• [My Gang] Extra Golden - Anyango : Reco of the Week 31 Mar 09

    31 Mar 2009, 22:54 by Babs_05

    Track: Anyango (free download)
    Artist: Extra Golden
    Album: Thank You Very Quickly (09 Mar 09)
    Tags: , , , , ,

    Oh. Em. Gee. I don't know if you know but there's a war on. Well, when I say war, I mean a virtual one online. have proposed major changes to subscriptions and access to radios. Subscriptions in the UK will double to £3, US will pay $3 and Germany €3 though all three will still have a free service as they do now. The rest of the world is being asked to subscribe €3 or the equivalent to listen to radios. So the rest of the world still gets a free service, just they have to pay for radio. The reason for the change is advertising in UK/US/Germany is lucrative enough to subsidise running costs, but unfortunately, advertising in the rest of the world is not. If you've missed the details, which you most probably have, see the official blog or visit Forums.

    For now, the decision to introduce these changes this week have been postponed. A good thing as that gives people a chance to find out about it.

    The issue is serious enough to be debated heatedly across the web. No one doubts it's the economy that's brought this about, but there is plenty of discussion on whether it is a wise move or not. The main core of the argument is this: if something that used to be free can't be free anymore, should we support it and keep it going or is it time for another business model?'s proposal puts a foot in both camps by making key changes in both areas; it has adapted both its service and its business. By being the first to seek non-ad-based revenue to keep it global and available to as many as possible, it sets the tone for other free services who are struggling to do the same. (you may have heard Twitter and Facebook have proposed monetising their sites by introducing subscriptions) And if that happens, we're looking at an entirely different internet. So maybe war isn't the right word, maybe revolution is. Or a proposed one at any rate.

    Let's pretend it's not happening. With this week's reco, I am handing out rose-tinted sunnies and for 6 minutes, I propose we take a time out.

    No video this week. I hope I've done one better by bringing you this free download.

    Someone describing Anyango in Amazon says it "sounds like Jimmy Page grooving with Ali Farka Touré, a thrilling combination of different accented guitars calling and responding over explosive percussion."

    The music blog I Rock Cleveland writes, ""Anyango," the first song to emerge from their third full length, Thank You Very Quickly, is rhythmic, funky, and has one smokin' hot, Southern guitar lick, cutting in and out of the mix, like someone mashed The Allman Brothers into an unsuspecting, but oh so willing, cut off an obscure world music compilation. Globalization never sounded so good."

    They're both great descriptions. It sounds like classic rock, or blues rock maybe, mixed up with an African influence. On the other hand, you could also say it's a Kenyan band mixed up with American rock. Either way, you'd be right. And it doesn't really matter. What does matter is it's the real thing on both counts. Extra Golden is the joint project of two bands: Ian Eagleson's band Golden and Extra Solar Africa (the original band of Otieno Jagwasi and Onyango Wuod Omari).

    Writing in The Guardian recently, Ian Eagleson explains how this hybridisation differs from other examples, such as Paul Simon's Graceland. He says, "musicians working in disparate circumstances may have much more in common than one might expect. The music of Extra Golden's three albums was made possible and inspired by what its musicians had in common, and not the idea of a conscious juxtaposition." Working from the point-of-view of what's shared sets the foundation for the band. From here, instead of being daunted by the different styles of playing, the band members looked to complement each other. So instead of a Western-based album with exotic influences, we are offered a clever blend of both.

    The music will appeal to people who enjoy artists such as Amadou & Mariam. It's that joyful, infectious, celebratory nature of the music that's so attractive. The classic rock is the kind that's familiar and comforting, it's music we all know, and the varying African styles at times sound like those we know and other times not, giving us something different to enjoy without being too difficult. However, there the familiarity ends. Aural States writes, "Without verse-chorus-verse song structures, without polyrhythms, and often without English lyrics, this band has more to do with hard bop and fusion of the 50s and 60s than anything contemporary."

    It's music that brings people together and is ideally suited to outdoor summer festivals. It's got sunshine through and through. Let's put real life on hold another 6 minutes and play it again.


    Babs My Gang

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  • open letter to the lastfm management

    28 Mar 2009, 16:49 by asia-research

    this letter arived from a solidary user from USA and should be widely read not only by the management. Thanks !

    March 27, 2009

    To the management of,

    On Tuesday, 24 March 2009, announced that it would begin discriminating against users outside of the “Big Three” countries—the UK, the USA, and Germany—by charging the outsiders for formerly free radio streaming services, while the same services remained free to users who constituted geographical insiders. This letter of protest is written in the name of all users, both subscribers and non-subscribers, insiders and outsiders, who object to the adoption of this borderline unethical business practice, and to the arrogant way in which the announcement was handled.

    Charging different groups of people a different price for the exact same services offends our universal sense of fairness. It is our deeply held conviction that all people in the international community should be treated fairly and equally, regardless of national origin. Although the decision to extend free radio services to some privileged countries while charging a fee to others may be a trifling injustice in the large picture, even a small act that strikes deeply at our most precious principles of equality must be objected to vigorously.

    Reasonable users understand that is a venture for profit, and that it must obtain revenue, whether through advertising or subscription fees, to pay for server space, music licensing fees, salaries, and other costs. This recognition does not prevent us from objecting to this ill-conceived discriminatory pricing plan.

    Although we are not privy to’s corporate board meetings, we believe that could have taken less offensive measures to solve any revenue issues they may be experiencing. Increases in advertising content, or scaling back the free catalogue for non-subscribers, are possibilities that come to mind. Of course, the most logical solution would be to raise the subscription fees slightly—but for all users equally, not just for those in favored regions that considers outside its core market. Any of these moves would be met with predictable grumbling from the community, but none would be as patently offensive as the option to discriminate against certain users that has actually chosen.

    Which brings us to our second complaint: the dismissive way in which has treated its users with the announcement of the new charges. badly bungled their notification; the official made no attempt to justify the necessity of this move to affected users. The official announcement gives no reason for the move, but brusquely states “we need to ask our listeners from countries other than USA, UK and Germany to subscribe for €3.00 per month.” Only after outraged users demanded an explanation for the discriminatory pricing scheme in the comments on the announcement did a representative supply a business justification for the move, based on a greater ability to sell advertising within the “Big Three.” Even accepting the reasons for the business decision at face value, affected users—who have promoted to their friends, provided valuable content for the site in the form of artists’ descriptions and pictures, and formed the loyal base of visitors which allows to set the advertising rates which provide it with revenue—deserved an honestm upfront explanation for this painful policy change. By giving no explanation for this change until pressed, has deliberately fostered the impression that they are sacrificing users outside the “Big Three.” betrayed the loyalty these users invested in the company.

    Predictably, waves of users from the “outsider” countries have already fled the community, either because of the decrease in services or from offense at being treated as second-class world citizens. More are sure to follow in the coming days and weeks. Part of’s appeal has been the creation of an international community, united not by nationality but by love of music. The ability to discover a common bond of music between users in Japan and Holland, Russia and the United States, to exchange ideas and develop lasting friendships, is one of the Internet’s noblest abilities, and was the most visible outlet enabling such musical connections. Sadly,’s latest corporate decision will diminish those opportunities and impoverish its community of users—a community which is its greatest business asset.

    It is still not too late for to change course before alienating such an immense portion of its user base. It is as difficult, perhaps even more so, for a corporation to admit it has made a mistake, to say “I’m sorry, I was wrong and I will fix it,” as it is for an individual. But for to suddenly reverse course and scrap the discriminatory pricing scheme would not be a sign of weakness, but of rare corporate strength and courage. We hope that the management of will hear and consider our complaints, and make amends.


    A user from a “Big Three” country, on behalf of the user community
  • what happens to lastfm ?

    26 Mar 2009, 09:10 by asia-research

    first please read the blog

    We want a fair lastfm, the decission to close the radios to some countries is wrong and is discriminatory. We want another solution!

    Did we miss the answer for this often questioned “Why are these three countries excluded?”? what makes Germans, British and Americans different to the rest of the world???

    what can we do ? i don't know, but i hope for them and us that they will change this
  • Calling Voices

    1 Mar 2009, 21:44 by RenatoV

    How often do we manage to listen to the cries for help that surround us?
    How often do we believe that our own cry for help has actually reached someone who is capable of listening?
    How often not?
    You get the feeling that we're living in a world of people incapable of hearing the voice of someone who, possibly right beside us, is crying out his needs.
    If it is tragic to see the needs of a single person go unheard, how terrible is it to realize that the voice of entire nations is unable to reach us?
    Sitting in our armchairs we watch the images of a silent film flow by. It is enough for us to look away, even for a moment, and those images, those events, will never have existed.


    Quante volte riusciamo ad ascoltare le invocazioni di aiuto che ci circondano?
    Quante volte pensiamo che la nostra, di invocazione, abbia veramente raggiunto qualcuno capace di ascoltarla?
    Quante volte no?
    Si ha la sensazione di vivere in un mondo di persone incapaci di sentire la voce di chi, magari vicinissimo, urla il proprio bisogno.
    Se vedere inascoltate le esigenze di singole persone è un dramma, quanto terribile è accorgersi che la voce di interi popoli non riesce a raggiungerci?
    Seduti in poltrona guardiamo scorrere immagini di un film muto. Ci basta distrarre lo sguardo, anche per poco, quelle immagini, quegli eventi, per noi, non saranno mai esistiti.


    This musical piece is an internet collaboration where the music of Renato Ventura meets the vocal lines composed and interpreted by Roberto Grilli. The original music used in 'Calling Voices' was composed by Renato Ventura in 2006, but it wasn't published before. The voice of Roberto Grilli called back this music at a new life.


  • Bethany & Rufus To Join African Music Greats In Mali

    6 Mar 2009, 00:34 by musicdish

    Roots music duo Bethany Yarrow & Rufus Cappadocia (Bethany & Rufus) have made the hop across the Atlantic to Bamako, Mali, where they have been invited to perform at the 3rd Edition Daoula Festival on Saturday March 7th from 11:00PM - 3:00AM (Mali time). The Daoula Festival "Rencontres Autour du Cotton (Meeting around Cotton)" is committed to helping raise awareness of the problems faced by the African cotton sector. The festival, now in its third edition, takes place March 6-8 and welcomes artists from all backgrounds, including Bono, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Quincy Jones and Dee Dee Bridgewater.

    "It is a tremendous opportunity for us, and we are planning to record, both sonically and visually," noted Bethany Yarrow. "Our journey of singing these old folk songs - most of them African American - back in West Africa, which is, ultimately, their origin."

    Bethany & Rufus will be performing alongside some of Africa's greatest musicians, including Kassé Mady Diabaté, Nahawa Doumbia, Toumani Diabaté, Cheick Tidiane Seck, Didier Awadi, Oumou Sangaré and Hadrien Féraud. They will be joined by Hatian Voodoo percussionist Bonga Jean Baptiste and singer and flautist Yacouba Moumouni, leader of jazz-pop-ethnic band Mamar Kassey, one of the few Nigerien musical acts known internationally, and much beloved in their home country.

    Prior to their trip to Mali, Bethany was joined by her father Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary) for a memorial concert for Odetta Holmes, known simply as Odetta (December 31, 1930 - December 2, 2008). They were joined on February 24th at New York's Riverside Church by a who's who of people influenced by her - including David Amram, Maya Angelou, Harry Belefonte, Oscar Brand, Tom Chapin, Wavy Gravy, Maria Muldaur, Bernice Reagon, Pete Seeger, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Josh White Jr. and Peter Yarrow, among many others.

    Bethany & Rufus with Bonga also gathered on February 21st at Carole Hart's home for a house concert in honor of her deceased husband Bruce Hart. An award-winning television and film producer/writer, Carole Hart is the brainchild behind the "For the Next 7 Generations" movie, whose soundtrack Bethany & Rufus have been collaborating on.

    The full-length documentary tells the story of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers from around the globe - the Arctic Circle, North, Central & South America, Asia and Africa - who have come together because they were told in prophecy that their ancestral ways of prayer, peace-making and healing are vitally needed in the world today.
  • About Gnawa Music, an simple description

    6 Mar 2009, 10:53 by simbad38

    Gnawa music is a mixture of sub-Saharan African, Berber, and Arabic religious songs and rhythms. It combines music and acrobatic dancing. The music is both a prayer and a celebration of life. Though many of the influences that formed this music can be traced to sub-Saharan Africa, and specifically, the Western Sahel, its practice is concentrated in north Africa, mainly Morocco and Algeria.

    In a Gnawa song, one phrase or a few lines are repeated over and over throughout a particular song though the song may last a long time. In fact, a song may last several hours non-stop. The norm, though, is that what seems to the unintiniated to be one long song is actually a series of chants, which has to do with describing the various spirits (in Arabic mlouk (sing. melk)), so what seems to be a 20 minute piece may be a whole series of pieces, a suite for Sidi Moussa, Sidi Hamou, Sidi Mimoun or the others. But because they are suited for adepts in a state of trance, they go on and on, and have the effect, that they provoke trance from different angles.

    The melodic language of the stringed instrument is closely related to their vocal music and to their speech patterns, as is the case in much African music. It is a language that emphasizes on the tonic and fifth, with quavering pitch-play, especially pitch-flattening, around the third, the fifth, and sometimes the seventh. This is the language of the blues. س Gnawa have venerable stringed-instrument traditions involving both bowed lutes like the gogo and plucked lutes like the gimbri (Ar. چنبري; also called hajhuj, Ar. هجهوج or "sentir" Ar. سنتير), a three-stringed bass instrument. The Gnawa also use large drums called tbel (Ar. طبل ) and krakebs large iron castanets; Ar. قراقب) in their ritual music. The Gnawa hajhuj has strong historical and musical links to West African lutes like the Hausa halam, a direct ancestor of the banjo.

    Gnawa hajhuj players use a technique which 19th century American minstrel banjo instruction manuals identify as "brushless drop-thumb frailing". The "brushless" part means the fingers do not brush several strings at once to make chords. Instead, the thumb drops repeatedly in a hypnotically rhythmic pattern against the freely-vibrating bass string producing a throbbing drone, while the first two or three fingers of the same (right) hand pick out, often percussive patterns in a drum-like, almost telegraphic manner.

    During the last few decades, Gnawa music has been modernizing and thus becoming more profane. However, there are still many lilas organized privately, which conserves the sacred, spiritual status of the music.

    Within the framework of the Gnaoua World Music Festival of Essaouira ("Gnaoua and Musics of the World"), the Gnawa play in a profane context with slight religious or therapeutic dimensions. Instead, in this musical expression of their cultural art, they share stages with other musicians coming from the four corners of the world.

    As a result, Gnawa music has taken a new direction by fusing its core spiritual music with similar genres like jazz, blues, reggae, and hip-hop. Every summer for four days in June, the Festival welcomes famous musicians that come to participate, exchange and mix their own music with Gnawa music, creating one of the largest public festivals in Morocco as well as one of the best jam sessions on the planet. Since its debut in 1998, the free concerts have drawn a festival audience that has grown from 20,000 visitors to over 200,000 in 2006 including 10,000 visitors from around the world.

    Past participants have included Randy Weston, Adam Rudolph, The Wailers, Pharoah Sanders, Keziah Jones, Omar Sosa, Doudou N'Diaye Rose, and the Italian trumpet player Paolo Fresu.

    There are also projects like "The Sudani Project," a jazz/gnawa dialogue in collaboration between saxophonist/composer Patrick Brennan, Gnawi maâlem Najib Sudani, and drummer/percussionist/vocalist Nirankar Khalsa. Brennan has pointed out that the metal qraqeb and gut bass strings of the guembri parallel the cymbal and bass in jazz sound.

    In the 1990s young musicians from various backgrounds and nationalities started to form modern Gnawa bands. Gnawa Impulse from Germany are two examples. These groups offer a rich mix of musical and cultural backgrounds, fusing their individual influences into a collective sound. They have woven elements of rap, reggae, jazz and rai into a vibrant musical patchwork.

    These projects incorporating Gnawa and Western musicians are essentially Gnawa fusions.
  • Concert Abakuya à Paris dès le 06 mars...

    2 Mar 2009, 09:58 by Abakuya

    Avec son groupe Abakuya (le cri
    ultime), François Essindi propose un folk aux couleurs " bikutsi ", "
    makossa " ou " mangambeu ".
    Natif du Cameroun, François Essindi est un spécialiste du " mvet ", cette
    harpe à 4 calebasses originaire des pays " Ekang ", " Boulou ", " Béti " et
    " Fang " de l'Afrique centrale. Cet auteur, compositeur, chanteur, conteur
    et multi instrumentiste (percussions, flûte pygmée, sanza, calebasse,
    shekere.) est aussi le créateur d'un " mvet " à 1 calebasse joué avec un
    archet et qu'il appelle " mvet fou " ou "Akoute mvet "
    Les concerts:
    - Le 06 mars 2009 au Falabar
    82, rue Alexandre Dumas
    75020 Paris
    Métro Alexandre Dumas

    - Le 07 mars avec

    - Vend. 27 & sam. 28/03/09 - 21h00
    Abakuya (world music / folk)

  • Buy Moroccan & North African music one line ; )

    1 Mar 2009, 02:41 by simbad38

    For all the people they wish to find some good sounds try that like :

    Bislema Ruyas
  • Terms used in highlife/praise singing etc.

    20 Feb 2009, 14:05 by greengreenpink

    Contributed by daithisciath , edited/distributed by greengreenpink
    (20 Feb 2009)

    Glossary of terms heard in Highlife/Praise Singing + various other facts

    Ikebe – Yoruba for backside; usually used to describe those with a prominent or well-endowed rear end, which is highly prized for dancing.

    Ekabo – Yoruba – “Welcome;” what you say to someone when they arrive in your house or town.

    – Yoruba – literally “You have done it”, but actually means “Thank you.”

    Agbada – Yoruba – A man’s formal dress robe, essential wear for the night out.

    Gele – Yoruba – A women’s head wrap, the more outrageous in color and wrapping style the better.

    Ileke – Beads, particularly waist beads that used to be very popular among young women.

    Olili – Igbo for a big happening, a party.

    Igbo Kwenu” – “Igbo people Listen”. This is often said to call people to attention at Igbo gatherings.

    Ariya – Yoruba for fun or enjoyment.

    Owambe – from the phrase S’owambe? Or “Is it there?” In the early days of Juju music, it was popular for women to wear waist beads (considered very sexy, but very personal) when going out. To connect with their audience singers would sometimes call out “S’owambe?” “Is it there?” to which the audience would shout in reply “Owambe!” or “It’s there.” Like an African version of “My Baby’s got back”. The popularity of this interaction became synonymous with a style of Juju music, still played by King Sunny Ade.Eventually the S’owambe “Is it there” could refer to anything such as money, coolness or any trendy item, Cementing the popular call and response exchange as a highlight of any Juju performance.

    Omoge – Yoruba – Young Ladies (or sexy young ladies).

    Talking Drum – Most Nigerian languages are tonally based. This means that a phonetic difference or tonal contour of a spoken word or phrase can convey meaning. Because both the Ibo and Yoruba languages make wide use of proverbs and other formulaic speech, a multi-pitched instrument (in the hands of a master) can emulate the tonal and rhythmic patterns of the spoken word, and therefore “speak.” The most common speaking instrument is an hourglass shaped variable pitched drum called Dundun or Gangan among the Yoruba.
    Though literally any and every instrument can be used to “speak.”

    Ibo or Igbo – Nigeria’s third largest ethnic group, some 25 million people, living in the southeastern region of the country.

    Juju – Yoruba social music which has its origins in urban palm wine (a local liquor) parluors of the early 20th century. Typified large ensembles of percussion and stringed instruments, and led by a dynamic singer.

    Praise Singing – When a performer sings the praises, or virtues of a patron. This is done to enhance the prestige of the person being praised and to make them feel good, which results in Spraying (see below).

    Spraying – The act of giving money to an artist in appreciation of their work and particularly in response to their praise singing. Called spraying because the money is usually “sprayed” in dramatic fashion onto the forehead of the praise singer.
  • RaDiO ShoW on e..p RaDiO [2009]

    25 Dec 2008, 03:43 by DirtySkeMe

    is a San Diego-based crew of ,
    , , and
    who share the same passion: MUSIC!
    One thing is certain: music is the healing force of the world.
    It is an undeniable fact that music can drive emotions
    and unite the masses. 's mission is to provide
    a platform for artistic expression, giving a voice to
    those with the sort of message that would normally go
    unheard in the mainstream media. From to ,
    from to , music is a universal language
    with no limits and no boundaries. reflects
    that image of collective sound and illuminates
    the people with an array of styles, formats and flavors.
    Website for more info

    Cerritos Allstars
    every tuesday 11:30pm till 3am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    every Wednesday 1:30pm till 3pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    every Wednesday 1am till 3am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    every Thurday 11pm till 2am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    every Friday 2pm till 3pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    What do they put in the water in Cerritos?
    Whatever it is, this former farming community and
    current model of American suburbia is THE unlikely
    breeding ground for bona fide .
    The current generation of wizards
    surfaced in the early . These visionaries
    unplugged their Entertainment Systems and
    traded them in for 1200s.
    They pleaded with their parents to drive them
    to in Garden Grove to buy the latest mixers,
    and snuck into the parties thrown by LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT,
    dreaming of the day they too would
    drop and move the .
    By the time the mid to early materialized,
    the Cerritos D.J. scene was dominated by three groups:
    Audio FX, Grand Groove, Icon Events.
    The competition between the three groups was intense,
    and claimed more than a few lives.
    The future of looked grim, until
    DJ Butta of Grand Groove decided to put an end
    to the silliness, and unite the three powerhouses.
    The troika put away their differences and united,
    behind the Funky President, becoming The Cerritos All Stars.
    Today, the All Stars, three in one, and one in three,
    use their powers for good, and not evil. They aim to
    influence the next generation of , and
    complete the , ever mindful of the
    that came before them. Cerritos All Stars Radio,
    the brain child of DJ Kwest of Icon Events,
    is the All Stars' voice, their chosen medium to spread peace,
    love and . Long live Cerritos. Long live the All Stars.
    Website for more info

    Jesse De La Pena
    every Wednesday 3pm till 5pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    I'm a / / / / Ex writer / /
    (Actually I'm still a ...LOL!) DJ / Events Promoter & Musician.
    I don't drink or .. (No real reason... I just feel like I don't need it.)
    In Chicago most people know me as a & promoter,
    I have been spinning records for over 20 some years &
    throwing for nearly as long. I have never been very happy
    doing things the easy way or even playing what everyone else is playing.
    GOD!!! I HATE THE !!! Well.. most of the time ...
    If you think you know what I'm going to play... your wrong.
    I like to keep people guessing... Keep them on their toes...
    I like taking chances ... mixing stuff that you wouldn't
    normally hear played together. I know it may sound selfish but,
    I only play what moves me. I think
    I just give my audience more credit than most
    do. Yeah, some folks want to hear the sing along stuff ...
    but some don't. I try to take care of those peeps without losing everyone else.
    I'm perfectly fine clearing a ...
    this is how new classics are made. I don't worry because
    I know exactly how to get them all rite back out there
    (I have 50 Cent records too) I just don't play them
    the same way everyone else does. LOL!
    Website for more info

    every Monday 6pm till 8pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    every Thursday 7pm till 9pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 ) is a site / / show dedicated to spreading the word
    about (, r&b, , )
    hosted by Major and Jmack (below).
    hoodhype has delivers underground music to MILLIONS
    of listeners from getting exposure artists may
    have never had using traditional or .
    Featuring some of the hottest underground music, interviews
    with some of the best in the game and a show unlike
    any other hoodhype is constantly evolving to become
    a spot dedicated to exposure for the scene.

    The lead host of the show, Major is no stranger to .
    With 12 years of production and
    his involvement in the local Lansing,
    scene, Major has a passion for the music
    like few others we've seen. Priding himself on
    his diverse taste, Major says, "Since I live in Michigan,
    I have a feel for all types of ,
    I respect all types of MC's and
    like many different production styles."

    At heart, Jmack is a purist. "
    I grew up on it. We Can't Be Stopped
    " and "Licensed to Ill"
    were my first cassette tapes. That makes me late
    to the game in some peoples' eyes, but
    I love this music more than anybody I know"
    he confesses. When he's not enjoying the music,
    you can catch Jmack screwing around with his
    or on a suburban sidewalk.
    Website for more info

    Turtle Brown
    every Tuesday 7pm till 8pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Originally from Houston, TX, Tagg
    started traveling the world when his mother joined
    the in 1986. Having listened to
    music off and on, he moved to Tokyo Japan in
    where he became immersed in the culture
    that dominated his school and the city around him.
    Getting into the music from an outside culture (being overseas),
    he began listening to artists from all over the US
    and world, rather than defining his taste by
    any coast or genre. In the late 90s while
    living in Seattle with a roommate who DJ Tagg
    found his own love for the .
    He quickly began learning to as
    well as how to spend all of his on them.
    He began spinning with his roommate at
    and the rest is history. After joining the
    himself in , he moved to Albuquerque,New Mexico in where he took off.
    He began spinning at New Mexicos legendary Vinyl
    and Verses
    in and was the resident by
    the end of that year. He also worked with local
    promoters such as Slo Motion entertainment as
    the opening for numerous , , and
    that came through New Mexico. He's resided
    in Macon,Georgia for the last couple years since
    completing an scholarship program at
    The College of Santa Fe and University of New Mexico.
    You can now catch him rockin' the weekly
    Thursday party - , at the
    in downtown Macon with Dj Roger Riddle ;
    every Tuesday on; or at
    various events in ATL, usually with Red Reign Entertainment
    and family. In addition to , Tagg does
    production on his and has even been known
    to rock the mic on occasion

    Artists worked with: Opened and
    shared the stage with Kanye West , Cassidy, Young Gunz,
    Dilated Peoples, Tech N9ne, Jin, Mop, People Under the Stairs, Pharoahe Monch, Main Flow,
    Binary Star, Time Machine, J-Live, and tons
    more national, regional, and local acts.
    DJ Tagg will rock your ass like you don't even know...
    For booking and more information email
    Website for more info

    DJ Johnny Blaze
    every Monday 4pm till 6pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    Los Angeles, Ca – With the continuous fall of ,
    many people have ventured into the world of satellite
    and o. In early So Prup Enterprises
    founder TuSlic started M.E.T.H Radio. After only three episodes,
    M.E.T.H Radio had already become popular throughout
    the scene reaching up to 5000 listeners.
    Known for playing all styles of and
    breaking in unknown artist, M.E.T.H radio was
    labeled “ the last of a dieing
    breed in .” M.E.T.H radio interviewed
    the likes of Spider Loc, The Young Hogs, Spit, 4en6,
    Young Klev (formally of Black Wall Street) &
    others. Met by lots of controversy M.E.T.H Radio
    was banned from some popular websites
    and host TuSlic was barred to real or “overly-opinionated.
    After almost a year hiatus M.E.T.H Radio came back
    with a new name and format. Now called ,
    TuSlic brought in LaMotte to co-host & DJ Johnny Blaze
    to in the at the end of each show.
    continues to break in new artist
    but maintains a versatile play list that attracts all crowds.
    TuSlic & LaMotte discuss many issues ranging from
    politics to life issues during the topic
    of the week segment of the show.
    has already bypassed the success
    of M.E.T.H Radio and is climbing to new heights each and every week.
    With there straightforward approach, TuSlic &
    LaMotte have gained a love-hate relationship among
    there listeners. has garnered interest
    from many online publications and companies
    to syndicate the show to a bigger audience.
    has also merged with the popular
    website and created, which is spearheaded by the show,
    has already emerged into one of the premiere
    / websites online.
    , which has been operating for nearly
    a decade has closed its doors to concentrate completely
    on building and into a powerhouse.
    Also online community has teamed up
    with on a mission to bring various online
    communities together into one forum.
    is a strong supporter of unity in all forms and hopes
    with and that it can create
    a movement that not only can benefit other musicians but also the fans as well!
    Website for more info

    Basement Radio
    every Wednesday 9pm till 10pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Website for more info

    DJ Muggs
    every Thursday 9pm till 10pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    every Friday 1pm till 2pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Website for more info

    Lokalize Show
    every Thursday 5pm till 7pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Lokalize Show
    With globe & Siaka
    every weeks they bring the latest
    on ,,,,,
    with guest artist for and .
    Website for more info

    Strong Foundation
    every Tuesday 4pm till 6pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Strong Foudation
    With Farsh
    Website for more info

    Couvre Feu
    every Tuesday 6pm till 6:30pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Hosted By:
    -Jacky Brown (Neg'Marrons)
    -Faya D (Desh musique)
    /// --
    Website for more info

    lord issa

    Website for more info

    every Wednesday 7:30pm till 9pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Website for more info

    Conspiracy Worldwide
    every Friday 5pm till 9pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    Show With Special Guest Every Week

    Website for more info

    CTA Radio
    every Wednesday 10pm till 1am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Pugslee Atomz
    & Thaione Davis
    & DJ Lajik
    Pugslee's Website for more info
    ThaiOne's Website for more info

    Groove Temple
    every 2 Saturday 12:30am till 4am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Website for more info

    Afrika Bambaata
    every tuesday 8pm till 12am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    WHCR's Website for more info
    Zulu Nation's Website for more info

    Straight UP Sound
    every Monday 2pm till 10pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Selecta Bus High & Dj Weedim for a every Monday
    Straight Up Dj's myspace

    DJ Dirty Swift
    every Sunday 2pm till 3:30pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Marché Noir, that's 15 years of culture,
    crazy sound (rap U.S, ) ,
    some . Marché Noir,
    it's 90 mn of unlimited sound. Marché Noir,
    when it start we never know when it gone end.
    , , , , , ...
    Fréquence Paris Plurielle, market parallel...
    If you Seeking for sound, some passion, you will find it on Marché Noir...+
    DJ Dirty Swift
    Bounce2dis (Creator & Webmaster)
    Dirty Show (Animator)
    -> Access with Orange et SFR with 3G cellphone (channel )
    Marché Noir (Animator - every thursday Midnight 106.3fm)

    Learn more about DJ Dirty Swift at his own personal website
    Website for more info

    Record Playas

    Record Playas, the three-man production team from the South Side of Chicago, consists of DJ Mind,DJ Noble and Jesus. They first appeared on Audio 8 handling the production on Nico B's Flo Products. Their fine Audio 8 full-length, Soundtracks for Days, finds Record Playas tailor fitting sounds for a who's who list in the thriving Chicago scene. Appearances include: The Knomadz, Rhymefest, Pugzlee Atomz and Infinito of The Nacrobats, Seel, Nico B, Bamski the Bigot of Family Tree
    Official Website

    every monday 1am till 6am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Magazine Review
    DJ 3RD RAIL a.k.a. the "Hip-Hop Avenger" is on a mission...
    To keep the 'good' original records, from conception to present, mixed live on .. with integrity .. for the world to enjoy.
    The "Hip-Hop Avenger" doesn't go for the Commercial-. If the song is dope, it gets love.
    Artists like: BDP; Public Enemy; Special Ed; Rakim; Akbar; Wu-Tang Clan; Ultramagnetic MC's; King Sun; Masta Ace; Chino XL; Rise; Last Emperor; RUN-DMC; NWA; Black Sheep; Wordsworth; Big Daddy Kane; Biggie; Ed O.G.; Akrobatic; Onyx; Grand Agent; ATCQ; d.i.t.c.; Gangstarr; X-Clan; Frankenstein; Arrested Development; Tim Dogg; M.o.p.; Black Poet; Pharcyde; Heavy D; Flava Unit; Rass Kass; Ice T; Lakim Shabazz; Biz Markie; Family Tree; Cypress Hill and on and on and on and on... stay in rotation.
    The "Hip-Hop Avenger" has been collecting and spinning original pressings for the last 15 years without selling-out the culture to our mortal enemy...The $$Green Man$$ and their band of peddling yes-minions.
    The "Hip-Hop Avenger" has taken the forefront in the battle to keep the "realness" alive. Whether it be screaming on wackness in the industry; our communities or putting together a dopely blended mix-cd / show.
    The "Hip-Hop Avenger" does not pollute his body or cloud his mind with alcohol or smoke. And because of his honesty and integrity, listeners have loyally tuned in for the last decade+ for the
    Stop sleeping.
    The "Hip-Hop Avenger" says listen to him live every week, Sunday night / Monday morning * midnight - 5am central on "".
    If you call yourself a fan of the music called Hip-Hip .. you owe it to yourself & the culture to tune-in online
    Official Website

    The Hip Hop Project
    every saturday 8:30pm till 12:30am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    (L to R: Rev. Rob, TernAround, Cosm Roks, DJ Monky, Eves, & Roper)

    Lional Freeman founded the Hip Hop Project in 1995 in an effort to give artists a media to express their opinions and showcase their talents. Now, eleven years later still airs every Saturday night and has become a staple in 's hip-hop community. Broadcasting out of Loyola University's Rogers Park campus, The Hip Hop Project combines live mixing and social commentary that you cant hear anywhere else on the dial. It's 7:30-11:30 pm timeslot provides Chicago with a better opportunity to hear what's going on in the city we call home.
    Local talent has always remained our concentration, but we still offer the highest quality from across the globe. During their tenure on our show, TernAround, Roper, Eves & DJ Monky continue to mix live weekly; a procedure still not used in most college radio shows in Chicago. Combined with Cosm Roks, the show's host and executive producer, offers a one of a kind experience by staying fresh with old school tradition as a foundation.
    Now, in 2006 The Hip Hop Project have released their first nationally distributed mixtape; "Street Triumph: The Official Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles Mixxxtape (Hosted by DJ Premier)" is selling out all accross the world (Fat Beats). Working with icons aside, the THHP crew continues to rep their city in the game by working with Chicago's up and coming talents year round.
    Official Website

    DJ Emiliot
    every sunday 3pm till 5pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    DJ Emiliot EL DJ Loco was born on May 23, 1982 in Togo (West Africa). In 1985, he went to France with his family and spent 6 years before returning to the Togo. In 1996 he has left Togo for Senegal where he discovered Senegal's hip-hop culture which showed him the way of real . He started listening to sounds like Krs One, EPMD, Naughty By Nature, and lots of as IAM, Supreme NTM, and of course Bands as Positive Black Soul, and daraa-j. In 2002, he met Saymon on and present the show with him for the first time.When Saymon moved to , DJ Emiliot met Edouard Rogers and Carl Rogers.Few weeks later, DJ Emiliot created a new show named "" with Edouard Rogers.During, a concert with Dj Lord Chamy (Ex- of MC Lyte), he fell in love with the and started and songs.Emiliot moved to France for his studies and in 2003 he came to Belgium where he was with his cousin in a private Club named "" during few months in 2006, he released his first "Let's ride" free to download on the net...
    Dj Emiliot's myspace

    Webradio @ from Las Vegas,Usa. Couples of there are on e..p Radio

    Red Lite Hip-Hop Mix Sessions

    every Thursday 12pm till 2pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    Hosted by Nick Haycock
    Bringing you innovative and from across the globe.

    every Friday 2am till 3am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    Hosted by Barney Canson
    Third Coast Classics brings the best of the to the airwaves.
    Tune in to hear all the dope created below the ,
    from to high-energy . In the South, anything goes!

    every Friday 6pm till 8pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    Hosted by Will Scott
    Tune in for a live weekly mix of the finest flavors in and ,
    including rare , , , , and .

    every Saturday 8pm till 8:30pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    Hosted by Kunle
    In-advance airing of the latest music, featuring acts such as Juice,
    J-Live, Rhymefest, AZ, Rasco, L the Head Toucha, KRUMB SNATCHA, and many more.

    every Sunday 7pm till 10:30pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    every Thursday 2pm till 4:30pm e.s.t ( GMT-5 )
    Producer(s): DJ Skizz (
    DJ(s)/Host(s): DJ Eclipse, DJ Skizz
    Tune in weekly for the best variety of music
    as DJ Eclipse (Non Phixion) & DJ Skizz cut up
    the newest in independent and major label releases.
    Throw in an occasional show,
    and an anniversary show in March, which boasts
    a dozen or so M.C.'s over
    from 's best producers, and you got the best show in NYC.
    Plus guest artists & DJ's every week, give-a-ways, and
    live phone calls from our listeners. Past guests have included
    Slick Rick, Gang Starr, Eminem, Dilated Peoples, J5, Arsonists,
    El-P, Cage, Ghostface, RZA, Method Man, Redman,
    X-Ecutioners & The Allies, just to name a few

    JP Chill and live mixing by
    every Friday 11:30am till 4am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    every 2 Saturday 4am till 7am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    Industry Shakedown
    every 2 Saturday 4am till 7am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    DJ Lajik & tundi

    Molemen Radio South
    every 2 Sunday 1am till 4am e.s.t ( GMT-5 )

    And More Dj & Info Too Come