussy for an example.

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