Books You're Reading

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    • 15 Jan 2008, 12:36

    Books You're Reading

    I'm halfway through two books, both entirely different and they're both great -

    and I've just bought, and tempted to start reading...

  • Just finished,

    and found it a great and thought provoking read.

    Now, I'm on to re-read,

  • Reading Slash's autobiography at the mo. There's a fantastic tip in there from him:

    'Leather pants are more forgiving than Jeans, as they don't show when you pee yourself'.

    Isn't Rock and Roll glamourous?

    Beligerence over sense!
  • Extreme

    Extreme-autobiography by Sharon Osborne (Ozzy's wife)

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    • 30 Sep 2008, 15:03

  • The Mafia: The First 100 Years by William Balsamo and George, Jr. Carpozi.

  • I'm reading and almost finished eric claptons autobiography

    is really good

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