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Created on: 8 Oct 2008
"Religious brainwashing" begins when your little and stops only when your dead. It's sad that someone takes it too seriously.

Wikipedia statements:

Religious fanaticism has been shown to be correlated with orthodoxy and the self-importance of the belief to the individual. It is inversely correlated with consciousness of ambivalence.

These attitudes are related to personality attributes such as authoritarianism, conservatism and concern for status. They are also associated with general social characteristics such as gender, location and community size.

Some devoutly religious people seek intense spirituality and so seek to deny themselves the pleasures and temptations of the flesh by means of asceticism, scourging and even self-mutilation.

Ways to recognice such fanatic (some things that might help you figuring out whos who):

Takes bible (or other "holy" book in other religion) too seriously

Takes messages too seriously (such as in black metal etc.)

Can't do nothing he/she wants because in fear of "sin"

Fears/hates things such as: black metal, other races,other religions,choices such as being gay,sex,masturbation,tattoos,body piercings, television etc (because such as bible says that they are bad)

They suicide bomb themselves because they can get to their "paradise" afterwards (and kills lots of innocents with them)

Fear of God (God isn't there to be feared but to be loved).

Though that allmighty allloving God sends them to "hell" if they don't act good.

Usually narrow minded people.

Usually denies answers from science and explains them with religion,faith,bible etc.

Fanatics allways try to explain their views if someone doens't act 100% the way they want or see things differently.

Don't notice that there is actually world outside their house and can't open their eyes to the world.

Belive that masturbation or sex (before marriage) isn't right thing to do.

Believe that two men/two women aren't good parents.

Denying medical care because of fear that soul escapes when body is cut open, rather let their loved ones (parents,childrens,pets etc.) die than receive right treatment.

Some people actually do believe that even breathing is considered sin.

(these examples above are just example how someone might act, they aren't fingered to anyone)

Religious fanaticism defined by urbandictionary:

1. A person that believes the Bible is fact and that all other views are wrong. 2. A person that misinterprets a book of faith in order to cause hatred and ignorance towards homosexuals, lesbians, people of color, women, and anyone else that is different. 3. A person that denies all logic, science, and common sense in order to find comfort in faith. 4. A person that believes it is okay to hurt and kill, as long as it is preformed in the name of faith. 5. A person that comes up with stupid responses to disprove scientific facts, i.e, the Earth is 3000 years old (Even though it has been proven to be 4.5 Billion yeas old.) Humans tamed and rode dinosaurs (When this is impossible, seeing as humans have only been around for a few hundred thousand years and dinosaurs have been proven to have gone instinct millions of years ago.) A man named Noah rounded up 2 of every species and placed them in a boat to save them from a flood. (Even though there is Trillions of animal species on Earth and it would be impossible to round up 2 of each. Even if this could happen, 2 of every animal species would cause inbreeding, which would then cause all of those lifeforms to die. Not to mention there isn't enough water on Earth to cause this type of flood.) 6. A person that believes 2 humans were created by God, which then lead to all human life on Earth. (Which is impossible. This would also cause inbreeding and we would all share the same DNA code, in the way brothers and sisters do. This has been proven not to be the case.) 7. A person that would rather be ignorant to the facts, in order to feel comfortable with how they came to be. 8. A Republican.

If you don't believe in evolution, then check out a Religious Fanatic. They stopped evolving as a people a longtime ago.

If you are such a fanatic move along we don't need you here.

This group is for open minded people only who accept the world they live in. People who love to broaden their horizons. People who aren't prejudiced about other cultures,faiths,religions,choices,music etc.

This group isn't anti God, anti religion, anti atheism or something else, this group is against fanaticism in overall, it's sad that fanaticism happens in every religion. People in this group declare that fanaticism is stupid and we don't support it (You don't have to be christian or religious to join this group. This is for all who dislike religious fanaticism).

Hurting yourself to stop urges and pleasure isn't the answer because they are completely natural.

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I don't care, what your religion is.

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Free Thinkers Club which is about thinking yourself and using your own mind without any help...

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