Stooopid 'subHuman' {or subPet} tricks! (When the Minutes Drag....)

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    • 19 May 2007, 23:08

    Stooopid 'subHuman' {or subPet} tricks! (When the Minutes Drag....)

    This thread is for the shameless posting of games, polls, riddles, quizes, puzzles, and other... *cough*... "stooopid 'subHuman' {or subPet} tricks.

    Play hard and do keep it reasonably clean, lovelies. ;-)

    Edited to Add:
    "Nora the Piano Playing Cat"

    a past-life of Alan's perhaps?? ;)

    ...and here's the sequel:

    If You Want

  • Squeeeee! That's one happy cat. Too cute.

    Beatboxing with a difference
    I'm not sure what's more impressive in this video, the hair or the editing...

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    • 24 May 2007, 06:35
    mezzanines said:
    Squeeeee! That's one happy cat. Too cute.


    After seeing this, I now keep my partner's keyboard on all the time with a fluffy pillow on the chair and two of our cats take turns snoozing there; I'll promptly report any keyboard activity from either feline here! ;)

    With your post, I can't help but try to make out what the signs in the wall behind him say. Weird!
    Thanks for the laugh! :D Please do keep them coming!


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    • 2 Jun 2007, 19:32

    Ahh the little whipper-snapper!

    I'd seen the following clip a long time ago and finally dug it up on 'Yer-boob-Tube'. ;)




    Only A Lad

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  • It's a pity I can't watch none of these videos =( My conexion is so slow, can't load the videos.
    When I go to a cybercafe (which conexion is faster) I'll watch all! =)

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